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  • NOTE* Brought this over from the Usertalk:Jetfire page since it is more about the setting.

IDIC Meeting?

I came across your stories on the IDIC while searching for multiverse based fictional organizations, and wondered if you might be interested in a meeting with Agents from another group of stories called the PPC, or Protectors of the Plot Continuum. Agents from the PPC, somewhat similarly to your IDIC teams, visit fictional universes to maintain the status quo. They do this by removing bad fanfic and the fic's characters from the stories by killing them. Just wondering if you might be interested in representatives from each group bumping into each other somehow, as your IDIC apparently covers all fictional universes.

Here's a link:

Interesting setting. (Though as I just added) IDIC wasn't originally my idea (not that a Multiverse setting is all that original). It's origins are on the TSA; I'm just taking my own take on it and spinning it.
The meta setting is still gelling for me as I write my own stories (specifically what the Tangle is and how it relates to everything) but the setting in general is wide open for anyone to write in and do what they want. If there are conflicts it's always easy to just handwave them as different actions in similar universes/multiverses. :)

Hmm...are there any informational links for the setting?

Not really, since it's a meta setting really, as in literally anything goes. If something happens that you don't like that someone else wrote, feel free to ignore it. (Though I would generally try to be consistant with my own stuff. :)
I'm on IRC all the time if you want to talk more or find out my thoughts on what the Tangle is and what my crew/little corner is about.