The Gaia Planes

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This story is a work in progress.


The Gaia Planes is a setting that is unique because as far as I know it is the first detailing primarily with the afterlife.

There are many Planes for dead souls, the Gaia planes deal specifically with creatures from societies that only know of and reside on Planet Earth. There are life on other worlds, but they generally live on other planes unless they've visited Earth. At this time there aren't aliens in the setting and until I work out some alien races they are off the table.

Everyone goes to the same afterlife hub, but not necessarily the same afterlife. More on that latter. Once someone dies the tether to their body and the world of the living is and goes to the Afterlife they immediately begin being judged by the Gods. The judgments are made and one's form is adjusted accordingly. One is then free to explore the vast caverns of the Gaia Planes for a home.

Everyone goes to the same afterlife hub and chooses their eternities,

The Gods and their Judgments

No one has ever seen The Gods, nor have they met them. The Deaths talk about them, but do not state actual details. No one is sure if they exist or if it's just an occultist-style metaphor for how the mechanics of the afterlife world. All that's really known for sure is that people become half-animal upon death and animals become half-human. The species of animal a dead human takes on is believed to be decided from an assessment of the deeds a person underwent while they were alive.

The only solid and concrete people have gathered is that those who were transgender in life, become their preferred gender in death. Some people find this to be bittersweet, as though they are united with their true sex for the first time. They tend to become more regretful that they couldn't be this true and complete them in life.