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THIS STORY WAS NEVER FINISHED, AND I HIGHLY DOUBT I EVER WILL FINISH IT! But if you really want me to do so. Shoot me an email and

Night 1 by Jessica Kylie Nichols-Vernon Five Nights At Freddy’s, its sequels, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and all related characters are © Scott Cawthon. Please support the game series this fanfic is based on. While you’re at it, check out Scott’s other works like The Desolate Hope

Disclaimer:By now the real story behind the Missing Children Incident has been revealed and this story has very little resemblance to it. This is more of a re-imagining based on theories from BEFORE Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 was released and is only meant to entertain.

November 8th, 1987

It was quite a day for a certain young girl, her parents had taken her, her big brother, and three of her friends to her favorite restaurant for her birthday, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The girl was very fond of the Freddy character and loved to hear him sing, additionally she found that their salad bar was quite to her liking. While the other kids hated eating their vegetables, this girl loved every bite especially ones coated in ranch dressing. It was the night after and she felt strange and disorientated.

At some point during her party the girl fell asleep, it was sometime after going backstage when Freddy himself told her he had a birthday surprise just for her and her friends. Apparently she dozed off because that’s the last thing she could remember before things went black. After waking up the little girl took a look around, the nap she took seemed to be quite awhile as it was dark now and she was still at the pizzeria. Though why she was on the stage show is what really baffled her. “Mommy? Daddy? Can you hear me? Why are we still at the restaurant? I wanna go home, it’s closed now.” she cried out looking around. “My voice sounds silly… kind of like… Freddy’s? I feel funny too… I feel cold and… heavy.”

The girl decided now would be a good time to step down for the stage, especially since Freddy’s friends Bonnie and Chica looked quite frightening up close. “Wait… Bonnie, Chica… Where’s Freddy?” the observation was well noted especially since she seemed to have trouble actually picking up her feet as though they were bolted to the ground. The girl looked down to find out why her feet were stuck and too her shock, they WERE bolted to the ground. “Am I…. Am I Freddy!?!?!” The girl asked, very startled by this revelation. “I DON’T WANT TO BE FREDDY!... MOM, DAD, PLEASE HELP ME!” she panicked trying very hard to move but being unable. “PLEASE IF YOU’RE STILL HERE, HELP ME! IT’S ME! YOUR DAUGHTER! IT’S ME!”

In her panic the young lady damaged her/Freddy’s feet and was able to start moving again, though she found it very hard to get around in a metal bear’s body. Walking around the dining area she kept calling out the same phrase. “MOM, DAD, BIG BROTHER! IT’S ME! IT’S ME!” but there was no answer, she started to cry, although in her new voice it sounded more like a creepy laugh. “IT’S ME! IT’S ME! IT’S ME!” The girl kept calling out, but it was was obvious that no one was around and that she was all alone, a lost little girl in the body of a large cartoon bear who only wanted her mother. For a few minutes, she started to cry. Looking at the clock it was 1’am. Way past time for her to be put to sleep and read a bedtime story. Just when the girl was losing all hope her eyes lit up, as in literally lit up and glowing white, once she saw the security camera was moving meaning there was likely someone inside watching the camera.

Laughing with joy the girl worked her way down the left hallway where the restrooms were, though her laughing sounded a lot like her crying. The girl hoped she wouldn’t have to get used to any part of her situation, her laughter itself was enough to be unsettled. The girl stopped by the restrooms first to try and go potty as she was taught to try and do when she first wakes up. Once in the stall she found she couldn’t as Freddy didn’t have a hole to pee out of like the old her so she decided she’d hold it for now. Going back out she peeked out her head to see if the camera was still moving. It wasn’t for a second, but once it started up once again she smiled, laughing cheerily once more as she moved onto the kitchen which seemed darker than the rest of the place. The laughter stopped as the little girl was afraid of the dark, breathing inward, or at least trying too and failing. For some reason ever since she woke up even though breathing was a lot harder than it used to be she didn’t feel the need to actually do so.

The girl thought back to her mother who would always sing a song from her favorite opera, Carmen, a song she called the Toreador March. The girl had no idea what a Toreador was, but always found the melody calming. Over the many years of hearing her mother sing this song she started singing it to herself when her mother wasn’t around. It seemed especially helpful, anytime it was too dark or if the power went out at night from a thunderstorm or something, she would sing this song and think of her mother’s protection. Eventually she found the exit to the kitchen and finally made her way to the employees only security room where the guard was panicking, checking every room and speaking frantically to himself. So much so he didn’t notice her enter.

“Come on, come on, where’s the bear? Where’s Freddy!?!?! How's he moving!?!? WHY IS HE MOVING!?!?!” The guard screamed and began chewing on his night guard cap. “He was the in the kitchen….”

The girl inside a bear lowered the laptop the guard was using to look through the cameras and popped her face in front of him. “Hi, can you help me? I took a nap backstage and I woke up inside Freddy’s costume. Can you get me out? Also I REALLY need to call my parents, they must be worried sick about me.”

The guard screamed in the animatronic figure’s face, scooting his rolling chair back as though he had seen a ghost, and the girl screamed back in his face. Prompting the guard to get up and run away. “SCREW THIS! THIS, THIS IS NOT WORTH MINIMUM WAGE! CATCH ME IF YOU CAN FAZFUCK!!” the guard screamed not listening, flipping the girl off just before he vanished from sight.

“No no, I’m the girl who fell asleep backstage. IT’S ME! IT’S ME! For the love of God, please mister… realize it’s me….” The girl inside of a bear’s body cried. “It’s…. me….”

