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Good story, Posti! I confess your horse TF stories are a particular weakness of mine. You make me, by your stories, want to be a horse too. That said, we never see Baylor as a human in this story which makes it even more unique. He starts as a horse, and ends up deciding to stay a horse, even though that means he'll lose human intelligence. Personally, that's what I couldn't do. I guess that is what made the scene in the throne room so very melancholy for me. Betrayed by his own father and condemned to be a beast. You'd think he would have asked if there might be some way for Baylor to retain part of his intelligence so he wouldn't be completely lost. Also, I wonder how much of the human Baylor was left anyway when asked to make a decision. How much of it was Thunder wanting to stay Thunder?

Good story as always, Posti! Thank you for sharing your inestimable talents yet again. :-)

Dominus tecum

--MatthiasRat 05:17, 27 February 2009 (UTC)