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In Which Proginoskes Reads

I haven't done one of these in a while.

Before I even start reading the story, Stan Bush's The Touch leaps to mind. This can only be a good portent.

I don't recognise young Mr. Shepard's middle name, but Yuri Gagarin is an excellent person to be named after. I know that I should recognise the name "Valentina", I'm sure I've read or heard it connected to space exploration before, but I can't call the person to mind.

Solidly written stuff, but nothing calls out to me to point out or gush about until the scene change to Mainframe, and I know exactly what you're referencing. The good feeling my reaction to the title gave me has magnified tenfold.

Hopefully they've fixed that little bug that turns Sprites and Binomes into Nulls if a User wins.

Of course, the distinction between Sprites and Users doesn't exist in this version of Mainframe. Nice to see folks enjoying digital slow food, too.

So long as no actual damage that needs to be repaired rather than reset is involved, I can only approve of pushing the limits of any system until it fails.

Ah, poor Yuri. He has no idea what he's getting into, here. That said, I'm pretty sure he'll wind up partnering with Skyfire, what with your introducing her.

Yuri, you fool! If you've just met a RIDE and her partner, never assume that the human is the one speaking in Fuse!

I like the guardian lions, by the way. They make me think of a number of In Nomine Cherubim, angels whose celestial appearance is that of a non-avian animal with feathered wings and whose resonance (their purpose and inherent supernatural power) is for protection (or more precisely, knowing when, where, and by how much their charges are in danger or about to be).

Okay, this is getting interesting. Skyfire's frequent ReBooting/reformatting allows her to take on an animal alt form without losing her humanoid robot nature? Aand now I'm having visions of an independent RIDE or EIDE demanding a partially-organic frame like Tonto or Sophie. An RI in a Maximal DE could even have dextrous digits without Fusing, but might be incapable of Fusing. Wait, Shell Mode is a thing that's in the future from this work. Best of both worlds, in terms of "fusing vs. independent bipedalism". Still no progress on inverse-cyborg DE frames, though. Of course, if RIDEs become partly-organic as a matter of course, both they and their human partners might have to modify themselves to prevent disastrous immune responses, which would strongly limit both bodyjacking and "fuse J. Random Human to save their life" actions. (Perhaps fuse nanos could act as general immunosuppressants in the short term, but I imagine allergy-removing/rejection-preventing gene therapy still needs specialized facilities.)

Again a span of solidly-written but not comment-provoking material, and then the revelation that Rails's vehicle mode is currently a blue locomotive. (He was silver for the race earlier.) Do people call him Thomas, occasionally? (Yes, I know Thomas is a steam locomotive, not diesel-electric. I still think it's funny.)

I can only approve of the continued ReBoot references.

And Caractacus reminds me of ... Actually, I dunno who or what he reminds me of. He doesn't get a ton of characterization beyond "abrasive but well-meaning".

I knew it! Well, it's not sealed yet, but Yuri and Skyfire are getting to meet!

As a side note, I'd say that it isn't so much that EIs are more flexible than RIs, but that, since they lack an RI's simulated biology, gender and sex are less fundamental to their psyches. This hugely reduces the impact of body mismatch. Of course, that's a bit of a mouthful, and it works out to more or less the same result, so "flexible" works as a shorthand/simplification.

The Be Human Project is a fun read from start to finish. The first flight is great too, even when I'm cringing at the crash landing.

Lucy is basically suggesting a neural lace like Jeanette LeRoq's, but loaded with a copy of Lucy's mind instead of Yuri's? Seems reasonable-ish. Yuri having a lace-mind of himself seems like a better option, though. (Of course, nobody's sure how Jeanette LeRoq happened, so properly duplicating it would be difficult. An originally-cybernetic mind could probably just install their personality engrams onto a particularly extensive dumb neural lace.)

The first time the mesh properly worked, it fully Integrated into Yuri's mind and brain.

And I forgot to take notes from there until the end! A marvelous read as always, Jon Buck and Jetfire. Yuri Shepard and Skyfire remind me a bit of Robotech Master's Undocumented Features characters, Chris Meadows (call-sign "Mako") and Katie Tanner (call-sign "Temper", name on the hull "Constellation"), but I could be extrapolating "a man pilots a single-crew spacecraft who is also his girlfriend" farther than is warranted.

--Proginoskes (talk) 13:19, 13 August 2014 (CDT)