After trying to use the phone and failing because her hands were too big, she sat down and cried. Until being comforted by Bonnie, who the girl inside of a bear’s body didn’t realize had come in until she felt the rabbit’s paw on her large shoulders. “Hey… Freddy, why are you crying?”

“Bonnie, it’s terrible!” The girl sniffled, feeling a little better that Bonnie, the purple rabbit who played guitar on the stage show was her. Maybe he could make things better. “I fell asleep backstage, and… now I’m Freddy, and I scared away the only person who can use a phone… and… I just want to call my mommy and daddy and be myself again… I have school in a few hours!”

The purple rabbit nodded slowly. “I miss my mommy and daddy too…. I’m not actually Bonnie. I woke up like this too… If you’re who I think you are… It looks like we’ve traded genders.”

The bear looked up confused, trying to dry her non-existent tears as robots can’t actually cry. “But… Bonnie’s a boy…” She said, realizing this was her closest friend who kept arguing with her that Bonnie was a girl despite her claims to the contrary. The girl had a lot of male friends despite being a bit of a girly girl, it was odd and her parents always reminded her of this. The one girl who was invited to the party, wasn’t actually a friend of hers was. She came really only because the bear girl’s mother made her try to make some galpals saying it was more normal.

“Then why is she called Bonnie? That’s a girl’s name…” The boy in the body of a rabbit said, putting his arms together annoyed at this argument, but now was not the time to be disagreeable. “Well, I’m gonna go ahead and believe you. I don’t want to be a stupid girl!” the rabbit looked down at the bear whose eyes had turned black in anger. “No offense….”

Freddy’s eyes returned to normal and the girl inside spoke. “None taken I guess… Well… Do we walk home? I’m not sure we’re supposed to take the costumes with us… but… I can’t figure out how to get out.”

“HEY!!!” Cried a voice from the door to the left of the security room.

The bear and rabbit both screamed loudly as they saw Foxy The Pirate Cove Fox peeking his head through the door. “Bad time?” Foxy asked, but continued speaking after the other animals were silent. “Hey liiisten… I overheard you two talking.. I’m the girl you invited, so I’d guess Chica has that other boy in her.…. and… well there’s something I need to show you two… You’re going to freak out… But…” The fox tried to make her face seem nervous, but being mechincal it was hard to do. “I think we might be dead…”

“Are you playing a joke on us? If we were dead, we’d be in Heaven… Not spending a Night At Freddy’s.” The boy inside Bonnie shared his disagreement.

“Yeaaaah… See I’m sure we’re dead…” The girl inside Foxy insisted, looking back at the part of him that was obscured by the dark hallway.

“I don’t like this.. MAKE HER STOP!” The girl inside Freddy started crying again. “She’s just playing a mean joke on us! I told Mommy and Daddy not to invite her!”

“Oh believe me buttercup, I agree with you there!” The girl inside Foxy raised her voice and snapped her jaw. “Anyway Bon-Bon to answer your question….” the fox said snarkishly as she stepped into the light, the fur on Foxy’s torso cut open with the hook revealing a little girl older than the one the girl inside Freddy used to be. Only this girl wasn’t moving as blood poured out of her and onto the floor, all sorts of metal bits that made Foxy move in the Pirate Cove show stabbing into various parts of her body. A look of horror was frozen on the girl’s face.

“WHAT THE HECK!?!?!” The rabbit cried, the shock somehow caused his eyes to turn black like the bear’s when she was crying. “No way… but… that means the rest of us are….”

“Yarr matey, ye got it right lad.” The girl inside Foxy said mimicking the stage show performance and taking her aggressions out on the others.

“Does… does it hurt…” The girl inside Freddy asked, shaking in fear. “Oh Gosh… I think I’m going to be sick…”

The girl turned pirate fox stabbed at her deceased body with her hook hand while keeping perfect eye contact with the girl turned ursarine musician. “Don’t feel a thing, probably because I’ve got metal wires poking my insides!” The girl said sarcastically, marching up to the girl inside Freddy to scream and slap her in the face. “You… You BITCH! You owe me for this! I don’t know what you’re going to do to make this up to me, but if you weren’t already dead. I would kill you!”

The bear growled, decking the fox across the face. Neither of them had nerves anymore, as such their attacks didn’t actually cause one another any pain. It was more so the sentiment behind the blows. The girl inside Foxy was gearing up a counter-attack with her hook when the boy inside Bonnie pushed them aside. “Our friend inside Chica needs to be told what’s going on, don’t you two think!?!” he exclaimed.

Back at the Stage Show, the boy inside Chica was at the edge of the stage, looking down. “This is the worst day ever, it’s bad enough I’m a girl who holds a cupcake all day, but…” The boy looked down, unwilling to finish his sentence. Instead he looked up as if to convince himself he was still in the pizzeria, but his hands together and began to pray as he often did when he was scared. “God… Today I died and I don’t know why you didn’t let me into Kingdom Come. Was it something I did wrong? Oh Heavenly Father. Please find it in your heart to forgive me and give me the strength to survive... “ The big metal chicken stopped realizing that was a bad choice of words. “To carry on while I wear the body of Chica Chicken. In Jesus name I pray, amen.”

Just as she finished, she looked up and saw the others. Bonnie standing in front of Foxy to keep the corpse of her former human self hidden. “We’re not really Bonnie, Freddy, and Foxy…” The purple rabbit tried to explain. “This may be hard to explain but…”

The boy inside Chica cut the boy inside Bonnie off during his explanation. “We died and are now in the bodies of the Freddy Anime Troon-ick?”

