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Book the Three (Dragons of Histh) commentary

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[The Book the Three (Dragons of Histh) document might best be described as the Matter of Cultus Creek

In RL the RCMP issued a news bulletin in 2001 detailing their cracking of a diamond marketting scam run by a Richard Breslin.

What the RCMP bulletin didn't mention was that Breslin was the manager and part owner of a chain of travel agencies running out of Loblaw grocery stores.

There was a bit of franchisor/franchisee tensions between Breslin and the travel agents.

Hence one travel agent ,seeking to impress Mr Breslin's landlord,dreamed up a scheme for a Canada Day mascot named Mortimer the Beaver.One of the future authors of DoH countered this notion with a "Adaopt a hamlet' scheme.The hamlet in question was the RL one(KingLake) that Cultus Creek is patterned after.

The response to a "Adopt a hamlet " scheme fell on deaf ears,and further reflection brought about the realizzatuin that KingLake was a has been Hooterville who's only viable institution was its cemetary full of dead white male pioneer farmers.

That led to a interconnected chain of events leading to the eventual creation of a much more lively KingLake as Cultus Creek.