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MWBard Authorphoto.pngI'm an old fogy of an author who has been posting for FAR too long. We'll see how this new fangled contraption works out compared to feather, ink, and parchment.


Yes, I do dabble in this occasionally. Fear not, I plan to only post TF related poetry here.

Going Home


These are written at various points over the past 30 years, and include only those works with on stage transformations. For a more complete story set, go to Michael Bard's Story Page

Stand Alone Stories

These are various odds and ends that are unrelated to other stories. Some may have a sequel (or a prequel) (or something else related) written, in which case they'll be moved and labeled appropriately.

Action MUST be Taken!

The Applicant

A Bee or not a Bee

Bob and the Goose

Can I help You?

Christmas Dreams


The Coyote and Road Runner Show

Down the Rabbit Hole

The Dragon, the Rock, and the Wanderer

The Dragon Slayer

A Faerie Tale


How did the Ceolocanth REALLY Survive?

The Horse in the Glass Bubble

How not to be Seen

Inspire Me

It's in the Skin

Keeping Secrets

The Last of the Niagaras - Now available for purchase in a Dead Tree Anthology from Lulu with lots of other great stories! Alone in the Dark

Marduk's Gift


Mowing the Lawn

The Myth of Beetlecat

Note: Trying to post MYTHIC JOURNEYS as the single novel it is managed to break Shifti, so I'm splitting it up into two parts.

Mythic Journeys - Part 1

Mythic Journeys - Part 2

Of the Ylourgne Expanse

One CarePony at a Time

The Perils of Wereostrichdom

Pizza is Us

The Power of Suggestion

Psychological Reassignment - Case HM-474-353-793

The Raccoon Flying Tail (tm)(c)

The Raccoon Morph Body Biosuit (tm)(c)

A Rabbit's Life

Returning Home

Something's out there

Slip Sliding Around

Somebody's Watching

Survival and Sacrifice

Transformation Vignettes


The Truth about Bard

Untitled #1

Wanted: Bobs

Wereing on the Moon

Who gets the Dreamers?

Whom God Destroys

Xepher's Werewolf Overload

You get what you Wished for

Story Cycles:

And here are the stories that are set in a common universe with other stories. Note that some only have one story listed, generally because other stories in the cycle don't have any on screen transformations.

Asteroid Ship

In which those interested in "freedom of body" flee the oppressive UN aboard a hollowed out asteroid generation ship. More stories can be found at Michael Bard's Story Page

Dealing with the Faerie

LTF (List TransFormed)

In which everybody on the TSA-talk mailing list is TFed into their most commonly depicted online fursona. Mine has changed a lot, but this was written years ago. There are two additional stories at Michael Bard's Story Page

Diary of a Centaur in a Human's World

Metamor Keep - Raider of the Lost Cult cycle

My first poke into the Metamor Keep universe. Even though only the first story has a TF, and it's off screen, they're being put here as an experiment, and so that other people writing in the universe can read, and comment, on the in development versions.


A few Days in Heaven

The Cultists Strike Back!

Tales of Euper Investigations

Into the Darkness

On the Hunt

From the Other Side

The Summoning

Between the Worlds

The Last Trial

National Enchanted Forest

A weird little universe about a world where Faerie and Us co-exist, and how unwary people can get zapped.

Christmas in the National Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Buck Season

A Walk in the National Enchanted Forest

Of Brains and Bodies

The first stories I wrote after joining TSA-talk. There is an outline for a third that would complete the meta-story, but, at this point, it is highly unlikely to ever be written.

Dreams can become Nightmares, Nightmares can become Dreams

Escaping my Father

A History of the Future

These are based on a fairly detailed outline I made up many moons ago for my last attempt at a SFRPG. We did one adventure, but then it faded away. Doesn't mean I couldn't write in it--

Note that there are two eras in this. The one with humans and a small set of aliens, and the one half a million years later with humans. Destinies explains this.

There are more stories, but right now they're all set aside to be edited for magazine submission.


Space Cadet

A hard SF universe inspired by Robert A Heinlein's Space Cadet juvenile, and lots of other '50s SF. It's as realistic as I can make it, even though it is populated by furies and occurs 50,000 years after the 20th century. One story has been published in print media -- Hunters in Renards Menagerie #2

The Survivor

Tales from the Blind Pig

Lots more of these on my website in the Master Blind Pig Archive. This one is for a group story that is still under development and is only here.

Beyond the Wall of Ice

Switching Sides


This is the origin story. There are many sequels, but most of them don't have implicit TFs, or require earlier stories to be read. They can be found at Michael Bard's Story Page

My Name is...