“Animatronics…” Foxy corrected, rolling her eyes as if to say “God, what an idiot.”

“How did you know?” The girl inside Freddy asked. The boy inside Chica had been left all alone, and the girl leaking blood all over the floor inside Foxy hadn’t had the chance to speak with him yet.

“Your brother told me.” The penitent boy replied, as a teenage boy dressed in all black stepped on stage from the back behind him.

“Sister, you’re awake again… I’m sorry… I tried to protect you, but, he was too strong for me.” The boy replied, looking right at Freddy Fazbear.

“What happened to us? Why are you here? Are mom and dad here too?” The girl inside Freddy asked.

“Come with me…” The boy said, walking down the right hallway, or the left hallway if you were looking at it from the Security Room. The others following him with many questions. Such as, why had he stayed overnight with them, why did dying turn them into animatronics, and were they going to go home or to Heaven?

Finally they stopped in front of a poster of Freddy Fazbear smiling that was in the West Hall Corner. The boy in black held out his hand and concentrated, swiping to the left with his open palm. All four of the children trapped inside of the robot bodies gasped as the poster changing from one of Freddy to one of a sort of Golden Freddy without eyes. They weren’t sure why, but seeing this picture filled with a sense of despair and dread.

It was Foxy who finally said something. “How did you do that?”

The boy dodged the question and asked one of his own. “Do any of you remember this guy?”

“I… I want to say yes… I don’t know why… but… this picture scares me…” The boy inside of Chica stepped back and put a hand in front of his eyes.

“That’s the version of Freddy that lead us to the backstage…” The girl inside Freddy pointed out. The bear fell silent for a few moment before her eyes grew wide and large as she fell to her knees. “Oh god…. I’m starting to remember..”

The boy seemed cold and emotionless, in reality he was horrified and depressed, but he knew he had to be strong. Not only was he the oldest and the one who remembered the most about their final moments, but he got off nowhere near as bad as the four children. As gruff as he seemed, he was doing everything he could to prevent from having a panic attack. “The man in this Freddy suit lured the four of you to the backstage. I came with to try and protect you, realizing this sounded fishy.” The boy looked towards the nearby security room and waved his hand again, shutting a steel door and re-opening it. “He trapped you in there and proceeded to stuff you into these wireframe suits, and before he finally left, put those suits on the four animatronics so that the evidence of his crime could never be found… I tried to stop him, but…” The boy became translucent and began floating, his neck starting to splurt out blood that vanished as it touched the floor. “He slashed at my throat so I couldn’t scream for help…. I still haven’t found my body…”

The children listened intently, frozen as the memories of their deaths came flooding back to them. The boy cursed himself as he landed and resumed his more normal looking form, it was obvious he scared the living daylights out of the children. It wasn’t his intention to scare the kids, but still it’s not like they write a self help book called, “Your Death And Hers, Explaining Post-Mortality To Your Loved Ones!” so he was playing this by ear the best he could.

The boy changed the poster back to normal and looked at the clock in the security room. “The restaurant will be opening soon, you all need to get back to stages. I’ll try to find a way to free your souls from those bodies. Do NOT tell ANYONE what you really are.”

“Why not!?! If we can tell people what happened, they might find the real killer… and.. well it’d be weird at first, but maybe we can go back to living with mommy and daddy instead of this place. After tonight, I never want to see this place again.” The girl inside Freddy began grasping at straws, desperate to return to her former life, or rather to having a life to live at all.

“Oh I can see it now! Freddy Fazbear comes to school with his little pink Barbie backpack, he sits down. And when the teacher asks the class to solve a math problem or spell a word, she’s all. ‘Oh yes, you the freakishly large girl corpse stuffed inside the bear with the top hat.’” The girl inside Foxy said sarcastically. “Face it, we can’t go back to what our lives were like… as much as I want that too.”

“WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN!?!?!” The girl inside Freddy cried, her eyes once again turning black. Though the kids had not yet noticed this oddity, it happened every time they got too emotional.

The boy in black sighed looking down as the girls inside of Freddy and Foxy began to bicker throwing childish insults at one another which made sense as they were children. He heard everything from kids being kids with insults like doody head, fatty, liar liar pants on fire, and stupid face, to more serious insults mocking the situation like fox face, papa bear, and so on. The boy in black finally saying something once it go to the point where his sister tried pulling the girl in Foxy out of Foxy. “STOP IT! Sis, I’m sorry, but… we can’t go back to that life. I can’t even be seen by the living! I tried while all of you were sleeping, and well… I don’t know how exactly this stuff works. I don’t think anyone does. If people saw that you were walking around they might try to take you apart, they might try to hurt you, or take out your bodies which might kill you for real I don’t know how this works. Heck they might even lock you away and build new robots with the sole purpose of making SURE you STAY locked away. Bottom line, they will try to hurt you, because you’re scary, you’re something that isn’t supposed to exist. All of you are! Do you understand?”

The four kids looked at the ground, visibly upset. Even children could tell that this situation was difficult to resolve, possibly impossible, and it was very unlikely that they were ever going to see their families again. It wasn’t fair, they were just here to celebrate a birthday, and instead they found the exact of a birthday. Children playing do not deserve to be maimed in robots and kept from their families. Still, the only authority figure around was the boy in black and they were willing to follow their instructions as he seemed to have more of an idea about what was happening than the rest of them.

