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Isn't this story on the TSA Archive? It was one of my favourites there. I'm not sure why I like it so much; I think it's because of the way Greywing seems analyse the man, George, and predict his actions so accurately. Everything Greywing thinks will happen, happens...the feeling that Greywing is some all-knowing person (or at least close to that) is present, and I think that's cool. Anyway, this is a great story...I'd have told you that when I read it on the TSA, but I didn't have a clue how to. —Drake 13:53, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

Thank you so much! I was trying to convey the impression of someone who's been doing this for a long time, someone who's seen it all but hasn't quite become jaded and cynical about it yet, and I think I came close. I don't think that Greywing is all-knowing -- heck, he seems quite unsure about whether George will even go through with it -- but he's more than happy to convey that impression, because that's what his customers want. (If you were going to risk your body and your money on this sort of 'commission', would you want an artist who seemed unsure of himself?)
As long as you've got me talking about this story, a couple of other things that leap to mind: First, this may be the only story I've written where I've tried to slip something past the reader and actually had it work -- nobody seems to notice that there's no physical description of Greywing until the end of the piece. If the reader knew what Greywing looked like up-front, it would be a very different story. And second, Greywing is not modelled on any particular real-world artist. Over the years, three people who've emailed me have been passionately convinced that they knew who Greywing 'really was'; the irony is that in all three cases they picked artists that I'd never even heard of. Phaedrus 17:06, 31 August 2009 (UTC)