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User:Michael Bard/Xepher's Werewolf Overload

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Xepher's Werewolf Overload

Author: Michael Bard

And the werewolf lived happily ever after on a diet of poodles.


Xepher leapt up from his computer and ran around the room screaming incoherently. It had finally happened - one werewolf story too many on the TSA list and now Xepher's brains were dribbling out of his ears. Literally. As his brain melted, the wards and barriers that Xepher and all of his ancestors had maintained began to dissolve. The Elder signs inside Xepher's skull melted as something bloated and hideous strained and broke free.

Falling to the floor, Xepher could only scream as he felt his body explode, the pinkish-purple oozing flesh of hideousness shedding his carcass and his bones throughout the room. A rib went flying into and through the wall and then smashed the microwave; a thigh bone snapped and sent splinters into a row of books, each splinter snickering into the dry leather and then stopping with a faint quiver. The most force was devoted to the plates of his skull and the signs that had imprisoned the creature for so long. The force was such that pieces of bone flew through the ceiling, through the second floor, through its ceiling, and through the roof. In the distance the faint DE DO DE DO of a car alarm began after a skull fragment fell to earth.

But then the car alarm was silenced as the will of what Xepher became tore it apart. People fell to the ground writhing as their skins tore open releasing reptilian amphibians.

And, as the full moon arose, the world began to learn that the end was nigh.

WereCthulhu was loose.