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For those who are/were familiar with Lloyd Brunnel, this is him. When I first created my shifti account I was still new to the furry scene and therfore used my generic online name. Now that I've developed a fursona though, I've decided that its time to re-organize all of my furry/transformation writings under his name.

About Me

I'm in second year university, living on residence. I like sleeping in, warm blankets, and stories that leave you feeling nice and fuzzy at the end. I've recently gotten into reading Agatha Christie's works, and heartily reccomend The Murder of Roger Ackroyd to anyone who has no read it. I'm Canadian, and proud of it, and I love maple fudge in all its tasty, tasty forms. In my spare time, I like to play World of Warcraft or hang out at the Crimson Flag chatroom and forum. Once a week I go out to a card store and play Yugioh or the Warcraft Trading Card Game, and I think I'm fairly good at both. My current goal is to get a job and earn enough money to buy a new laptop, since my current one is sad and gets beat up by morning breezes.

Here's a link to some of my favorite stories on Shifti.

Notes On My Writing

I recycle names in most of my stories, so don't be suprised to find the same ones poping up as I add more stuff to Shifti. I also procrastinate alot when writing and have trouble committing to a single story idea, which dramatically inflates the time it takes me to write. Oh, and I tend to mention food more often than would be normal since I usually write while hungry for some reason.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Lost World: Set in the Blind Pig universe for pure laziness reasons (I don't like explaining things) this is a furry => human TF. My thanks to Cubist both for editing, and for publishing it on his anthrozine site.

Bureaucracy in Action: When a fun-loving force meets a literal-minded object.

Convoluted Quality: There is something known as the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, a competition to write the worst opening sentence to the worst possible novel. Out of boredom, I made an attempt to write the worst opening sentence to the worst possible TF story. If you think you can do worse, please add to the page.

The Fool in the Fox: My first foray into the Pig and Whistle setting introduces Jonas, a fox about to make a very entertaining delivery.

The Runaway in the Raccoon: This story introduces Daniel, a character of my friend Kiba, to the Pig and Whistle world.

The Strength in the Shark: This is a follow-up to Zach's Within and Without story (see below). I mainly use this to create a friendship between our two characters and to explore a bit on some of the beliefs people might have regarding fullmorphs.

Unexpected Consequences: Extremely short story meant to highlight one of the unexpected downsides to being a teefer...

King's Pride: This idea has actually been bouncing around my head for almost four years. When it came time to write though, I had a surprisingly large amount of difficulty. Takes place in the PAW setting.

Case Briefing: Leon v. Stewart: The main problem with handling teefers came from how to define them in a legal system designed for humans. This case and the subsequent ruling provided the landmark precedent that shaped the NAR's courts.

Daniel's Christmas Story: Written for Kiba as a Christmas present, this story takes place in the PAW universe. It is, however, non-canon due to the mechanics involved.

Hunting: Ever wonder why Jonas doesn't act more...foxish? It's because he does stuff like this.

Meeting: Written on the spur of an idea following Hunting.

Interview in the Fields: Since I lack the stamina to write a full story about the Leon/Stewart lawsuit, I'm going to cheat and instead write about Leon being interviewed about the case twenty years later.

I Regret Nothing!: I really don't!

PAW Musings: Not so much a story as a general list/rant of my various thoughts or questions about the Pig and Whistle setting. Respond to them if you want but this mainly exists so I can get the questions off my chest.

Written For Others

These are stories that I have either written at another's request, or done as part of a comission.

Comic Genesis: Written as a request from Virmir. In it, he finds the true extent of his artistic abilities. This story contains what is possible my favourite line out of anything I have written so far.

Jingle Bells: Written for Posti as part of the 2009 Christmas Story Exchange. See if you can spot the reference!

Muhmorpaguh: Written for Kris Schnee as part of the 2010 Christmas Story Exchange. Please insert the obligatory "video games are addictive" joke here =>

Refreshment: Written as part of a trade with Kenku. I'm not sure if it counts as a setting, but William's Soda Shoppe is a recurrent element in many of Kenku's stories. All in all, this is a pure TF fluff piece, but we've all got a soft spot for those somewhere, right?

Research: Written as a comission for someone named Modmyths. This details a researcher's attempt to study a centaur herd. This was my first time writing about centaurs, which I'm still unsure about.

Testing Tastes: One day on Crimson Flag chat, Traxer and I were talking about writing ideas. The conversation turned to fursuits and we both mentioned how it's very hard to find a fursuit TF story, let alone one with a positive tone or ending. We each decided to try and write such a story. This is the one I wrote, and Traxer's is posted below. This piece uses the William's Soda Shoppe "setting".

The Potion Maker's Result: Written for Kenku on the Crimson Flag forum. This story is meant to accompany a picture drawn by Virmir ( It is, like most things that come out of the Flag, utterly insane. Also, you'd be surprised at how satisfying it is to put a Frankenstein reference in something so silly.

Stuff by Others

I did not write anything in this section. In here are stories written by others that I have recieved permission to repost here. Enjoy!

In the Cards: Posti wrote this for me as part of the 2009 Christmas Story Exchange. While my taste in card games have changed since then, itis still a very nice piece. This was posted on Shifti back before the server failed.

Mind Over Matter: Arto "FoxOfWar" Mässeli wrote this as part of the Xmas Xchange a while back. He thinks it's good, but his brain seems to disagree. The title is not the one used in the original story, because I can't find out what the original title was.

Nothing Otter: A story by Traxer. While not my favourite of his works, it is a perfectly fun and quirky tail involving two roommates and a great love for fish.

Nothing Up My Sleeve: Written by Traxer as mentioned in the above section. While my Testing Tastes is nothing but a fluff piece, this story is an awesome little tale that catapulted Trax from a fellow writer to one of my idols.

Not Quite Furry: This is another one of Traxer's stories, and it's the first of his I ever read.

Within and Without: My friend Zach Fox has written this PAW story featuring the setting's first shark morph. I think it's good, but I helped edit it so I'm obviously biased. Read it!


I like money, and I like other people thinking of things for me to write about. If you're interested in comissioning a story from me, please send me an email at I operate on a pay-what-you-like format, but payment is required before I begin writing.

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