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Primarily I was an artist since I came into the fold or Furry and TF in late 1999. I've kicked around the idea of writing many times, but never did much with it because I didn't want to just write TF fluff pieces. I still don't think anything I've written has much plot. I tend to write in a stream of contentiousness style.

I still have my web site, Mintz's World, but it has not been updated in quite sometime. Any new art is posted to my Fur Affinity account. I have also uploaded my stories there.

I started writing this when I was a sophomore in college, it is based off a dream I had. I never finished it because I got distracted and I was never able to pick it back up. It was mostly going to be a long drawn out transformation. The main character is going to end up looking something like this (though the real idea was inspired by an older picture that no longer on Dark Natasha's site), but in more of a human size.

  • Strange Day - Work in Progress - Previously posted to the TSA List

This is another story inspired by a dream. I had recently started playing around with the idea of being a husky more and I had a dream, if I recall correctly, where I was an anthropomorphic husky on an airplane. (My job has required to me to take plane trips quite frequently in the last two years.) It originally did not go any where and I was done with it until I reread it and found a bunch of errors and things I wanted to fix. I also came up with an idea for continuing it and adding more background to it.

I originally started writing this when I was stuck in the St Louis airport for nine hours and was bored out of my mind. It was going to be a SCAB recalling when he changed, while he was delayed from flying (when he changed would have been in a different situation). I talked about it with some people and I ended up with a much different preference, but it still involves air travel. I do want to write a sequel.

This is really a sort of gratuitous TF for a kink of mine (rubber/vinyl critters and TF). I'm not sure if anything else will be done with it. I just think there are probably some people out there who will enjoy it.