A day shy of a week ago Robotech Master was out on his e-bike when an SUV struck him and drove off. According to the most recent news available, he passed away from his injuries at around 2:00 this morning. I have kept some news up on his user page and, at this point, ask that anyone wishing to leave messages or tributes do so on either his talk page or another page that can be used for such things. His account here and all of the stories he has gifted the Shifti community with will be preserved in memoriam, as we also did for Morgan.

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Something's out there...

Author: Michael Bard

A small note before the "story". This was inspired by the "Passing Fad" universe -- you can find most of the stories at It is HIGHLY recommended you read them first if you don't know the universe.

AP. Responding to amateur reports that something was missing from the Apollo 15, 16 and 17 landing sites, NASA used the Hubble Space Telescope to take a look. After developing the pictures they confirmed that the each of the moon buggies is indeed missing. They also stated that there appear to be hoofprints leading away from their parking spaces. At none of the three sites were they able to find a dead horse.

It has not been confirmed that new hoofprints were created between pictures which showed that whatever the buggies had turned into was still alive in the vacuum on the moon's surface. And it has been emphatically denied that one of the pictures showed a green horselike creature eating rocks...