Tales of The World

These are stories, myths, etc. set in the last FRPG world I created. There are more at Michael Bard's Story Page

Beornwyn's Love

Lies and Truths

Of Love and Hate (revised (rewritten) April 2008)

Of Love and Dreams (a sequel to "Of Love and Hate" though written much earlier so there are some inconsistencies)

Two Gods and a Faerie

Pricing Immortality - Book 1 - Immortality Lost

Pricing Immortality - Book 2 - Immortality Regained Unfinished, but it would be odd to put the sequel/conclusion separate from Part 1.

Swimming from the Dragon

The End of all Things

Warhammer 40,000 Fanfiction

Fairly obvious what these are. This is only one that I've written, but the longest. Most can be found at Michael Bard's Story Page

The Bloodstone's Gift


As a Xanadu story, by it's nature, includes a TF, all of what I've written are here.

Five Hours, Thirty-two Minutes

Flying Free

Just Lounging Around

Like the Unfolding Petals of a Dream

Losing Himself

Now I will believe that there are Unicorns Prequel to "Unicorn Dreams"

Something Fishy

Still Lounging Around

Tale of a Tail

The Tale of the Ivory Otherkin

Unicorn Dreams Sequel to "Now I will believe that there are Unicorns"

Stories in Progress

Stories that are either in progress, or indefinitely stalled. Those which are stalled will eagerly take any advice offered to get restarted...

The Head on the Bed Complete, but I REALLY need advice on the ending. It just doesn't work. Maybe a pun--

Repayment A draft version of character background story for a PaW character I'm playing with.

A Tale of One Entity An old project I poke at every so often, later inspired by "By his Bootstraps" by RA Heinlein. More details at the beginning of the story.

User:Michael Bard/Untitled PaW story Another PaW universe story being worked on.

User: Michael Bard/What difference can a Man make? A story of the Persian War in progress.

The Abandoned

These are various odds and ends either from abandoned shared world projects, story ideas that didn't pan out, or whatever. They are in various states of completion and it is unlikely anything further will ever be done on them. Read at your own risk!

User: Michael Bard/Consequences: The Simple Things Started out as a cyberpunk story. Was later used as a setup for a TSAT contest.

The Quiet World Story universe plan where everybody who had a fursona was TFed into said fursona at the same time as everybody else vanished. Yea, it's been done before, but I wanted to poke at.

User: Michael Bard/Kor's Journey The linchpin story of "The World" that clarifies things, unifies concepts, etc. Been abandoned for years. There is an outline of future chapters at the end.

User: Michael Bard/Saving the Multiverse An abandoned shared world story project. This would be the intro for my "character". You may notice that I had been watching a certain cartoon series-- The intro story is complete, but nothing else was ever written in the universe.

User: Michael Bard/MMPs at Work An abandoned bit of fluff that is highly dated due to a corresponding TSAT editorial from the tranformees POV. Given that TSAT is long dead, I really doubt this story will be finished.

Other Authors

Some people have asked me to put their stuff here for various reasons. The author name will be indicated.

Golden Mirror by Fish

Books I need Replacement copies of

About a decade ago now, 90% of my books were destroyed by a burst water pipe. A lot of the survivors mysteriously vanished during a move about 5 years ago. So, with a lot of crying (literally) and resulting ongoing depression, I put together a master list of what I still need to find copies of. Any help is appreciated, these are all recommended:

Adams, Douglas - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Anderson, Poul - The King of Ys: The Dog and the Wolf - Brainwave - The High Crusade - The Dancer from Atlantis - Maurai and Kith - Operation Luna - Vault of Ages - The War of Two Worlds - Orbit Unlimited - After Doomsday - Three Worlds to Conquer - Beyond the Beyond - The Bywolrder - There Will be Time - The Worlds of Poul Anderson - The Devil's Game - No Truce with Kings - The Best of Poul Anderson - How to build a Planet

Anthony, Piers - Macroscope

Bach, Richard - Jonathon Livingston Seagull

Benford, Gregory - Across the Sea of Suns - Furious Gulf

Bradbury, Ray - NOT Martian Chronicles

Brin, David - Heart of the Comet (with Benford I think) - The River of Time

Butler, Octavia E - Patternmaster - Survivor - Wild Seed - Clay's Ark

Chalker, Jack L - Midnight at the Well of Souls - Horrors of the Dancing Gods - Spirits of Flux and Anchor - Empires of Flux and Anchor - Masters of Flux and Anchor - The Birth of Flux and Anchor - Children of Flux and Anchor

