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 So a brief history lesson.Back in early 2006 I had been working 

at making animated clips for 3 "mini-movies" whose scripts I had worked out in my head.One of the mini-movies got completed but the other two didn't.The notion was to treat the clips as a film-makers American Erector Mechanno Set.The clips were set at a low frame speed of 3 to 5 frames per second and each clip lasted perhaps 3 to 8 seconds.

      The clips sat on the back shelf for years afterwards,till in 2013 it looked like the 

TSA Bash might have some kind of film festival component to it.It didn't happen,but the American Erector Set toolbox concept got another airing.

                                   Hoare Fang
Motif                    Title and Description

005 aliens and minaturized submarines in

                           a pre ww1 submarine inside a body ,a 
                          helmetted diver breating air bubbles,a
                          sphere and its escort passes in the 
                          background in front of a beating heart

010 Cellular transformation

015 corsetted woman screams

020 cylinder turning phonograph

025 Devil turns robed woman into nude man

030 dragon bursts thru roof

035 dragon flaps wings

040 dragon tf close inside windowed room

045 dragon tf closer inside windowed room

050 dragons head flickers tongue

055 experimental photos and models

060 falling man turns into dragon

065 falling trunk from tower into schooner

070 Frost Fang by avi and by cel number

075 Frost Fang the Reluctant Dragon drawing

080 going snouty in front of dragonsegg caverns

085 woman grows close inside windowed room

090 guitar gertie does the striptease drawing

095 Living Lizard

100 running woman turns into bosomy dragon

105 sea serpent hoare fang underway

110 a sea serpent sinks or its capsized

                hull bobs in the waves

115 snaky human into a dragon's dragon

120 steam buckboard wagon and train

125 Views of the Settings

                  a) Hoarefang Tower island
                  b)SS Hoare Fang side view
                  c)SS Hoare Fang aerial view
                  d)Hoarefang Tower with dragon

130 waves against submerged ships figurehead

135 western dragon breathes fire

140 whipping rope beside man in front of

                   dragonsegg caverns

145 woman closes then opens mouth in front

                   of a mirror in a room

150 woman in roomlistens to a cylinder

                 phonograph player in front of the 
                 Bloody August Mirror

155 various charcoal-mation cels of womans

                 morphing form

160 Wreck of the Sea Serpente

                 SS Hoare Fangs ancestor runs up on the 
                rocks in distant shots.The mere dragon passengers 
               and crew flee the wreck,some not successfully.The 
               dead mere-dragons return to their true feral dragon
               shapes..A feral dragon appears on the wrecks 
               conning tower and communicates to the huddled
               masses .A deal is made.The rocks rise and the 
               wreck comes above the deadly waters.

0165 sinking of the sea serpente

                                      Green Serpent
                                          episode 01
 ( based on Grimms Fairy Tales
          Little Red Riding Hood  and the  17th
    century fairy tale 
    The Great Green Serpent 
     by D'Aulnoy   )
       Little Red Riding Hood
       The Big Bad Wolf
        Giant Big Ben
        The Preacher
        Big Bad's lost love
        SS Hoare Fang and her folk
              ( assume for this script that Hoare Fang
                 is the afterlife for a sea serpente passenger 
                 liner wrecked long long ago and far far away.
                     Hence she sails through a unformed universe 
                 and is a world onto herself in this otherworldy
                chaos or endless ocean.All the other 
                settings,the island with the tower,the church
                are all somehow within this ghostly liner.
               She and her original crew and
                passengers are doomed to this eternal wandering,
                unless like Ebeneezer Scrooge,they can save the 
                Lost Souls,doomed loves,etc of the worlds.
                       In the Promenade only one film plays on the 
                rickety old projector,the final moments of 
             Hoare Fang.The film always breaks just before 
              cel se014 in clip m160.That film won't get to the 
           'Redemption" part (cels se 014 to se027 unless
           a good deed is done.)
    video-modified m130
             ( put individual cels sh000 to sh 010 into Paint
               and spraypaint light green sparklers moving from 
              left to right 'will o wisps' and recompile to make a 
              clip the length of the Opening and Credits music)
  music-greenserpent from the Hoare Fang music archive
             as a alternate Follow the Drinking Gourd  from
            Taylors Tunebook at the Contemplators website
  duration-the first 43 seconds of greenserpent's
                 4 minute 19 second length aught to leave the 
                 impression of a 'Flying Dutchman loveboat'
    music lyrics (?)the cold wide stillness when i swim in this bay
                             i am drowning all by myself
                             for the swell in me for the green serpent
                             i am not alright
                                  Act 1
   video-a modified m100
          ( use the first cel of the building by itself
           for the duration of the Preachers "I 
           pronounce you husband and wife".Then 
           time the remaining clip of woman running 
          out of building to BBll's line .cut out 
         portion of clip where the running woman tf's)
 audio-to be supplied
 duration-still image and animation adjusted to the 
                length of the characters lines

