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About Me

If one may recall that shameless young upstart from three years ago, that person is I. Still an amateur writer (if I may use the term loosely!), still amusingly incompetent at the art, still looking to learn. It's been close to three years since I've written any fiction in the genre, but I had a strange urge to return and pick up where I first started off, so— um— hello. I'm trying out a new handle. I'm not actually sure what it means but it's probably deeply symbolic.

It's been a while, but even then I haven't accomplished much in the ways of writing. If anything, I've at least expanded my reading material: with a bit of help from a friend, I've wandered into reading some actually good fiction of late. I've spent my time reading Ray Brad and a bit of PKD, a pinch of Heinlein and Stapledon (if one book apiece counts as a pinch), and a humble assortment of others; literature class also helps, yes. I'm also vaguely interested in poetry — especially spoken word! — although my few forays into the field have been almost laughably disastrous.

Mostly I am less adept at writing than I am at reading, so laying low is probably what I'll be doing here. Plus, I've meandered away from TF fiction for a while now so I'm not sure how I'd fare any more. I might cough up a bit of writing every now and then, though. Poring through the stories on here have given me some ideas that I'm hoping might develop. I'm looking to learn, so as before I'll be trying to corner people for critiques and the like. I certainly haven't found a place that offers critiques as good as the ones I've received here.


While my friends have been off winning local competitions and getting published, I haven't accomplished much at all. The shame, I assure you, is quite unbearable.

(May update this soon to include the less contemptible of my previous work.)