Chambers, Robert W - The King in Yellow

Clarke, Arthur C - 2001: A Space Odyssey - Rendezvous with Rama

Cherryh, CJ - Gate of Ivrel - Fires of Azeroth - Exile's Gate - Ealdwood - The Dreamstone - The Tree of Swords and Jewels - Downbelow Station - Chanur's Venture

Clement, Hal - Mission of Gravity - Close to Critical - Starlight - Ocean on Top

Colfer, Eoin - Artemis Fowl

De Lint, Charles - Moonheart - The Riddle of the Wren

De Camp, L Sprague - The Castle of Iron - Wall of Serpents - The Best of L Sprague de Camp

Donaldson, Stephen - Daughter of Regals: And other stories

Duane, Diane - The Door into Fire - The Door into Shadow - The Door into Sunset - The Sword and the Dragon - So you Want to be a Wizard - High Wizardry

Durgin, Doranna - Dun Lady's Jess

Dunsany, Lord - The King of Elfland's Daughter - The Charwoman's Shadow

Farmer, Philip Jose - The Maker of Universes - The Gates of Creation - A Private Cosmos - Behind the Walls of Terra - The Lavalite World

Friesner, Esther - Harlot's Ruse

Harrison, Harry - Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers

Heinlein, Robert H - Universe - Farmer in the Sky - Double Star

Hodgell, P C - Seeker's Mask - Dark of the Gods - To Ride A Rathorn

Homer - The Illiad (verse)

Hoyle, Fred - The Black cloud

Kay, Guy Gavriel - The Wandering Fire - The Darkest Road

Le Guin, Ursula K - The Left Hand of Darkness

Lee, Tanith - Quest for the White Witch - Don't Bite the Sun - Delusion's Master

Leiber, Fritz - The Swords of Lankhmar

Logstan, Ann - Shadow

Lovecraft, HP - The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath

MacCaffrey, Anne - All the Weyrs of Pern - The Skies of Pern

Martin, George RR - Wild Cards - Aces High - Jokers Wild

McKillip, Patricia - The Riddle-Master of Hed - Heir of Sea and Fire - Harpist in the Wind

Meyers, Roy - Daughers of the Dolphin - Destiny of the Dolphins

Moffitt, Donald - The Jupiter Theft - The Genesis Quest - Second Genesis

Niven, Larry - The Ringworld Engineers - Escape from Hell - Protector - The Patchwork Girl - The Long ARM of Gil Hamilton - Crashlander - The Draco Tavern - The Man-Kzin Wars 3-5, 7-9, 12 (and counting)

Offutt, Andrew J - The Eye of Sarsis - Web of the Spider

Raymond, Alex - Flash Gordon

Reynolds, Alastair - Revelation Space - Chasm City' - Redemption Ark - Absolution Gap

Rosenburg, Joel - The Sleeping Dragon - The Sword and the Chain - The Silver Crown

Simak, Clifford D - City

Smith, Cordwainer - The Planet buyer - The Underpeope

Stapledon, Olaf - Odd John - Sirius

Stirling, SM - Snowbrother - The Sharpest Edge - The Cage - Shadow's Son - Saber and Shadow

Swann, Thomas Burnett - The Day of the Minotaur - Cry Silver Bells - The Dolphin and the Deep - Where is the Bird of Fire? - Wolfwinter - How are the Mighty Fallen - The Not World - The Minnikins of Yam - The Tournament of Thorns - Will of the Wisp - Queens Walk in the Dust

Tarr, Judith - The Isle of Glass - The Golden Horn

Tolkein, JRR - The Fellowship of the Ring - The Two Towers - The Return of the King

Vance, Jack - The Moon Moth: And other stories

Varley, John - The Persistance of Vision - Blue Champagne - Steel Beach

Watt-Evans, Lawrence - The Spell of the Black Dagger

Weber, David - Crusade

Wells, HG - The War of the Worlds

White, TH - The Once and Future King

Williams, Tad - The Dragonbone Chair - The Stone of farewell - To Green Angel Tower

Williamson, Jack - The Humanoids

Wolf, Gene - The Shadow of the Torturer - The Claw of the Conciliator - The Sword of the Lictor - The Citadel of the Autarch

Wurts, Janny - Stormwarden - Keeper of the Keys - Shadowfane

Wyndham, John - The Day of the Triffids

Zelazny, Roger - Unicorn Variations

Anthologies: - Science Fiction Hall of Fame (vol 1+2)