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Here are my stories. I'll try to complete them but I think most of my stories will be in WIP stage. I also rate my stories.

Here is how I rate them.

0: Very bad

1-4: Bad

5-9: Good

10: perfect

Here is also how to see what stories I'm working on.

  1. . The order of stories I'm working on. 1-working on right now and 10-not working on it for awhile (Hopefully I don't go to 10)

(D). This means the story is delay and I won't work on it until I feel like working on it.

Now you can read my stories. If you want to know me go to my Talk page.

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' Inter Beast Series'

Inter Beast 1 Rate:4

Inter Beast 2 Work:(D)

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Inside the Forest Work: (D)

Like Mother, Like Daughter. Rate: 7

Halloween Night Work: 1

Dreams and Nightmares