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The Transformation Consultant (part 2)

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for this story to make the most sense you should read part 1. Also I ask you to pleas leave a comment, be it good or bad, it all helps. thanks.

This story is part of a series
Preceded by: The Transformation Consultant (part 1)

“What is it?” Johnny asked impatiently as he drove to his office. “what is so important that you made me come in to work an hour before I was even supposed to leave?”

“we found him.” Andy’s voice came through the cell phone.

“who?” Johnny asked “this had better be good Andy, I was in the middle of something at home.”

“James Midnight.” Andy said slowly. Johnny’s whole body tensed.

“What!?” Johnny nearly yelled.

“yep,” Andy said “ the one and only,”

“where is he?, how did you find him? Has he infected anyone else?”

“we found him when a rural Mexican farmer sent us a message complaining about a ‘dragon man’ that has been stealing his live stalk and killing his villagers.”

“he made it all the way to Mexico? How?” Johnny asked.

“we don’t know. But the farmer seemed to have caught and killed another dragon person who used to travel with him. We think it may be Helen Lutz.”

“how did he kill her?”

“the only known way, point-blank shot with a shotgun.”

“so I guess I will be going to Mexico then.”

“yes, so when you get here we will get you all that you need so that you can leave as soon as possible.”

“If I am going to be leaving for Mexico, I should tell Stephanie, So I guess that means I will be a there a bit later.” Johnny told Andy.

“ok, but be quick, time is a factor on this one.”

“no problem” Johnny said and hung up”

After arriving at home to explain what was going on, Stephanie asked a question that took Johnny by surprise.

“Can I come along?” she said.

Johnny looked in her eyes and saw she was completely serious.

“um.. you know it’s not a vacation, right?” Johnny said

“yes, I was listing to you when said what you are going to do, and I think I could help.”

“um.. you know of the dangers, right?”

“yes” she said

“you ever shoot a gun before?”

“Once, my father bought a shotgun and let me shoot it at some cans.”

“um… ok, you can come,” Johnny said “but we have to be quick”

“oh, thank you” she said and hugged Johnny (and purring very loudly), then ran away to go get her stuff. Johnny stood up and looked in the mirror and saw that he blushing deeply.

On the way to the office Johnny called Andy.

“Andy, we will be there in about ten minutes.” Johnny said.

“we?!” Andy said. “who the hell… oh, it that cat-girl who you let live with you because she was too much a wimp to live by herself, isn’t it?”

Stephanie sank down in her seat.

“uh, Andy?” Johnny said. “I have my cell set to loud speaker, and Stephanie is in the car.”

There was a awkward silence and then Andy said


“it’s okay” Stephanie said

“see you soon” Johnny said and hung up and looked over at Stephanie, “I am so sorry about that”

When they arrived, Johnny led Stephanie up to the room were they kept all there weapons and equipment.

“Now, what we are going to be facing is very aggressive and very powerful.” Johnny explained. “small calibre weapons will not effect him, the only way I’ve been able to injure him is to shoot him with a sniper rifle, or a point blank shot with a shotgun.”

“And how do you know this?” Stephanie asked.

Johnny sighed. “remember how I told you that I was once a werewolf?”


“well as it seems, the dragon man we are going after is James Midnight.”

“oh,” Stephanie said. “will you be ok with this one?”

“yep.” Johnny said and picked up very large pistol. “this is a 50 calibre Desert Eagle. It is the most powerful pistol out there. When shooting, you must always hold it with both hands or it will fly out of your hands.”

Johnny proceeded to explain the fundamentals of all the weapons they were using. Among them they had two shotguns, a long range hunting rifle, two desert eagles and two hunting knifes.

“ok, you ready?” Johnny asked

“as ready as I’ll ever be.” Stephanie said.

Johnny led Stephanie down to the Offices garage and begun to load the equipment in to the back of a Land Rover Discovery. When Stephanie saw this she said

“oh, we aren’t taking the Mustang?

“no,” Johnny said “ we will working in a rural aria and we may need to go off road, the Mustang just couldn’t handle that.”

Just then Andy walked in to the garage.

“so how are we getting there,” Stephanie said “border patrol will never let us in with all these guns.”

Andy stepped forward.

“that is were I come in.” he said. “ready to go?”

“completely” Johnny said and looked over at Stephanie “get in”

After they were both in the car Andy opened up a portal to Mexico. The wall of the garage begun to get wavy and distorted.

