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Sorry for not being on sooner. I've gotten lazy these past few weeks, so I haven't been on.

I skimmed through the story, and the writing, prose, and all that seem good. It's just not my type of story. I really don't like reading depressing things, though I may write them on occasion. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. --Concerned Reader 05:59, 4 August 2009 (UTC)

Nah, it's okay. Honestly though, I had high hopes for this story when it came up, imagining it to be about as good as Finding Himself. But when this got halfway through didn't turn out the way I'd imagined it. Nothing ever does. Still, I didn't want to abandon another story, so I just finished it and posted. Admittedly lousy, I don't blame Shadow when he says that it didn't interest him. In hindsight, I believe too many dumb sad stories get a little boring. I'm planning some "happier" ones, though managing which ones I write is a little tough. I'm grappling with about three or four right now (Last Man Standing, in production, two Xanadu stories, also in production, and a continuation for my Paradise series, which took the back seat recently). Sucks when I get the ideas, but not enough time.
On the upside, though, I'm also planning an assasination story, and I'm sorta thinking...Chakona Space, Pig and Whistle, or the Assassin's Creed universe? Tough choice. By the way, does PaW have any big wars or conflict (open hostility and civil unrest works too) directly preceding, or ongoing during, the main storyline, and lots of anti-fur discrimination? These play an important role in my idea, and PaW seems the most promising universe for it, being the one that's already cut out for furs, and is the one I am most familiar with. I'll be going through those timelines of yours—here's a thanks in advance! :)
Drake 06:49, 4 August 2009 (UTC)