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Hello. At one point I was active on here, but then everything got deleted so I am now setting it back up.

I, along with a few others, are currently creating a round robin story set in the Winds of Change Universe.

The inspiration for my story are these two: the Round Robin Experiments (written by Jon Sleeper, Brian Eirik Coe, and Bryan Derksen) and Hidden Beauty (written by Trey McElveen).

Now, what would happen if Jacob, or someone with his viewpoints, were to take this philosophy to the next level? What if he/she tried reversing the Change?

This is not an entirely impossible concept. The Change has to do with the Plague, which was spread by the Nazis in WWII. If you could somehow eradicate the organism from someones body and prevent them from being reinfected, you could prevent the Change. Reversing is harder, but I can imagine it being done with advanced genetic therapy and plastic surgery.

This of course would lead to immense problems. The people doing this would no doubt want to assert their supremacy over everybody else.

Music of the Spheres happened to stumble into this budding nadir, and they intend to stop it.


Name: Nikki Browne (POV Ilrak)

Age: 15

Height: 5 feet 4

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Grey

Skin Color: Medium brown

Body Build: Slightly overweight
Clothing style: Hoodies, T-shirts, Exercise pants, rubber/foam clogs
Personality: She is very corvine in nature, curious and inquisitive, always wanting to learn more. She is easily adaptable to any situation and tends to try and surround herself with birds, real or stuffed animal. She also is interested in human and other mammal behavior, finding it incredibly interesting. She tends to overcome her occasional shyness by rambling on about random facts, but in general, she is very mature for her age.
Morph: Raven
Specialty: Behavioral sciences

Name: Jonothan "Blaze" Parnell (POV Citrakayah)
Age: 15
Height: 5 feet 4
Hair Color: Pure black
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Light intermediate
Body Build: Lean
Clothing style: Loose, comfortable clothes.
Personality: Studies the Change and Powers to the point of obsession. He has a tendency to rattle on for long periods of time without stopping. He has a love of cats, and understands them to the point of being just short of someone with the Animal Communication Power. He hates talking, and often appears antisocial- but he's not, as long as he has the ability to leave when he wants to, or is with people whom he knows well.
Morph: Cheetah
Expertise: the Change

Name: Tobias McHenry (POV Shangrila, currently taking a break)
Age: 15
Height: 6 feet 1 inch
Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black with red streaks
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Skin Color: Slightly pale, but not healthy. It is caused because he rarely goes out.
Body Build: Slim and tone, almost lanky in appearance.
Clothing style: Jeans that are comfortable and a loose shirt, choosing comfort over fashion. He normally wears his hair pulled back in a loose pony tail or braid and keeps his glasses up on his forehead instead of wearing them like he should.
Personality: He is laid back and care free. He would rather be messing around on the computer than doing anything else, and his air usually states that. He always seems to be bored, whether or not he actually is. He is more out-going and approachable with people he knows.
Morph: Osprey

Name: David “Dave” Barnes (POV Lindiel)
Age: 15
Height: 5’9”
Hair Color: Dusty brown
Eye Color: Light brown
Skin Color: Tanned
Body Build: Wiry/lean, ropey muscle
Clothing style: Button-ups over t-shirts, jeans; prefers to go without shoes unless absolutely necessary.
Personality: David is a fairly quiet man who prefers to work with his hands rather than his words. He is a good listener and has a very analytical mind which he uses to get out of scrapes. David knows the consequences of his actions and uses his analytical ability to figure out the best solution for any issue before acting.
Morph: Pine marten
Expertise: Mechanics


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