“I’ll take that as a yes… You three go on stage, you will need to perform in the show for the day, I’ll try to fix Foxy here up before the restaurant opens again. Hurry you have thirty minutes! until six am!” The boy in black said, walking the Foxy robot to the backstage area to try and walk the girl inside of her through fixing what she had to call her body.

Back on stage the boys inside Bonnie and Chica tried to find something to talk about to calm themselves down so they could get in a mood to perform in the stage show. “So… if they built new robots, do you think they’d remember that Bonnie is a girl’s name and should be a girl. It’s stupid that Bonnie’s a boy.”

The boy inside Chica shot the boy inside Bonnie a sinister look. “Well Bon-Bon, if you feel so strongly about wanting to be a girl, I’m sure we can find a way to trade.”

“I’m… good on that.” The boy inside Bonne said, looking away from Chica and decided to stay silent for the few minutes remaining of the night.

It was ten minutes till opening when the girl inside Freddy, still mourning, still wanting to call out for her mother and father, decided to go into the back to talk to her brother one last time before being forced to sing. “Brother..”

The boy in black watch the girl inside Foxy carefully using a needle and thread to patch herself up. It was quite a difficult action when one of your hands was oversized and the other was a hook. The boy would have performed this action, but he was completely intangible. “Almost… almost… Oh hi sis, I didn’t hear you come in... Make it quick. The living will find it suspicious if you’re out of place.”

“Don’t talk like that… we’re not dead.. I mean.. We’re still here right? So in some way...” The girl inside Freddy tried to rationalize, she was tired of hearing about how her and all of her friends were dead, she was already bleeding profusely inside of her favorite cartoon character, she didn’t need reminding of the fact.

The boy in black gazed up at the clock. “Do you need something? We don’t have time to chit-chat!”

The girl inside Freddy looked at the clock as well and sped up with her talking. “Okay! Yes! I just want to know what you’ll be doing while i’m singing Freddy’s songs…”

“I’m going to the library, see if I can’t get my hands to work on real objects. Maybe I can research a way to get our souls to ascend into Heaven, or at least Purgatory. Purgatory would be an improvement over… this…”

“What’s Purgatory?” The girl inside Freddy asked, not understanding the concept.

The lights all came to life as the clock’s alarm made a dingdong noise, it was meant to signal to the night guard that it was time to leave incase he fell asleep on the job or lost track of the time. “I don’t have time to explain, you have seconds left to get back on stage.”

The girl inside Freddy marched back slowly, having no idea how she was going to get through this day when her brother called back to her one more time. “And sis…. I’m sorry things turned out this way….”

“Me too… I was the one who said we should come here for our birthday.” The girl said before heading back to the stage and grabbing the microphone, the software in her voice box telling her what to say. “Welcome moms, dads, boys, and girls of all ages to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. My we have a few early birds today, and Chica knows all about early birds.”

“That’s right, I always get up early to enjoy a delicious bacon and egg breakfast pizza!” The boy inside Chica said, pretending to sound happy to the few kids whose parents were somehow suckered into coming to a pizza joint/stage show this early in the morning.

The girl inside Foxy snuck her way back to Pirate’s Cove. Luckily, that show had recently closed for repairs so she had the day to herself. After looking back at the stage and seeing the three former humans telling jokes on stage, she actually felt really bad for making fun of them. The girl inside Foxy could see it in their eyes, though their voices sounded happy and silly. On the inside, they were crying and were not likely to ever stop.

-That Night-

The girl inside Freddy and the two boys inside Chica and Bonnie were glad to finally stop playing around 9PM when the restaurant closed as for most children that is either bedtime or very close to it. None were more happy about this than the girl inside Freddy who swore she had to sing the same songs all day. Normally the girl would be happy to sing a long with Freddy and his band, but not when she was Freddy doing the entire routine from 6 AM to 9PM, fifteen hours of the 24 Hour Day, without so much as a break to go play some of the arcade games in Pirate’s Cove, eat pizza (Especially with how much the boy inside Chica was forced to talk about doing so), drink a soda, or most of all see her mother and father. The girl inside Freddy was incredibly grateful that being a literal ghost in the machine meant she couldn’t get tired, hungry, thirsty, or feel non-emotional pain. No, just bored, lonely, and sad.

The children began stretching as they started to move, taking this chance to leave the stage and stretch their legs, taking this chance to go to Pirate’s Cove where they found the girl inside Foxy playing on the Death Race 2000 arcade machine, the restaurant's most controversial attraction. It was actually quite easy to play the game with a hook hand as the game only required a steering wheel. The pirate fox was very into her game, but still heard the stomping feet of her fellow dearly non-departed. “I was wondering if you three would come here.” she said, not looking away from the screen as she ran over pedestrians for points. “I don’t need to put in tokens, I just think about playing the game and it lets me. I think it’s a ghost thing, like how her brother made that poster change…. So how was your big debut?”

“...Awful..” The boy inside Bonnie answered. “If I have to tell that one joke about why the chicken crossed the road with Chica here one more time I’m going to lose it.”

“...I crossed the road for delicious pizza…” The boy inside Chica repeated the punchline sounding overly tired and unamused.

“Cheesy joke…” The girl inside Foxy said, not looking away from her game. “Look… I’m sorry about last night… I don’t think any of us were in our right minds…. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and… well… If we’re going to spend the rest of forever in this third rate Chuck E. Cheese knockoff… We can’t be at each other’s throats all the time.”