“wow.” Stephanie said “that is amazing”

“yeah, it is pretty useful having a magician as your partner.” Johnny said and started the engine.

“if he is your partner, shouldn’t he be coming with us?” Stephanie said.

“he’s useless in the field,” Johnny said as he drove through the portal. “that guy is such a whimp he is scaird to even pick up agun, so he stays here to do the things that cant be done out here.”

“Like what?”

“things like, sending over ammo, doing research, things like that.”

While they were talking, the scenery outside the car went from the inside of the garage to the middle of a disserted, sun parched dirt road surrounded by Mexican cilantro fields.

He followed the car's G.P.S. to the farmers house. When they arrived Johnny stepped out of the car and put on his fedora.

“nice hat.” Stephanie said.

“thanks. I’ve had it for a long time.” Johnny responded.

Immediately when they got to the doorway, it was obvious there had been a struggle in the recent past. Johnny rushed in only to see what he feared the most.

Written all over the wall in what appeared to be blood was


Stephanie steeped in and screamed. When she calmed down, she said

“was that him?”

“I think so, look at that.” Johnny pointed to the floor where there large muddy foot prints with three toes on each foot and a elongated heal.

“we should follow those” Johnny said.

“Uh… if it is ok with you, I think I would like to wait in the car.” Stephanie said.

“fine.” Johnny said.

As Stephanie walked to the car Johnny followed the foot steps up the stairs. There were scratch marks on the wall along the hall atop the stairs. When he got to the end of the hall he herd a scream coming from out side. Johnny rushed down the stairs and in to the doorway only to find that the door was looked from the outside.

“FUCK!!” Johnny yelled and ran to the living room and smashed through the window.

Out side Johnny ran to the car and saw James Midnight reaching in to the car. Johnny froze, James had never looked worse. His once shiny black scales were a dull grey and, in some places were pealing, most of the white spikes running down his back were broken or missing and there were scars all over his body. But her was still very fierce. Johnny snapped out of it and pulled out his desert eagle and shot at him, but as he shot James moved and the bullet missed. James looked over and said,

“well, well if it isn’t my old friend Johnny Dean. I see you still have my hat.”

“Get away from her!” Johnny yelled.

James broke out in a fit of laughter. “you were always the joker in the group,” James said in his deep voice. “but all the same, if you do not interfere with me I spare your life.”

Johnny pulled the trigger of his gun, but only produced a small click. The damn thing jammed.

“NO! NOT AGIN!” Johnny yelled.

James threw back his head and laughed again. “Deja-vu, Eh Johnny? You really should get better guns.” James then reached in the car and grabbed Stephanie who continued screaming. Johnny threw down his gun and ran up to James. But by the time Johnny got to the car, James was all ready running down the road. Johnny go tin the car and started the engine and was soon in hot pursuit. When Johnny caught up with him, James slashed Johnny’s front left tier with his claws. Johnny lost control of the SUV and hit a tree. James stopped and turned to the crushed car. Dazed but all right, Johnny grabbed the shotgun and got out of the car. Johnny pumped the gun and pointed it at James. When James saw this he pulled Stephanie in front of him and held on of his claws to her throat.

“Put the gun down Johnny,” he said, “I am serious, don come any closer.”

Johnny pointed the gun to the ground and stopped,

“No!” he exclaimed. “don’t spread the cruse to her!”

“Spared the curse!?” James said. “ I can't spread the curse!”

“What!?” Johnny said “what are you talking about?”

“Oh? Didn’t you hear. The magical implications of the curse wear off after you leave the Amazon. No, I can't turn her in to one of me, but I can still kill her!”

“ok, ok,” Just stay clam…” Johnny said.

“just stay there” James said. “now, I want you to…Gahhh!”

While they were talking, Stephanie had extended her own claws, and while they were smaller, they were still sharp. She reached up and jammed her claws in to her captors eye.

He immediately let go of her and put both hands on his eye. As Stephanie ran away, Johnny ran up to him and smashed him across the face with the butt of the shotgun. James fell to the ground. Johnny put the gun to his head and said,

“Well James Midnight, any last words?”

“yah, I never shed a tear for you in the Amazon.” James said and then spit on Johnny.

“big mistake.” Johnny said and then pulled the trigger, putting a end to James Midnight.

Johnny walked over to Stephanie and hugged her. She was still shaking with fear.

“don’t worry,” He said. “It’s over now.”

Stephanie looked up, the fur around her face matted by her tears.

“thank you,” she said.

“any time,” Johnny said. “lets go home.”