In this past October (2020) the Shifti Community lost Chris "Robotech Master" Meadows to an accident involving an SUV hitting his electric bike and leaving the scene. While we may never know the full story of this event, the administrators of Shifti will work to preserve his account and works here as he'd wish us to. Thank you all for being such excellent people.


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Works by Iosani on Shifti

I suppose I should say a bit about myself here.

I've always been into transformation, at least, for as long as I can remember. And I've always been writing, so the two naturally go together. I hardly ever write fiction that doesn't have something to do with TF, and now that I've found a place to put it, I'm ecstatic!

I'm nowhere near as good as I could be, and I think of myself as a thoroughly amateur author. I love getting critiques and comments on my work, feel free to send me a line!

I'm extremely new to this wiki stuff, though, I'm still learning the ropes. Forgive me.

must have been raised in a barn. 10:19, 11 May 2009 (UTC)