The girl inside Freddy was about to say something when she heard footsteps and a few unfamiliar voices coming into the restaurant. “...We have to go…” she said, before rushing back to the stage with her friends in tow. The girl inside Foxy reluctant to give up her near success at beating the high score, wisely decided it would be best to wait inside Pirate Cove. The best thing about waiting in the cove is that it’s covered by a curtain when not in use, and as such she could at least stretch her legs.

In the West Hallway there was a fat man smoking a cigar, escorting police through the facility. All five of the spirits listened in as best they could, the boy in black following close behind the three as they had no way of being able to see him. “Gentlemen I’d like to thank you for meeting me after hours instead of interrupting a day of business. After the commotion yesterday we need all the business we can get, especially since we’re about to start opening Freddy Fazbears all over the country and we can’t afford another screw up or we’ll have to stay a local business until we win back the crowd.”

One the cops looked on the ground, noticing red trails of dried blood, a sight which gave him chills and made him fear for the lives of the children. “It’s not standard procedure, but we weren’t sure how to approach something like this… Quite frankly I’m glad no more children went missing. Am I to understand you still haven’t found them?”

The old man with his cigar exhaled a huge cloud of smoke. “If I had we’d already have called the parents.”

“I see.. uhh I got some complaints from a parent that there appeared to be trails of dried blood and well.. Look on the floor they seem to lead into that room. Do you mind if we take a look?” Asked one of the officers as he pointed towards a doorless entrance coming up on the right.

“Pirate’s Cove? Eh sure, just don’t bug Foxy. We had to close his exhibit because his jaw’s a little loose and our lawyers are saying that might cause a problem, but well we need good publicity right now so we may have to open him up early.” The man said, heading into the Pirate’s Cove arcade section where children played games to earn prize tickets and be entertained by Captain Foxy the Pirate Cove Fox. Of course the whole thing was a scheme, if Foxy was performing in this area it meant children would be distracted and not do so well on the games, rigging it in the favor of the restaurant to avoid having to give out too many tickets.

The officers looked around finding nothing out of the ordinary, just a few bones of Chica Wings knocked to the floor by inattentive children or perhaps careless parents as children typically focused on the pizzas rather than the sides. Along with them some crumbs, salad toppings, discarded candy wrappers from those who exchanged their tickets for candy, and a few stains where soda pops had been spilt and not cleaned up in time by the janitor. Of course the place was messier than usual as the custodian who was supposed to be on staff was recently let go. “Sorry about the mess, our last janitor, this guy named Mike, was fired recently for tampering with the animatronics, general unprofessionalism, and between you and me he had a bad odor to him.”

The police weren’t listening as they were too busy with their investgation, searching high and low, so focused that they took quite a few minutes to realize that the Death Race 2000 arcade machine was the only one that was on and had been recently played as tickets were pouring out of it. “Someone’s been here recently… Though, if I may ask… Do you think that’s really an appropriate game for children to be play? What if some kid plays it and starts thinking it’s okay to hit people with cars.” one of the two officers, Lieutenant Brown, stopped to ask.

The man with the cigar shrugged his shoulders. “The little brats can run over Ronald Regan himself if they want as long they follow the rules while they’re in my restaurant. We actually had to add No Pooping On The Floor to our rule list, as if that needed to be specified! Damn kids!”

Lt. Brown rolled his eyes, he never could stand people who hated kids which was part of why he agreed to work on this case. “Where’s the switch to pull back the curtains, if this machine was played recently. One of the children might be around, perhaps one of the three boys played it to calm themselves down. It’s still at the initials screen and this is the second highest score on the machine, whoever was played it cleared out when they heard us.”

The man with the cigar sighed, going behind the stage and flipping the curtain switch to its off position to give the cops a better view of the area. “Alright, now like I said, don’t touch Foxy unless you absolutely have to. These singing money makers are worth more than any of our employees make in a year, you damage them even slightly and I’ll sue the hats off of your whole damn department. You sacks of shit won’t be able to afford donuts for a decade!”

The other cop groaned, his name was Lt. Sharp, and his peeve was greedy businessmen who pulled things like that threatening his department or keeping the police out of crime scenes. “Right…”

The girl inside Foxy was getting worried, she remembered what the boy in black had said and realized that if they did find out that her corpse was buried inside the robot and they removed it there was a possibility that she might stop existing altogether. The girl wasn’t completely sure if that is how it worked. If there was a chance the boy could get their souls to ascend, whatever the heck that meant, then she needed to make sure she still existed. As such the girl inside Foxy made sure to stay completely still, though just to be safe she raised Foxy’s eye patch and kept her eyes focused on both cops making sure not to move her head and give herself away.

Things got intense when Lt. Sharp took a whiff of the air and held his nose in disgust. “That fucking reeks! What the shit is that it smells like..”

“A rotting corpse…” Lt. Brown finished the sentence, his heart stopped as he did so. “I’ve been on murder cases before… Oh god if that bastard killed those poor children I don’t think he’s going to make it prison!”

“It’s coming from Foxy…” Lt. Sharp noted, looking back at Brown. “You don’t think.”

Brown turned and faced the man with the cigar. “Sir, we will need to take apart Foxy to check for the body.”

“YOU CAN’T! I WON’T LET YOU! Tha… you need a warrant.”

“Sir! This could have just been escalated from a kidnapping to a murder investigation, I will charge you with obstruction of justice if you do not co-operate!” The officer raised his voice and began moving towards Foxy.

The girl inside panicked, she needed a desperation maneuver. Acting on pure instinct alone she faced the head of the machine holding her prisoner and tried to speak. “SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” was all that she managed to get out, incredibly loudly and overly high pitched. It was the most demonic sound that anyone had ever heard in their life. The officers and the CEO had their ears covered until the screeching stopped.

