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Xodiac has been a reader and writer of transformation fiction since 1997.


Set in Bryan Derksen's Xanadu universe, two people must dodge someone trying to kill them even as they try to come to grips with their new bodies — and the new feelings they suddenly have for each other.
Even the most overwhelming grief can be overcome, with the help of the right visitor.
The men with guns are coming. It's time to fight or flee.
The grass is always greener on the other side, as one man discovers while doing a little above-age trick-or-treating.
Set in Bryan Derksen's Xanadu universe, a man goes to Kubla Con as his RPG character, and finds he didn't get off quite as easy as he'd thought.
Set in Bob Stein's Walk-a-Mile universe, one patron stops in a strange new store, where he just might find exactly what he needs.
A tenant finds that his new digs aren't quite the great deal he thought they were.
A short mood piece, brief enough that a summary would essentially spoil it.
Set in Bill Hart's Spells 'R' Us setting, a frat brother goes to the wrong place for a costume. Somebody's sure in for a surprise!