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Pig and Whistle story universe
Author: Jonas
Jonas silently crept along the forest floor, his padded paws muffling any sound. The air was still, the fox’s scent uncarried by its breeze. After swivelling his ears to make sure he was alone, Jonas lowered his head to the ground and took a deep sniff. Dirt, leaves, and squirrels filled his nose—but the hunter blocked them out. Only one prey was important—only one scent mattered. Jonas followed the aromatic trail deeper into the trees, constantly flexing his ears to check for other predators after the same quarry. Within minutes he had found it: a rabbit sitting in the shade of a tree, oblivious to Jonas’s presence. Without making a sound he slipped through the brush and positioned himself behind the creature. Drawing on his most primal skills, Jonas leaped out of the bushes.

It never saw him coming.

Helplessly pinned beneath his paws, the rabbit was motionless as Jonas snapped its neck. The fox extended his claws and cracked open its torso before feasting upon its milky flesh. As the smooth chocolate met his tongue, Jonas revelled in the success of the hunt. Sometimes the instincts just need to be satisfied.