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JT Fox's Sly and Tracy At the Bus Stop

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Xanadu story universe
Author: JT Fox

Tracy sat at the bus stop, staring blankly at her computer screen. An empty notepad window stared back at her, it's vertical line blinking at the start of a barren document.

"Sigh... It's no use, I'm never going to be able to come up with a good story." She closed the lid, resting her head on her hand as she stared down at the pavement.

"Yip, you just need a good character." Said a voice from behind her as someone sat down on the bus stop bench.

Tracy looked up and turned her head to see... a cartoon character? She rubbed her eyes, there was no other way to describe what she was seeing. Before her was a thick outlined red fox, a few white chicken feathers floating around his muzzle, and a pair of white gloves over his paws. "What in the world...?"

"Sly Fox, pleased to meet you." He stuck his gloved paw out welcomingly.

"Tracy... it's a pleasure." Said the confused girl, looking the fox up and down several times.

"Writing Troubles?" Asked Sly, a smile in his muzzle.

"Uh huh... How did you know...?" She nodded.

Sly grinned, poking one of his ears, "I get AM radio some times on these things too."

Tracy chuckled, nervously fiddling with her long brown hair, "Nice one."

Sly beamed, obviously happy to make the young woman laugh. "So, tell me about your story."

Tracy took a deep breath, "Well, I um, they always say write about what you know, right?"

Sly nodded, "I've been filming a lot of cartoons lately myself." He said in agreement.

"Well, my story idea revolves around an author." She explained.

"One with writer's block?" Added Sly curiously.

"Actually, yes." She nodded, "I um, I'm not sure what to do after that though."

"Well, what's the conflict?" Asked Sly, his painted mind trying to draw up the usual plot elements from his TV Show.

"I um... I'm not sure... The writer's block?" Suggested Tracy.

"No no no, besides that. What challenge is the writer facing?" "Well, I um..." Tracy drew a blank, looking at the Xanadu victim for help- wait, that's it! "How about an author who's a Xanadu victim?"

Sly smiles, people liked talking to him about his movie. "That would work. So what's this character?"

"Well, how about..." Tracy began, but was quickly cut off, "No no no, don't tell me, tell your story!" He chuckled, pointing towards her lap.

"Oh! Right!" Tracy quickly reached down to open her laptop, but found that instead there was a stack of papers, and... a quill pen? She picked the pen up, and to her surprise, it was... leaking? She looked over at Sly, who was now holding a large bucket of what was labeled, TOON PAINT.

The fox shrugged, "Sorry, I'm a stickler for old fashion ways. Now come on, write your character idea and tell me about it."

Tracy nodded, starting to write down as the ideas flowed from her mind and onto the paper. As she did, the freshly painted toon paper started to drip it's excess paint into her pants, gently rolling down unnoticed.

"Well, how about... A tiger?" She suggested, scribbling that down, the paint starting to seep into her shoes.

Sly nodded, "Tiger's good. So what's this Tigress' name?" He asked curiously.

Tracy played with the quill a bit, trying to think of something as the feather's link started to rub off on her hands gently, "How about Stripes?"

Sly nodded, "Stripes is a great name Tracy, now then, keep going."

"Well, she's just been changed by Xanadu, and..."

As the two chatted, the most curious thing happened. The toon ink, which had been mostly ignored by the two, started to cling gently to the young woman's body, and turn the most piculure shade of orange. Joined by a black outline, the paint started to make a steady crawl up her legs.

"So, what does Stripes want to do now that she's changed?" Asked Sly curiously as the young woman wrote.

"Tell her story of course!" Meowed Tracy, her paws scribbling furiously on the toon paper.

"Ah, I see, do go on."

Creeping out from the girl's outline came black streaks, one could even call them stripes, giving the orange a most animalistic appearance. Curiously, the young lady's shoes were nowhere to be found, for a Tigress only needs the comfort of her pawpads.

"So, Stripes isn't upset that she's been changed into a tiger?" Asked Sly, watching Tracy write.

"She was at first, she she quickly grows used to it."

The ink hear's it's welcoming, corrupting the pelvis and claiming the shoulder's in it's conquest, marching double time up her slender form.

"What's Tracy's favorite part of being a Tigress?" Sly asked, sitting back gently.

"Why, it's her tail of course." Boasted Stripes, feeling a tingle down her spine.

The two haves meeting for the first time, the tigress is complete from the neck down, the head being the last remaining alien parts.

"So, still have writer's block then Stripes?" The fox yipped.

Coating her long hair in curious stripes of orange and black, the ink continued onward, painting her eyes white with black dots, and extending the tigress' nose into a feline muzzle.

"Meow, I don't think so Sly, thank you for all your help." Smiled Stripes happily, he tail wagging next to Sly's contently.

"Glad I could help." Nodded the fox, yipping happily, "Arf, I believe this is your bus."

Stripes shot up, "Nyao! You're right!" She quickly boarded, waving.

Driving off, Stripes read over her notes. Tracy sounded like such an interesting character to write about. She had a feeling her story was going to turn out great.