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Here is a guide to my stories. Those marked with a star (*) are more graphic, those without are more light-hearted. All contain slow TF scenes (my personal preference). I am very happy for people to write sequels to these stories etc, but please acknowledge where the characters came from.


THE EVIL GNOME Opening Part of Blue Universe: Beware the Evil Gnome!

SCHOOL DAZE * Second Part of Blue Universe: A boy's World turned upside down!

I'M GOING SLIGHTLY MAD Set in the Wind of Change Univers-ity...


ANT TROUBLE Boy gets bitten by radioactive ant!

BLADE * Youth worries about his dark side.

CLAW HILL Another Wind of Change Universe story. Teenager learns the bear necessities of life.

CLOVER HILL Eating all that clover can't be good for yooooooo.

DEGREE IN LYCANTHROPY Student has to deal with lycanthropy.

MISTER UNIVERSE * Puny youth drinks a magic potion to make him Mr Universe, with cosmic results.

SIBLING TROUBLES Two teenagers bemoan their irritating siblings, but unbeknown to them they are walking into a TF trap.

STABLE MANNERS * Two young lovers are captured by maniacal farmer-come-wizard, who needs two additions to his stable.

WACKY BACCY * Becareful what you smoke.

WHALE JELLY Magic potions galore, but you'll have to read ORKA-bout it.