video-m100 still image cel

Preacher-and since no one has raised any objection

               to why this man and woman should be 
              lawfully wedded,i now pronounce you

video-the modified m100 of woman running out of


BB's lost love- ( screaming) he's a werewolf

                          Act 2
    (scene starts with little red in front of the mirror,
      listening to some bouncy devil tune
    video/cels - M 150
         repeat clip to length of audio track
    music -What Do You Do With A
                Drunken Sailor/Farmers Curst Wife/The
                 Ghost Lover
   audio effect -woman laughing
   duration- 66.6 seconds ( 3 fps)
                  (number of the Beast )
  audio effect ( loud) Click
 ( laughter stop abruptly.For the tune that means 
   stopping the tune at some inappropriate spot in mid tune )
    video -M150
    duration-5 seconds
    video- M150
    audio- Big Bad Wolf 0005

Big Bad Wolf ( cold emotionless) hey hey hey,its your

                    ex-partner here ,the Big Bad Wolf.While you were     
                   out shopping with Granny me and Big Ben came
                   by and left this message.I know you wrecked my
                  wedding.Meet me on the Promenade at 10
                  tonight.Be alone!
    video/cel  M150 dressed woman image 
                     overlain on m0125a tower island 
              duration timed to length of the Narration track
     audiotrack-supplied narrator 010

Narrator:(N010)when Jack robbed the giant Big Ben the giant was

            hard up for
            clothing.So when Big Bad Wolf,who suspected that
            Little Red had ruined his wedding,learned that
            Jack and Little Red were cousins,the plot was
       ( take individual cels from m150 and run them through 
        Paint to shift image fraction of a inch in random directions
       so that when they are put back together as a video clip the 
       visual effect is of a room shaking whilst the phonograph is
        still turning )
     video-the modified m150 clip
    audio- Giant 005
    duration- as required to suggest Big Ben is banging 
              away at the building Little Red is in

