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Hey, I just noticed in the fight scene with the AlphaWolf virus, there are a couple places where you wrote "lunched" where I assume you meant "lunged". Great story! --Antimatter (talk) 21:57, 25 July 2012 (UTC)

Good catch. I must have been hungry when I wrote that! :) Fixed. —Robotech Master (talk) 02:01, 26 July 2012 (UTC)

Notes on the DC

But life went on. Lillibet went out and chatted with her friends, and as they got older her friends got progressively more adventurous.
How long does Lillibet have Uncia for before she escapes? This makes it sound like it was years, but that doesn't seem right.
She initiated a transaction, paying 1,000 monetary units for a download of FreeRIDE, a fetter-stripping jailbreak program.
Still having some trouble with the value of the mu. 1,000 for a software download, but multiple working rides for that same amount? (In Deserted.)
Of course, RIDEs usually had safeguards to prevent that kind of thing. Even “unfettered” units like Uncia still had redundant firewalls and safety nets to protect the human half of the fusing combination.
This seems to contradict what Terry told Zane in Deserted, and also what happens later with other RIDEs bodyjacking who are clearly not infected with Amontillado. Actually, it looks like the only benefit of Amontillado to an unfettered RIDE (well, if it worked as advertised) may be the ability to keep the human asleep. They can clearly maintain control of the fused body without that.
“If you really want me to be yours that badly, I will be,” Rochelle said. “I’ll let you run the body in Fusion, I’ll be your pet in Walker, and I’ll do my best to be a figment of your imagination if we Integrate. I can’t blame you for holding a grudge after how your own human owner treated you.”
“So I’m stuck in ‘Mt. St. Helen of Troy’ mode.”
“And I can’t even ask the manufacturer for help, because I’m not her original owner and even if I were, FreeRIDE voided her warranty.”
Should that be legal owner?
“She’s got so many tethers it’s a wonder she can even think at all.”
Is there a reason they're called tethers instead of fetters in this story?

--Antimatter (talk) 20:48, 29 February 2016 (CST)