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I'm a casual writer who also enjoys drawing and all things fox-related. (Gray foxes, of course!) I maintain the Metamor Keep Story Archives and have more examples of nonsense on my personal site. I try to write stories that make you think, or at least dream a little. Hopefully something here piques your interest!

Thanks for reading!

Short Stories

"You've fallen into my trap, I'm afraid."

The Fennec and the Naga
A huge globe of fire formed above his head. It would be dangerous, but he would rather risk a cave-in than a monster unslayed.

What could be down there? No ship had ever flown so low and returned.

A Moderately Comfortable Hole in the Ground
"Yes, please," I replied, "it would be wonderful if you could undo the spell."

Spells of Brigervan
"Bryce! Look out!!" Too late. The creature's rusty spear tore right through his stomach before he could even turn his head.

Slips of Paper
Arg! That blasted alarm! It's time to get up already? Ugh.