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You and your fellow writers/creators have done great wonders with this universe; it is a pure joy. I appreciate all the work done to create a unique sense of place that does just what a story should . . . it opens my imagination.

I look forward to your next story as Charlene moves more fully into her life. I hope the next story in your Foxed series comes soon. --Mason

Hey, thanks for the kind words! As it happens, Charlene's next adventure should come out TONIGHT, if all goes well. It's a bit longer: just a hair under 81,000 words (and, indeed, probably a few hairs longer by the time I get done with editing it), not counting the deleted scene. You've got you some reading to do very shortly. :)
(BTW, please don't forget to sign your comments with two hyphens and four tildes. Makes it easier for people to see who you are.) --Robotech Master (talk) 12:29, 9 October 2012 (UTC)