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This story is a work in progress.

Womanly Musings

This entry is, let's face it, more nipple-gazing than navel. If the Globe's online editors will permit me some graphic language, I'll try and make things succinct as possible. This topic has been done to death by other transgendered on personal blogs, but not here. And especially not from me. I've never dwelt on the past. And the man I was is quite firmly past. I've refused to use my initials to identify myself as transgendered among the furry community. That point is moot anyway these days. I'm a woman through and through. I've accepted that from Day One.

In fact, there's no trace of Sean Frost that I can find, anywhere. Except in my memory, and that of my friends and family. Every document, every photo, every government record, all of my old toys, my clothes (Mom found my prom dress in the attic). Everything. Sean never existed.

And I don't care.

Is that healthy?

I'm a happily married woman trying to make babies with her husband, who was once a woman himself. I have no reason to doubt him. Others whose genders had been changed came forward, though their own histories had been subject to even more thorough editing than most furs. Some had even dismissed their old lives as a dream, or a delusion.

I don't know about that. What I do know is that by now being female feels quite natural, though there are definitely things I miss. Sometimes the differences do jump up and bite me. But it's an adventure of self-discovery more than anything.

More about this later, assuming the Globe's editors will let me continue in this vein.

Posted by: Serena the Leopardess, March 30, 10:18 p.m. (158 comments)