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Rat Land (Until I think of a better title)

             August 15, 2002

Well, today i awoke with the mother of all flus. I've been stuck in bed all day, being almost to sick to move. after some effort, i managed to retrieve my laptop from its spot, on which i am currently writing this. i made an oath to keep a journal this school year, and i intend to do so come hell or high water. at the moment, it seems that i may be bedridden for quite some time.

              August 16, 2002

Flus not any better, and i sincerly hope this is over soon.i have had the mothership of all headaches, am feeling generally feeble, and have nearly coughed up a lung.The medicine does not seem to help, but i have assured my parents that it will pass quite soon, and i do not need to go to a doctor.


           August 17, 2002

WHAT THE #@$%!!! this morning, i woke up as a rat. a RAT MAN, a SKAVEN. i have already given my f4 key death bye claw, as i now have claws. I guess I cant hide in this room forever, better see what my family thinks of me being, you know, A RAT.

They saw nothing wrong! I must be insane. Still, unless i was in a fit of extreme rage, i could not put a neat, claw shaped hole in a key. i must learn to type more carefullt from here on.

Also, if I am insane, how did i knock over a lamp with my tail? Why does everyone look over my head while speaking to me? Im going to start school on the twentyith, how will i wear shoes? Signing off, my teeth hurt like hell.

I, a newly made rat, got up from my computer, wondering why i had written that little rant. Postarity? in any case, my teeth did hurt like hell, and I had the strangest urge to brutally BITE something. Thank god for the bowl of hard candies in the hall, as chewing on those appeared to satiate the abnormal chew lust. I guess i should describe my self. To humans, i looked like an average hieght, slightly overweight person with dark brown hair and Greenish eyes. To myself though, i looked like a short, thin, Light brown furred rat man, with a pink tail as long as i was eyes were solid brownish orbs, beady little rat eyes. My posture was much more hunched than normal, and i had strange, rattish legs. Physical appearance aside, i was, to be honest, a nerd.I had many DND handbooks and source books, was a reader, and was, honestly, a little obsessed with computer games, most recently Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. I exited my room, entered the bathroom, and looked for the first, non paniced time at what i have just described for you."well" I said "this ought to be interesting"."Take out night" I heard my dad yelling from downstairs "your pick this time Pizza, Chinese, or other". "Pizza" i Responded "Of the Pepperoni varity If available." "ok" Dad said "I'm ordering now." Hearing that I re-entered my room, booted up the computer, and began to consider my options. I finally desided to log on to the forum i frequently frequented, and began investigating to see if this bizzare phenominon had struck anyone else. Sadly, after hours of browsing and some none to subtle hint dropping, i had turned up nothing but several links to the furry section of the forum. I degectedly closed the browser and began to talk to myself, as i often did "So,I'm basicly a Skaven, everyone, in my family at least, still saw me as the person i was yesterday. however, it might have altered my form slighty, as mom was concerned over "Weight loss due to the flu". Anyway, if it is still like this on Tuesday, i am either severely mentally ill, or, in my mind preferable, some magic shit has happened.

Jarring me out of my thoughts, Dad announced that dinner had arrived, and that i could "Consume at my leisure" I ran down the stairs, looking forward to eating something, as i had barely been able to eat anything over the course of the flu. If only I had known how wonderful that first meal would be ahead of time, so i could have stretched it out over a longer period of time. First off, my sense of smell was so acute that i was entering mild sensory overload. Second, i did not expect the "Rats like Cheese and grain" thing to be true. Well, eating Pizza, primarily constructed of bread and cheese, DID cause mild sensory overload, to the point of Mom asking why i looked so shell-shocked as i ate. i could barely think, let alone talk, as i discovered new ways for things to taste that i had never even dreamed of. It was like a small Angelic choir singing "CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE SAUCE SAUCE SAUCE MEAT MEAT MEAT" in my head. After, having eaten my fill and then some, I began to write a list of things to remember

                               August 17, 2002
                               Rat-log (or whatever) Day 1
                               Pizza=use with desecration 
                               drying off post getting wet is a pain in the ass
                               type using finger pads, not tips
                               tail is real and can knock things over
                               have extra keyboard handy

And with that, I, Rat-man, played games for several hours and went to sleep.