Big Ben-fee fi fo fum,i smell the blood of a

                                  Act 3
   ( since the Promenade aboard SS Hoare Fang does
      not have any image cels or clips as at the time this 
      script was made,use various tricks.Perhaps cels 
      from m130 with a background overlaid on the image,
      of the coast moving from left to right.Or the m105 
      clip speeding up or slowing down in sync with the 
      conversation between Big Bad Wolf and Little Red)
 video -modified m130 and m105
           ( available as midi in Taylors Tune Book archived
             at the Contemplator website.record to Video 
             Framer 1.07 's audio recorder as a wav file )
  duration-long enough for Big Bad to get plastered from
              the whiskey bottle he's purloined from Hoare Fangs      
              shipboard bar and grille.about 33 seconds according to
             Who Is At My Window Weeping's  cycle.
      video -clip m160
                ( start at wrecked sea serpent on the rocks,end just before 
                  the dragon on the conning tower appears,roughly
                 cels se0004 to se0013)
         ( Big Bad Wolf was crumbling up the latest letter
            from his lost love,who was explaining why she 
           marry a guy who turns into a werewolf when a silver
          wedding band is placed on his finger )
 audio effect-heartbeat fast,heartbeat medium,heartbeat slow
                       in background as the letter is read in the main
                       audio track.time as required to leave 
                       impression of a cooling love via the 
                       slowing heartbeat
lost loves letter -Dear Johan....
  video -clip m105 stopped midway,with the craft frozen
             on the screen,cel su007 used as still for length
             of silence
   audio-'dead' silence
   duration-9 seconds of silence
   video-m160 from cels se0014 to se0027.the feral dragon 
             on the conning tower saying 'enough already,save 
   audio-paper tearing sound ( the lost love letter)
   duration-start audio track with paper tearing sound,then
                 Big Bad Wolf's 'enough already' declaration
   Big Bad Wolf- ( somewhat slurred ) Enough!
       video-clip 130 added onto itself to make up the 25 second length 
                  of the Getback music tune.start first chunk at slow sluggish 
                  speed,increase speed ( via video framer 1.07's speed
                  function or frame rate adjustment )till the final few 
                  seconds suggests things are moving again
    music-GETBACK from the Hoare Fang music archive
                                                       Act 4
    video- m20 timed to length of Narrator audio 
    audio- supplied narrator 015
Narrator-and so Big Bad Wolf  confronted Little Red in the 
               Promenade and though she lied through the teeth
               he learned in a roundabout way that the control 
               for the cursed silver ring that had ruined his 
               wedding lay in Little Red's trunk.They were both 
              due to depart Hoare Fang in three days.Big Bad 
              that trunk to go away permanently if he'd ever
             have a chance in the world beyond the Endless 
 video-the still m70 timed to narrator 020
 audio-supplied narrator 020

Narrator-the ships bartender told Big Bad that there was this

            black gang dragon he knew who came up occassionaly
            to visit him.for a small price he'd see that trunk never got
           out of never never land
  video-m 065 using a modified cel fa0012 with the 'trunk' 
            erased from the deck of Hoare Fangs shore ferry
            perhaps jiggle fa0012 in Paint to create a clip
            leaving impression of rocking boats,as like the 
           giant shaking building scene
  audio-general crowd noise of passengers departing 
            the ship.possibly happy chatty Little Red and more
           nervous and worried Big Bad Wolf.suit to taste
 duration-as required
  video -m020

Narrator-and so the ships bartender holding a bottle of

             whisky.he made as if to give it to Big Bad but    
             stumbled and the bottle rolled across the deck to
             the edge.that was a $40 bottle of whisky and 
             Big Bad noticed it seemed to be rolling close to
             Little Red's trunk.Big Bad went after the bottle
             and slipped on a banana peel.the big wolf's feet
            crashed apon the trunk as he hit the deck and both 
            the bottle and the trunk went sailing over the edge 
Little Red-( loud screech/scream) My Trunk!
 video-m065 cut at cel fa0005 
             .freeze at this point.
 music- 'sleepy.mid' from Taylors tunebook in background

Narrator-frost fang of the Black Gang was sitting beside the coal

              loading gate,just above the passenger tender 
             Clara when that trunk came into view


         then take the still image from m065 ,fa0005,and paint
         it with a nice orange fireball.then do a cel with collapsing
         fireball,and no trunk

music-keep 'sleepy.mid' in the background


Little Red-(softer than before) my trunk

video -m120

          alter the cels to include a brown oval ( Big Bad Wolf) 
          moving from right to left,and then aboard the buckboard
          hitching a ride from that goggle wearing driver
 video-the modifed m130 from the opening with the green 
             will o wisps.perhaps Paint closing credits into the 
             will o wisps
 music-Love is Easy from Taylors Tunebook to end things 
           on a lighter mood.sort of a lullaby tune.The Mist
           Covered Mountains from same source as alternative