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Interview: Dr. Bryce Clay

Dr. Clay's office is located in an exurb of Seattle. Before the Veil came down most of his patients were Boeing workers. Since he had outed himself to his staff and partners some time before last August the appearance of a Bubble around the practice didn't cause so much of a stir. What had apparently caused some friction was the "internship" of some local veterinarians, and his own weekly visits to their offices. Considering the way Congress grilled him a couple weeks ago I decided to stay away from topics already present in his testimony.

Richard Sobel: If you don't mind, Doctor, I'm going to ask you some of the questions Dr. Frasier didn't have time for. They're of a more general nature.

Dr. Bryce Clay: Fine, fine.

RS: It's literally a whole new world of medicine. I understand you're working with the vets at Seattle's zoo?

BC: Since about a year ago, yes. After the Sleeping Sickness Committee was formed they somehow produced more of those Veil-canceling glasses and distributed to hospitals and vet clinics. There were enough of us in those disciplines by then that it wasn't that difficult to start the cross-fertilization. Starting with our own anatomies, we submitted ourselves to every diagnostic you can think of.

RS: Sort of like all those tests they did on the Mercury astronauts because they didn't know what kind of stress they'd experience in space?

BC: That's a fairly good analogy, actually. Our anatomies are a weird mishmash of human and animal that somehow all works. As if we'd actually evolved this way. From the perspective of human medicine it adds some incredible risks if you choose the wrong treatment, and it complicates diagnoses like you wouldn't believe. We lose patience because they're just nonhuman enough to have life-threatening allergies to common over-the-counter medications. [He sighed heavily here] When I got sick last November they had to call in a polar bear specialist from a Canadian research station. Turns out I wasn't eating enough fat.

RS: Ah, diet. Groups like PETA are a little conflicted right now. I don't know about you, Doc, but I can't stand tofu. I'm a red meat kind of guy.

BC: Poultry in my house. But we're drifting from the topic at hand.

RS: Yes, of course. My next question is going to deal with the fallout from the hearings. I understand that Judge Pickford was reprimanded by the Washington Bar Association and has since stepped down.

BC: The judge is a dear friend of the family. But I'll note that he altered none of the facts of the incident itself. That man's blood is on my hands, even if he did bean me on the head. If it wasn't for this thick ursine skull of mine I would've been dead instead of him.

RS: I'm not disputing the facts, Doctor.

BC: Why not? Everyone else has. You people won't let up on me, Judge Pickford, or anyone else. I thought you were just going to discuss medical issues!

Dr. Clay had me dead to rights, there. And he was getting very agitated, and so was I.

The rest of the interview will appear in tomorrow's Globe evening edition and on the web. Stay tuned.

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