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About Me

Hi all! I'm a relatively new author here, and actually not a furry, nor would I care to be TF'd in any form fashion or manner myself. I joined TSA and Shifti because I love a good story, and there is a diverse and skilled group of writers that I vastly enjoy reading here. As such, I can't promise all my stories will involve transformation, though they will all be either linked the TSA, or based in a shared setting.

Also, apologies for the poor formatting at the moment, I'm still learning how to do this and will come back and fix it once the first two XCom Project parts are set up, and when every minor edit doesn't require me to pick out a bunch of cat pictures :P


Drabbles are stories of 100 words or less, and I enjoy writing them occasionally.

A Taste of Insanity: A 5 part drabble series I wrote, this documents the killings of a serial killer. Each represents one of the 5 senses and takes a bit of thought to piece together reality through the feverish rants of a dying or diseased mind. While the entire series is a grand total of 350 words, I found that posting them on a single page caused readers to blaze through it and being confused at the end. So I split the series into 5 pages to encourage readers to stop and reflect on each one before reading the next, as it vastly improves the experience.

The XCom Project

XCom is a video game where you try to save the world from Alien attacks. You can give all your troops custom names, and as such I decided to start a campaign naming my men after the TSA writers and characters, then write about what happens. Ironman mode is enabled, so I cannot reload ever and all of the written material will depend entirely on my skill and luck in game. It is non-transformational, but if we manage to save the planet I might splurge on the expansion, where you can augment your soldiers biologically or by turning them, into cyborgs, which probably counts as TF.

NOTE: This is a project I eventually canceled unfortunately. I was working and doing college and I eventually was just to busy to write more. Then when I did find time to write I found myself duplicating scenes with different characters and eventually the save file got lost. It was a fun idea, I just didn't have the time/energy to do it properly. Here.

Part 1: Invasion

Other stories

These are stories that don't belong to an established setting such as Paradise or the UFAW.


Kris Schnee wrote a story called "Polar Vortex" and posted it to the TSA mailing list, asking other authors to write about the vortexes in his story. While I don't believe that story got posted here I did write a story as well so here it is.