“What the FUCK was that!?!?!” Lt. Sharp screamed back.

There was a pregnant pause before the girl inside Foxy thought to try doing Foxy’s routine. She moved her arms in a bit of a repetitive robotic jig and her head looking over all of Pirate’s Cove. “Ahoy Mateys! Welcome to Pirate’s Cove where you can set sail in one of our many electronic whachamacallit arcade attractions. Spend yer shiny doubloons here and I’ll letcha try to get the high scores and earn ye some prize tickets. Remember, no quarters, these have to be official Freddy Fazbear Tokens. Come one, come all, and try your hand at our latest game. Ms. Pac-Man.” she stopped as the software didn’t have much else for her to say at this moment in time as it was malfunctioning, part of the repairs that the man with the cigar talked about. The girl hoped that would be enough to throw them off as she was worried about talking on her own without a prompt and accidentally saying something wrong.

“Oh, he’s a little buggy. The sound must have been something in his speakers, I guess I turned him on by mistake.” The man with the cigar said wiping his sweat from his brow. “But this should prove that you don’t need to take Foxy apart. I don’t know what the smell is, but there’s no way any of the boys or girls are in him.”

“How are you so sure?” Lt. Brown asked.

The man primmed up his suit so smuggly and gave Lt. Brown a shit eating grin. “Because smart guy, they don’t move by themselves. They’ve got an Endoskeleton full of moving parts in those costumes see.” The man went over to Foxy’s head and removed his mask, revealing a disturbing metallic skeleton with red eyes and human looking teeth. Though the man had to recoil as the smell got worse when he did this. “If you were to fit a dead body into one of these suits, you’d have to take out all of the moving part parts in the torso region, and even then you might have a chance to wear it for a few minutes maybe until the lack of oxygen, the weight of the suit, and the metal wiring making it sync up to the endoskeleton. If you put the suit on too forcefully the metal bits would stop right through your entrails!” He said putting the fox mask back on as the two cops nodded. “So unless you’re trying to tell me Foxy’s moving without his crucial parts, cause he’s haunted or something. There aint no god damn way. A piece of pizza or something might have gotten lodged into him by those damn kids and gotten burned by the moving parts causing the smell.”

Lt. Brown nodded. “That works for me, maybe the children are still alive…. There’s some blood leading to the big stage, with the main three. Sharp and I need to search there as well.

“Oh definitely, the faster you nab this bastard the sooner I can get this incident behind us.” The CEO said guiding the cops to the main show room. “It’s only been a day and already we’re getting phone calls about it, Birthday Party reservations canceled, and hell. Even the staff are getting spooked.” The man rubbed his brow in irritation, from his point of view this was nothing more than an overreaction on the side of a few paranoid idiots and over-worried liberals who wanted to harass every business owner each time a brat so much as choked to death on a toy found in his cereal box or lost their head standing up on roller coaster. He thought it was a bigger tragedy that families stopped wanting to give him money just because a few miscreants decided to wander backstage when some suspicious character claimed to have candy or something, damn punks should have been taught better by their parents before ruining the profit of honest business men like himself.

Lt. Sharp shuddered as the animatronic characters came into his line of sight. “God these things look horrifying at night… Hard to think that children like these… things..”

The man with the cigar pretended to roll his eyes as he began hinking back to something the security guard who came into his office said. The guard came in around noon, revealing that he never clocked out that night. The owner of Freddy Fazbear’s felt his spine turn frozen solid remembering the terror and exhaustion in his blood-shot baggy eyes. The worker was coated in sweat, it was obvious he hadn’t eaten, bathed, or slept since he abandoned his post. Normally this would have been written off as an incompetent worker who clearly had bought into a bunch of superstitious nonsense, but there no mistaking that look in the eyes. The look a man only gives when he sees something he isn’t supposed to. “Employee of mine said he actually saw Fazbear here walking up to the security office. Claimed he was haunted by the ghost of that girl who went missing. Of all the ridiculous things. He quit immediately, I tell you people who believe in that kind of Mumbo Jumbo. Now we’re down two employees.. Fritz Smith and Mike Schmidt… I don’t know if Jeremy Fitzgerald and Phil Gaius can’t handle this place by themselves...” He proceeded to ramble on about how good help was so hard to find these days, though the cops had just started to tune him out at this point.

The boy inside of Bonnie couldn’t help but to turn towards the girl inside Freddy with a smile. The police didn’t seem to notice it as they finished up the investigation at around 2 AM. Lt. Brown thought for a few minutes and finally concluded his theory. “It sounds like either this Fritz Smith or Make Schmidt is our man. The report says the kidnapper was in a yellow Freddy Fazbear suit… Do you have any missing?”

“Yeah, went missing around the time Fritz quit.” The CEO said, his hand on his flabby chin as he thought hard. “I suppose if you find Schimdt ro Smith with the suit that rules it out don’t it?”

“It’ll take us some time, but we’ll get warrants for them. We’ll have this matter behind us in two weeks or less.” Lt. Brown marched out of the restaurant in a hurry with the face of action on him and Lt. Sharp. “I’m filing a report immediately.”

The CEO yelled after him as he left so abruptly. “YOU BETTER!!”

When they left, the three stomped off stomped off the stage to check up with the girl inside of Foxy. The four put their stories together and agreed in unison that if Smith or Schmidt whatever the cops did would be too good for them. They all seemed relieved that their killer would be brought to justice, but it left them with a problem they hadn’t considered the previous night upon their discovery of their post-mortality. So they could wander around at night, what of it? They might be able to get a message across to the public, but what kind of message? What would it say? How could it help them?

