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TransFormations Anonymous story universe
Author's Comments

I first wrote this story for the TSA-Talk mailing list over three years ago. It is, admittedly, one of my better attempts at producing something that is in theme, tasteful, and worthwhile to enjoy for the given public. I want to resupply it now for any new members who haven't seen it as yet. I know it is probably in the archives some place, but unless it is known of beforehand by the newer members, then they wouldn't know what to look for.

But I would like to extend this re-submission of this tale a step further this time... I would like to request that our other transformation authors on this mailing list try to write a similar story using the same theme, where one of their own popular characters, or possibly even themselves, are asked or forced to attend a local chapter's meeting of the TransFormations Anonymous (TFA) group in their own regions and to present in their story how that meeting went. It should be included in some part of their one-shot (or series?) version of this story of what events led up to their being asked to attend the meeting. It is a small request to make but I know we have some worthwhile writers on this board who could do this either blindfolded or with their third arm tied behind their backs.

Now, a few notes about how this story came about...

I am sure most of you are probably wondering if I simply made most of this story up. Well... most of the people at the meeting were prefabricated, yes. However, the main character in the story was someone that I role played with on one of the many Multi-User Chat Kingdoms. He gave me permission to use him in this story and was honored to be made a main character. (Several of my writing fans enjoy it when I honor them by putting their likeness into a story, but I usually only do this with their permission, unless they are deceased.) Back to the explanation...

The main character actually DID denounce being a transformation addict one evening before we were going to role play. And yes, he really DID type it in all caps, exactly as I provided in the story. In fact, I used his "exact words" in this case. Denial only hurts the denier, as most of you already know. Since his outburst (and the writing of this story to his enjoyment), he has improved massively in how he role plays during our sessions. Now he doesn't go out of his way to be transformed, but actually enjoys the story behind the events that lead up to a transformation. (Beforehand, he simply begged me to transform him several times a night and that was beginning to get annoying, I am sorry to say.)

Now I know that perhaps there are many of you who are in denial, as well. But if you enjoy transformations too much, then perhaps one day... you, too, will be stuck in some form that you do not want. And then it will be too late for you, as well.

And now, without further adieu... I present the Required Meeting story (possible TFA mini-verse series) for your enjoyment. Spelling corrections have been made, so there are now slight differences from the original.

And don't forget about my request to create a TFA story of your own to share with the rest of us. I am sure it will be a lot of fun. :)

As always... thank you for providing a wonderful mailing list.

Legalese Crap Statement: Names have been changed to protect the guilty. No one is ever innocent on today's Earth. *winks*

The Required Meeting (or, Why I Attended a TFA Meeting)

Author: Darrel James Vanwinkle (Darjamvan)

Originally written on March 4th of 2004

Franklyn Murtagh Black fidgeted in his seat. He was nervous about actually being here. One of the few places he'd previously, and loudly, protested about ever being present at. But here he sat. His first night. He quietly sighed as he glanced around at some of the others who were here. A half goat half fox boy not more than seven to eight years old. A living female mannequin. A male sheepdog with a Mohawk and glasses. A female human holding a potted plant in her lap. A hermaphrodite amethyst dragon. An attractive female Afghan hound. And a male insectoid centaur, of sorts. They all had one thing in common and Franklyn knew all too well what that was. He was lucky to be a Caucasian human again, at the moment. His thoughts drifted back to a few days ago...

Francine was sitting on her clutch of dragon eggs. It was most uncomfortable, but she didn't really have much choice after her encounter with the dominant male cyclone dragon who had raped her, and forced her to sit on this nest of her own eggs. She was an electric pink submissive dragoness. There was no misplacing her, as she actually glowed in the dark, thus revealing her position if she tried to hide. She had tried to escape twice, and the cyclone dragon had tracked her down each time, re-raped her, and brought her back to the nest. Perhaps it wasn't so bad, in truth. Before being Francine the pink dragon, she had been Franc the male Australian crocodile. And Murlyn the male Gila monster, before that. Francine seemed to love getting changed, but never considered for a second that she was an addict. Addiction only happened to the careless or losers. She thought herself as being too careful and having not received enough chances to change.

But then, events occurred to free Francine.

Some of her human family and friends came looking for her equipped with Dragonsbane-tipped arrows and special guns. A wizard had joined the party, upon request, and the group fought the cyclone dragon in front of the lair's opening. Thanks to the wizard's help, no one was killed, except the cyclone dragon. They confronted Francine next to ask where Franklyn was. She felt so embarrassed, and had to reveal that she _was_ Franklyn. There was a lot of shock after Francine's statement, but the wizard confirmed this, and helped to restore Francine to Franklyn. Then, the wizard accused Franklyn of being... a transformation addict.

