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This page is Shifti's categorization policy. For help on actually putting pages into categories, see Help:Categorization

Shifti's primary content is stories with a transformation genre or theme to them, so much of the main category structure on Shifti is built around organizing stories. The main category "Category:Story" is the root from which all story categories derive, and all completed stories are also placed directly into category story.

Genre categories

The classification of a story into genre can be a subjective matter, and so the author should have final say over whether a story fits into any given genre category. However, in the interests of housekeeping, administrators may categorize stories by genre if the author hasn't expressed a preference on the matter.

Unfinished stories

Incomplete stories are not put into Category:Story directly, but only into subcategories. This is intended to allow unfinished works to languish on Shifti for as long as the author wishes without it getting in the way of the general readership. The category Category:Unfinished and its subcategories are intended as a means to keep track of unfinished works on Shifti, all unfinished stories should be in here. Unfinished stories should also be put into the author's category.

Unfinished stories may, at the author's option, be placed into other story subcategories such as genre or TF type. Readers who descend into these subcategories are more likely to be interested in unfinished works that are on those specific subjects than a general reader might be.

Author-specific subcategories

Authors may subcategorize their own author category at their discretion.

Multi-page stories

There aren't many stories split up over multiple pages on Shifti yet, so we don't have a firm handle on how to deal with them. If there are a great many of them a likely approach is to create a subcategory to group them together and then categorize only the first page of the story in the more general categories.