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Unexpected Consequences

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Pig and Whistle story universe
Author: Jonas

“BAH! Got me again!” Exclaimed Tuner as his character’s head exploded on screen. The golden retriever morph threw his hands up in frustration. “How do you keep sneaking up on me?”

“Because I’m awesome, that’s why.” Snickered Nick. “Play again?”

“Definitely, but could you turn up the volume?”

“What if your parents complain about the noise?”

The human frowned at his friend. “Ok then, but wouldn’t that just make your ears hurt? I thought you had super hearing or something.”

“I do.” Tuner said with a grimace. “That’s the problem.”


Meanwhile, upstairs...

“Behold! The legendary Excalibur!”

“Oooh! Its so... large and mighty!”