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Transformation Prose, Stories, etc. (or related)

Beyond the Scope of Reason

The Mare in the Moonlight

Catastrophe and Whispers in the Meadow, a novel (that will probably never be completed)

Part 1:



Mainly Transformation Poetry (or related)

Beauty in White Flames

Upon My Future Death or Transfiguration


Before the Break of Day, a very vivid dream I once had

Mustaño, an elegy

A Young Horse Floats in a Pond of Grass


As it may, the heart be known?

As it may, the past be known?

Untitled 2

Finding the Southward Wind, for a mare that I know and love.

Becoming One with Helios

An Ovidian Metamorphosis; Poseidon’s Gift

Sonnet 1



Prison of Leather

"Poems of Equus"




Non-Transformational Poetry


Sapling of the Evergreen


The Skewing of Time: A Land's Requiem

A Sylvan Vengeance

A Mare Hath Died and Lived

A Period

Lamentation is Grey

Watching a Pair of Horses and a Human After a Brief Trip on Foot Along a Paved Road in the Morning

Lying in Bed One Night in June

A Letter to the Deceased Poet James Wright

Nature's Land

Lament to the Eight-Legs

I am Reminded of Thoreau, Standing Beside a Pond Located Near a Retirement Center

The Ocean

A Train to Ambiguity

Fog on the Horizon

On Martyrdom

The Indifferent Shrew

A Light Bush Bashing in the Style of Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400) in couplets of iambic pentameter - Yes, I was in one of those moods. Forgive me...

In the midst of a Cold, I wrote this Poem

Las Rosas en la primavera

Pictural of Sound Barriers along a Highway

The Orchard, Two Poems

One, Mourning in Traffic