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The Potion Maker's Result

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Author: Jonas
Kenku was a fox of many talents, one of which was alchemy. He loved to brew up new potions and try them out, for each was always different than any other. He had a passion for transformations, and each new soda he brewed was a new shape for someone to take. His friends had fun with these drinks, often tricking each other into taking a sip or simply downing one themselves in a fit of boredom. But there was one of Kenku’s companions who he was determined to find a way to change.

Virmir was a fox, like Kenku, and a gray, also like Kenku, and a cartoon, unlike Kenku. Virmir was perfectly fine being who he was and enjoyed the fun he could have as a fox and the silliness he could have as a toon. He would pop into the room shared by his friends and announce himself dramatically, and then they would all chat, or sleep, or tackle someone unsuspectingly, or some combination of the above and many other interesting activities. Virmir liked himself as a cartoon fox and saw no reason to change, even for the most short of durations. As such, Kenku’s elixirs and sodas never worked on him. The furry alchemist could concoct a drink that gave the imbiber bunny ears, and all Virmir would do was take a sip, remark how it tasted like carrots mixed with Coke, and then stroke his antennae-shaped hair fondly.

It was from this strange stalemate that a contest arose between the friends. Kenku refused to believe that none of his sodas would work on Virmir, and Virmir believed that none of them would. The gray fox in pirate garb would craft and concoct and the gray toon in a black cape would drink and remain foxy. This cycle went on and on until one day, Kenku was struck upside the head by inspiration. He did not fully understand the idea when it came to him, but he knew what it would allow him to do. Taking just enough time to straighten his feathered hat, Kenku ran off to his workshop and began the creation of his most brilliant soda yet.

It was on a shining morning of July that Kenku beheld the accomplishment of his toils. With an anticipation that was almost palpable, the fox collected the instruments of change around him so that he might infuse a spark of success into the concoction that lay before him. It was already one in the afternoon; the sunlight shone brilliantly through the panes, and his lunch was almost done cooking when, by the glimmer of the half-finished microwave timer, he saw the dull yellow fill the soda. It bubbled hard, and a convulsive fizz agitated its surface.

A great yelp of joy filled the workshop as the soda became finished and Kenku dashed out to find his form-locked friend. It did not take long, for Virmir was relaxing lazily on a tree in the park. A swift kick to the tree jostled him loose, and the toon bounced onto his feet. He took the offered soda and sniffed it curiously, eyeing the eager look on Kenku’s face. Virmir shrugged, and then downed the drink in a single gulp. The two friends looked at each other, each grinning with the assurance of their own believed outcome, and they waited.

One minute passed.

Two minutes passed.

Three minutes passed.

Virmir hiccupped.

Five minutes passed.

Six minutes passed.

Kenku sighed, and turned his back to return home, when a massive *CRASH* made him spin back round. Virmir had changed, but not in any way Kenku had expected. In fact, Kenku had thrown so many ingredients together and mixed them in such strange ways in his eagerness that he wasn’t quite sure what the soda was actually supposed to do. But whatever that unknown purpose was, it had apparently worked. Virmir’s size had grown dramatically within the split second Kenku’s back was turned, and the fox found himself staring at a giant white footpaw. Craning his neck, he saw the rest of his gray friend towering over him and looking down curiously at the tree his impossibly large tail had knocked over.

There was something else, though. Virmir had four massive paws on the ground, but still had his arms at his sides as he looked around at the to-him-tiny city with interest. Kenku realized at once that Virmir had been taurified as well as grown, and the sudden knowledge made him very aware of one very important fact. Virmir was now a giant cartoon foxtaur, and there was one thing that any giant toon worth his ink would do. Kenku fled as Virmir wagged his giant tail, snickering as it knocked over trees like they were simple sticks. Virmir flipped his cape dramatically, his massive motions breaking buildings and stomping cars. He made his way through the city, leaving a trail of foxish destruction in his wake. Like any self-respecting giant cartoon, Virmir was on a rampage. He reared back and let out the fiercest cry ever heard—the one the city of Reynburg would forever equate to its destruction:


And Kenku could do nothing but turn sheepishly with his tail tucked beneath his legs, and face the indignant citizens approaching.