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Hello, Fellow Shape-Shifter, Transformation enthusiasts and above all readers of the web!

My Bio: My name is Yellow I. Phoenix or Gabriel Phoenix. I am an avid transformation story reader. I read books, stories and many things that deal with the art of Shape Shifting. But sadly I am not a great writer of these wonderful stories. I hope to Change all that with this site as I see that this is a great place start writing Transformation Fiction. Wish me luck and hopefully I will write some stories to publish. (I had made an account here a few months ago but I forget what it was called. Oh well time to renew my attempt and began a new try.)

My Goal: To write at least one story in each category. Gender, Furry, and Full Animal Transformation To have somewhat universe or series of transformation. To have interesting appeals to my story. The one thing that bugs me of the transformation community is not enough, not nearly enough stories dealing with the internal conflict inside the characters. The fight between man and beast. Between one form and another. I hope to change that soon and have fantastic stories about this appeal.

My Stories:

Out of My Mind

The story of one girl's decent into madness and rise to freedom. Animal TF.

Worth A Thousand Words

You know this saying. This is a story of one such picture.

The Shapeshifter and the Three Travelers

A sort of attempt at a fairy tale of transformation, like Grimm's Tales or Tale of Beedle the Bard. Kinda of molded after Tales of 3 Brothers. Anyway lesson is: know your limits!

The Edge Falls Series:

Introduction to Transformation

A prelude to a story series I am trying to write. A young adventurer named Gabriel is traveling across the Universe in search of a ring with unlimited power. Little did he know this ring can transform any mortal to any living being and a chain of events will start with the ring.