That’s when the boy in black showed up, drifting slowly to the ground from the ceiling. “Hello sister.” he said, petting the Freddy animatronic on the head affectionately, levitating off the ground the do so.

“...Apparently either Mike Schimdt or Fritz Smith did this to us…” The girl inside Freddy said, fear still obvious in her voice as she leaned into her brother’s pets, noticing, but not commenting that he seemed to have some degree of tangibility now. “Mike or Fritz should be in this body… singing on stage… I don’t think I could do that another day”

“You did it for one day…” The girl inside Foxy pouted.

“I’d like to see you try it!” The boy inside Chica raised his voice.

“I could do it with my one hand tied behind my back, and I bet I’d draw a larger crowd than you idiots!”

“Could not!” The trio in the main band all said in unison, the boy inside Chica even sticking out his tongue.

The girl inside Foxy responded with the wittiest zinger of a retort in the whole universe. A comeback that would be forever known as the greatest response ever to the doubt of one’s abilities, if anyone was listening they’d be wise to write this gem down for it was a prospector’s dream. “Could too!”

This went back and forth for about fifteen minutes before the boy in black finally lost his patience. “ENOUGH!” The boy yelled after morphing into a viseage of the very same Golden Freddy that killed them. This freaked the four out reasonably so and backed onto the stage, closing the curtain and shaking.

“I’m a good Fox…” The girl inside Foxy tried to regain her composure with some sarcasm. The logic was that if she could regain her snippy attitude, she could regain her composure.

The Golden Freddy monster began bleeding from the mouth. “DON’T YOU START UP AGAIN!” he screamed before calming down and reverting to the boy in black. “Listen, I was doing some research on ghosts and spirituality. The short version is that I can now do many things with my powers that I will teach all of you if it becomes necessary. I’ve even learned that I can appear before the living if they’re in a highly emotional condition.”

“What’s a highly emotional condition?” The boy inside Chica asked, raising a wing.

“That’s not important… What is that I know how we can go to heaven.”

The girl inside Freddy literally jumped for joy, leaving a large dent in the flooring. The bear wisely decided not to do this again to avoid falling through the floor. “How?”

“Basically..” The boy in black thought long and hard trying to phrase it so that they could all understand it without him needing to dwell too long on the subject. “If something really bad happens at that place… it gets a feeling to it, and anyone dies there they’ll be trapped on Earth until that feeling passes. So… basically once Schmidt or Smith, whichever did it, has been punished. We can go to Heaven. Until then, just keep acting and finding ways to amuse yourselves. The police will handle this and then, Paradise awaits…”

“Will we see mommy and daddy again?” The girl in the Freddy suit asked while nodding, clearly understanding, along with everyone else, what was being said to her. “...Once when we’re in Heaven I mean…”

“Eventually.” The boy in black said, not only did the answer cheer up the ones bound in the machines, but the fact that it was the first thing he said where he didn’t sound either in deep mourning or completely emotionless. They all truly believed that they were going to go to an eternal home. Something that made them all very happy, all, but one.

“Whelp… while we’re here in Fazbear’s… Ms. Pac-Man anyone?” The girl inside Foxy offered as she gestured to the machines with her hook.

The children had nothing better to do and decided to go for it, it was only a matter of waiting until they were free from their prison once their killer was in his. The girl inside Freddy and the boy inside Chica hopped on machines and began to play. The boy inside Bonnie was not so easily swayed as his mind just couldn’t leave the issue of what he had heard this night. “Hey uhh… I’m gonna go… check things out… in other places…” he said as he excused himself.

They ignored this as he made his way straight to the manager’s office and began looking around, finding it difficult to maneuver around with his massive size. The office likely smelled terrible as there were various cigarette butts all over the floor and in the ashtray, though being in Bonnie’s body the boy couldn’t smell or taste anything, he was limited only by his sight and hearing. Still it was obvious from the sight alone of this deceased seven year old that the room was a fire hazard with trash all over the floor, very close to the discarded cancer sticks. Closer inspection showed they were mostly overdue bills with a few of the “My Fun Day At Freddy Fazbear’s” drawings that fell off the walls without anyone bothering to put them back up. It bothered the boy greatly when he found his own drawing on the floor, it was one of his former human self riding on Bonnie’s shoulders and rubbing his ears. The cruel irony was not lost on him, in fact it kind of pissed him off. The troubled and mangled youth couldn’t believe this, not only was he killed in this place, but they did not even respect this drawing. What was in the gigantic lapine hands represented the last accomplishment that the boy had in life, that was his mark on the world and all it amounted to was a picture of himself playing on top of what turned out to be his coffin. Young children dreamed of growing up and becoming things like doctors, professional sports stars, the President of The United States, maybe even more humble things such as merely becoming a father, supporting a family, and watching his children grow up. A lucky few children grow up to fulfill their dreams in this world, many of them find the adult world full of anxiety and disappointment though it was usually worth it in the end when these adults overcame the odds and made their lives meaningful. The boy inside Bonnie was one of the few unlucky children, he would never grow up, he wouldn’t have the thrill of getting his license, he would never walk a woman down the aisle, vote for politicians, learn what taxes are, take his own children to Freddy Fazbear’s and recount all the wonderful times he had there, hell he would never even see his parents again. No mark would ever be left on the world by this boy, he would never write a book, go to College, start a business, learn to cook and bake an award winning cake, or anything remarkable. No mark outside of this picture was left behind by him, and it was so unworthy of respect that it was crumpled up and put on the floor.

“SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” The boy inside Bonnie roared and began smashing the room apart, throwing the desk and chairs, kicking around the safe on the floor, punching the walls making holes in them. Just in general tearing the room up. “FUCK FREDDY FAZBEAR, FUCK BONNIE, FUCK CHICA, and FUCK FOXY!” The massive metal rabbit tore the room to shreds as he screamed out his suffering, using words that his father would have beaten him black and blue for. “WHY ME? WHY AM I BEING BRUSHED ASIDE LIKE A GOD DAMN FLUKE? WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE SO UPSET ONLY FOR THEMSELVES!?! What about me!?! This isn’t some stupid accident for a soulless corporation, it’s not that man with the cigar who is hurt. It’s Me!”

Back in Pirate’s Cove Foxy and Freddy’s bound souls were playing a co-op round of Double Dragon as the boy inside Chica watched. Foxy’s animatronic ears raised hearing the boy inside Bonnie’s distress. “..Hey… Chica. I’m gaming, be a doll and see if Bon-bon’s okay.” she said.

“My name is Charlie…” The boy inside Chica corrected. “I’m not Chica…” The girl inside Foxy thought for a second as she whailed on the Abobo boss. “...Felicity… My name is Felicity…” Felicity had never bothered to learn anyone’s name, having mostly showed up at the party just for the free food.

“Fredella…” The girl inside Freddy said, adding in her own name to this conversation. “Part of why I like Freddy so much is because our names are so similar, It was kind of a joke between me and Bobby, he’s the boy inside Bonnie.. My brother is named Godfrey..”

Charlie nodded, he was the youngest of them at the age of four. “All of our names are similar to who we became… I mean except for Godfrey… I wish we all could be like him. I hate being a girl, girls are gross.” the chicken shuddered, glad to not be around a mirror..

Fredella and Felicity stared at him for a few seconds before returning to their game. “I think you should check on Bobby.” Felicity said.

Charlie left, not saying anything further, he was young but he knew that look meant he wasn’t wanted for awhile.

Once he was gone, Fredella and Felicity began talking once again. “I wonder if it even occurred to him that both of us are technically boys now, God I’d love to have my old voice back, this nautical shtick is getting old. I’m glad that I’m not complete ‘AHOY MATEYS’, but…” Felicity looked down at her chest, rubbing it with her good hand. The girl couldn’t feel anything, but even without nerves she could still tell this was flat and stitched. “I had just gotten my breasts! I mean it’s good that I don’t have a period anymore, but no one’s going to want to take me out!” Felicity had been the oldest of them at twelve, four years older than Fredella and Bobby.”

Fredella looked at Felicity in strange curiosity. “The most you are upset about this… is that you can’t meet boys?”

Felicity tried to sound as uppity as Foxy’s voice box would allow. “Uhh yeah… My parents are total drags. Making me go to some lame party at Freddy Fazfuck’s. Always telling me. ‘No Felicity, you can’t go out dressed like that.’ or ‘Felicity stop playing video games, that’s a boyish habit!’ I’m glad they’re out of my life!”

Fredella stopped talking to Felicity for a few minutes and just focused on the game, not believing what she heard and wanting to get it outside of her head. The bear tried as she might but couldn’t get the selfishness and lack of love present within Foxy’s inner-child’s non-beating heart. It just stayed in her mind like an itch she couldn’t reach. After looking back at Felicity she seemed to still have the same focus on Double Dragon that she had when she started playing having no remorse for what she had just said. Heck, once they had cleared their current stage Felicity even cheered.

The silence was finally broken. “Okay, okay stop! Felicity! How can you be so selfish, your parents gave birth to you, they raised you, they loved you, they sent you here because they thought you would have fun! They were tough but… but…”

“Because they loved me? Ha! Look where their love got me. I don’t need them!” Felicity answered, saying nothing more before going back to her game.

Fredella made a note to watch Felicity closely and often.

Once Charlie, the boy inside Chica, got into the manager’s office he found the boy inside of Bonnie having just finished his rampage and sitting behind the desk doing the closest he could to sobbing. “...Bo...Bobby?”

“Hey… uhh Chica…” Bobby said looking up at his fellow earthbound soul.

“Charlie..” The boy said, walking up to the mourning bunny rabbit. “You look like you need a hug..”

“..I was looking… around.... trying to get us into Heaven sooner.” Bobby explained scooting the picture he drew towards Charlie. “I saw this… and.. it… upset me.”

“...The last thing you drew when we were still… people.” The boy inside Chica though very young was surprisingly mature for his age, very smart two, being four and already in first grade. It was likely that he would have been a scholar had he been able to grow up into adulthood. “...Pray with me Bobby..”

“What good will that do me…” Bobby inside Bonnie looked over his giant purple fingers as he flexed them, moving each individual digit up and down despite there being no wiring to allow for this kind of movement to take place. “...Why can’t we just have died? Why do I have to be stuck inside of..” Bobby’s voice switched to the goofy one of the animatronic he resembled. “Your Bunny Buddy Bonnie!”

“Shhh… They’ll find him… and we’re going to ask the big man upstairs to help us!” The boy inside Chica insisted before getting onto his knees to kneel down. “Join me..”

The boy inside Bonnie was reluctant, but after staring at the worried face, or rather as close to worried as Chica’s cold lifeless form could manage he decided that he would at the very least entertain this ridiculous idea.