Franklyn grew angry at that and shouted before he could stop himself, "I AM NOT A TRANSFORMATION ADDICT!!!" That outburst resulted in his being heavily scrutinized by his family and friends. Franklyn again felt embarrassed that he had reacted that way. He had to save face, and fast! "It just happens... I try really hard to not let it happen, but I keep encountering things and people who love changing others into things..."

Okay, that wasn't exactly the truth.

Franklyn would go out of his way to implant himself in the faces of these things and people, and almost subconsciously suggest or even beg to be changed into something. During these moments, he wasn't truly in his right mind. If he had been, he would've seen a complete stranger begging for each and every event. With the cyclone dragon, Franklyn had encountered him at an unisexual singles bar, and let it slip that he loved dragons, and at time, being used by dragons. That wasn't really Franklyn's fault. He had been drinking. And he didn't mean to say "used by dragons." But it had come out that way, and the cyclone dragon invited Franklyn to come see his lair and see some "dragon-stuff." When they got to the cyclone dragon's lair, Franklyn was stripped of all of his clothing, mounted and raped, and changed into Francine, and made pregnant with dragon eggs.

The wizard tapped his foot, and said, "Even if you don't think you're an addict, you need to attend a TransFormation Addicts Anonymous meeting. Just once. If I have to ever get involved again to restore you to human, you'll end up at those meetings with a ball and chain!"

And that brought Franklyn back to the present moment... here he sat among these weirdos and losers. He simply couldn't be as bad as the others were. Franklyn was too smart for that.

He hoped.

Then, a male white stag entered the chamber from the back room, and called for their attention. "Folks. It's time to settle down. Please. Everyone will get their chance to speak. We're all here for the same reason. Either we knew we had to come, or were told to come or else face some sort of consequences. I am always pleased to see some new faces here, although with as often as transformation occurs with some people over other people, it is hard to discern when an actual new person attends."

The white stag then stepped up to the small podium. "Just so you don't feel pressured, I'll go first. My current name is Clarence Omega. I used to be an upstanding human industrialist. I was never really into transformations much until the day I acquired a magic ring that allowed me to change forms, at will. At first, I was careful with this ring. I'd use the ring to change forms whenever I wanted to learn other people's secrets so that I could advance myself in my company. Eventually, I owned the company. Once I had achieved my ultimate goal, I found that I enjoyed changing my form too often to quit doing it. I tried hard to not use the ring, but it seemed to be the answer to everything. Then one day, another white stag showed up in my office and told me that the ring wasn't forever, and that I'd one day be trapped in a form that I wouldn't like. I scoffed at that, and to prove it, I used the ring to change myself into my current form. I should have heeded his warning. The moment I changed, the ring shattered into fine powder and lost all power. I was stuck."

Clarence sighed. "Since then, I helped found the TFA to help others before it was too late for them. I wouldn't wish my experience on any of you. All right... who would like to be next? And you don't have to reveal everything, this first time. Just start off by telling us who you are and why you are here. The rest will come slowly... but be warned... don't wait until it's too late to be helped. That's why we are here now."

Clarence stepped aside and awaited anyone to stand at the podium.

Franklyn noticed a lot of hesitation, and he knew he wasn't addicted... so he stood up and took his place at the podium. "My name is Franklyn Black. I don't think I belong here, but a wizard threatened me to either attend one meeting, or else... and I am not one for balls and chains." He smiled and winked to his audience. It seemed to work well. His joke(?) helped ease a lot of minds. "I recently spent the last few weeks as a female pink dragon sitting on a nest of dragon eggs... I got rescued... by my family and friends..." Franklyn was finding it hard to talk about his experience. Was he really addicted like the others? No, he couldn't be. He was too careful for that... But why then was it so hard to talk about his experience?

Clarence nuzzled Franklyn's arm gently. "It's okay, Franklyn. It's always hard to speak about something like this the first time, especially if you have it set in your mind that you're not sick. I was the same way. I swore I wasn't addicted. When you utter those words, you've lied to yourself. You know you're addicted when you deny it loudly."

Franklyn nodded his head. "I...I...I guess... I am... addicted... I need help..."

Clarence smiled. "Good. You've taken the first steps toward making yourself stronger. You don't have to say any more, at the moment. You may sit down and let the others speak."

Franklyn nodded his head again and took his seat. His courage to speak up seemed to liven up the others attending the meeting. More were willing to speak now.

While this was going on, the sheepdog nudged Franklyn and whispered, "Good show, Franklyn. You are a far braver person than I. Once I get restored to my human female form, I'd like to see more of you, if that is okay."

Franklyn smiled to the sheepdog, replying, "I think I'd like that." He was suddenly glad he had attended this meeting. And he looked forward to the next one.

The End(?)

This story was written specifically for TSA-Talk. Please enjoy and often. Any review, good or bad, is better than no review. <comments />