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A Light Bush Bashing in the Style of Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400)

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Author: Justin S. (Whiteflame)

For sooth, a man of politics he be,
And though he speaks his words to high degree,
And flies his voice beyond what is aloft,
Like canty sheep upon the grass so soft,
Some other man with coat of wool on breast,
Did come and shear the hair off said sheep’s chest.
The haughty script that rests upon his feet,
The sheep does bah to yonder sheep in heat.
The audience which roars and cheers at him,
Does not realize this man’s mind lights are dim,
He simply states what is another’s word,
The woolly man snickers; this is absurd.
The woolly man controls the mass’ cheer,
Because he writes the speech the people hear.

Now that the man of politics is known,
It is time to describe him at his throne,
His ears are like an elephant’s large fans,
Which amplify his voice to distant stands.
Though true, his voice is loud and clear,
He stumbles when he speaks of “nucleur,”
And thus he talks of danger near and ‘round,
So to Iraq our men and guns do bound,
But still the only thing we need have fear,
Is that some terrorist shall bomb his rear.
Although he never deals in amnesty,
He is all for homeland security,
He shows this through his search for W-MD,
He also puts “food on our families.”
On issues, yes, his mouth and words do fly,
He claims he “talks to families who die.”
At least our oafish friend knows his true place,
As when he states so bold his own disgrace,
As he proclaims, the vice presidency,
“Reflects A half-full-glass mentality.”
In truth I do not doubt that few will miss,
This troll-like man; his bread, bologna, and swiss.

So when some boisterous man walks into town,
And crashes cymbals like a foolish clown,
All men (and women too) will come to see,
Who else! None other than George Dubya Bee!

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