A Fast and Brutal Wing (Book Review)

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Author: Silverhit.92

Quickie Review: A Fast and Brutal Wing by Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson.

This is a very good book, one of the best out there. It is my favorite book before Harry Potter 7. ( I don't just read TF stories). It has both mental and physical transformation in it. I will said the mental transformation is better than the physical but I don't know if the mental transformation will be considered an actual mental transformation. The main charater (Niki)transformation is the best in any book I read. The book also has newspaper clips, e-mails and leters between each chapter. I also like the emotion in the book, one of the best inter conflicts of any book. Here will be spoilers of the story so if you want to read the book stop here, if you want to know the whole story then I will tell you.

The story of A Fast and Brutal Wing is about three teenagers: Niki, Emmet and Doug who live in a small town. Niki and Emmet are brother and sister who father left them. Doug is their friend and is also living with a single parent. The story takes place before and after a event that a strange author disappear and the three teenagers were involve. All three teenagers have diffrent story. The deeper you get into this book, the more stranger the event is. This book is for those who like Blair witch stuff.