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Shifti is a wiki devoted to fiction involving shapeshifting of every variety - animal, anthropomorphic, transgender, age regression, inanimate, you name it. Here people can post stories, reviews, link collections, references, and all manner of other resources.

If you wish to post a story please visit Help:Posting stories for more information. The "Upload File" link is not intended for text.

Site news can be accessed via the Current Events page.

If you're interested in helping to keep Shifti operating, then check out the Donations page. We are currently accepting all forms of monetary support available. In that vein we are planning to publish an anthology of stories that can be found on Shifti. Details can be found on the Best of Shifti page. If the book works out well we may publish a new version each year.

For Our Readers
  • Main Index - This is where it all starts. All the stories on the site are indexed here.
  • Editors Picks - Lists of select stories hand-picked by editors based on various criteria of quality. If you're concerned about just wading into the Main Index, this is a great place to get started.
  • Other Indexes - Other ways to look for stories, including by Author, By Transformation and By Genre

For Our Writers
  • Getting Started - Want to know how to contribute to Shifti? Here's a quick guide to getting in and getting your stories on.
  • Writer's School - Interested in picking up the keyboard yourself? Maybe you find yourself staring at the blank page, totally blocked? Here is a collection of essays by various authors. Useful for beginners and seasoned writers alike.
  • Shared Settings - The setting is often the hardest part of the story to come up with. Here you can find information on settings others have created and opened to the world.
  • The Muse Files - Having problems with inspiration? Look for ideas and inspiration here. Have ideas of your own that aren't working out? Put them here - someone else might be inspired by it.
For Everyone
  • Getting Involved - Want to contribute, but don't trust your writing skills? Here's ways you can help become part of the Shifti project and keep it running smoothly.
  • Why We're Here - Who we are, how we got here, and where we're going.
  • Current Events - Want to know what's new and going on with the Shifti project? Keep yourself informed and up-to-date courtesy of the Administrators on this page.

  • TSA-Talk - The premiere TF community mailing list which spawned this project. Some stories will make it to the mailing list and yet never reach Shifti.
  • Realtime Chat - Live Chat with other members of the community. Now with a Discord option!
  • TSA-Bash - A yearly get together for TSA-Talk and other transformation enthusiasts. Since 1998.
Outside/Other Resources
  • Book Reviews - Community-provided reviews of books you can find in stores.
  • Story archives - There's a few other TF story archives out there which we are not at all pledged to overthrow and destroy. You can find them here.
  • Art archives - We don't do TF art archival here at Shifti, but these folks do!
  • Web comics - Our index of webcomics with either a TF focus, or occasional plotlines thereof.
  • Movies - Our index of movies that may have relevance to the TF community.
  • Miscellaneous links - some blogs and maybe another wiki or two.