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Dragons of Histh was originally set in the Galveston Bay, Texas area, but the author was more familiar with geography much further north of there. Hence the story has its rough spots geographically.

The Long Pont Worm section (Mary King?) was written after a viewing of the 1996 movie based on the Lincoln/Child novel "The Relic".

The story is archived in hard copy.

The pictorial version of that story universe:

It is the byproduct of a 1 year, 1000 drawings project to record the author's family tree, amily urban legends, etc.. (Author assumed to be Loathsomedragon)

I don't think this really goes on a Category Talk page. I assume this was done by the author, but no sign in, and no signature. --Buck 21:41, 5 April 2008 (EDT)