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Vore/Neko Project Campus story universe
This story contains adult content.

Outfoxed (Chapter 8)

Author: Throat Wolf

Info icon.pngOutfoxed (Chapter 8)
Author:Throat Wolf
Series:Outfoxed (#8)
Previous:Chapter 7
Next:Chapter 9
Setting/Universe:Vore/Neko Project Campus
Co-written with KazukiFennec of Eka's Portal.


This is a vorarephilia (vore) story, in which people get eaten for erotic purposes. Unlike many vorarephila stories, my flavor of vore is entirely non-lethal; I'm not interested in snuff. However, if vore is not your thing, you probably will not enjoy this regardless.

he next few weeks passed quickly, as Janice became more and more a part of Ian’s life. They spent a lot of that time in bed, and Janice showed Ian some things that he hadn’t even thought were possible…as well as a few things that mildly disturbed him.

For example, there had been the day that Janice decided the bed needed a new comforter…

“And I know just where to get it, too.” In her anthropomorphic fox form, she waved her tails over the bed until a woman fell out—the clouded leopard waitress, Serena, from the Pussycat Club. “Enjoy your little nap?”

Serena blinked and looked around. “What…where am I?”

“My apartment. Well, mine and Ian’s,” Janice said. “Well, all right, technically it’s Ian’s.” She winked. “You said you wanted to dive into my tails, so I let you. Did you like it?”

“I…mmm, yes, I did, actually,” Serena said. “It was so soft and fluffy…it was like sleeping inside a cloud.”

“I’m glad you liked it. I hope the price wasn’t too high,” Janice told her.

“The…price?” Serena asked.

“Well, just ask yourself…who do you belong to now?” Janice winked.

“I don’t belong to…” she began. Then her eyes widened. “Oh. I…I belong to you, don’t I? I can feel it.”

“Yes, you do.” Janice smiled. “You put yourself inside my tails, and only things that belong to me can go in there. Therefore, you belong to me. And I have a use for you. Take your clothes off, lie back…”

Obediently, Serena slipped out of her dress, her panties, her bra, and her stockings. Janice nodded. “What do you think, Ian? Doesn’t she have a gorgeous pelt? So thick and soft…”

“Well… Yeah, she does look nice, I can’t deny that…” he replied, blushing. “You don’t mean…”

Janice grinned. “Not all my magic is illusion. I’ve picked up a reshaping spell or two in my time.” She placed her hands on Serena—one on her abdomen, the other just above her breasts, and closed her eyes.

Serena blinked. “Wait—what are you—aaaah!” After a moment, Serena’s outlines began to blur. Her body began to flatten and spread out, losing its definition as it spread across the bed. Her ears and facial features disappeared, and a moment later all that was left was a uniformly-thick sheet of fur spread out across the bed.

Janice smiled. “There.”

Ian looked stunned. “Oh my…” he murmured. “Uh, is she still, uh, aware?” he asked, clearly uncomfortable.

Janice reached out and stroked the comforter. It whimpered a little, then started to purr. “Yeees, there you go,” Janice cooed. “That’s a good girl. You be a good little blanket and there’s no limit to how good you’re going to feel when we’re sleeping under you. You understand?” The blanket twitched and purred louder. “Gooood.”

Now Ian was feeling really uncomfortable. “So, she’s going to feel us…”

“I gave her a little…I guess you might call it sympathetic empathy,” Janice said. “When we make love, she will feel our pleasure as her own—even more intensely than we do. After a time or two, she won’t even want to be human again.” Janice grinned. “And she’ll last forever, too, unless I should decide to change her into something else. You could hand her down to your grandchildren.”

“That’s… kind of creepy…” he murmured.

Janice came over and put her arms around him. “I’m sorry. If you really want me to, I’ll change her back, or into something else…I just wanted to make her into something nice for us, is all. Can’t we at least try her out?”

“Well… I, uh, I guess…” Ian stammered. The concept was a bit titilating, in a sort of wild, exhibitionist way.

Janice waved a hand, and all her clothing disappeared. She climbed onto the bed, lying down atop the clouded-leopard comforter. “Mmmmm. She’s just so soft…join me?”

Ian, of course, wasn’t about to say no. He removed his clothing and gingerly, timidly laid down next to her. Serena’s fur felt soft and warm against his skin, and he felt her purr vibrating up from the blanket. It was like lying on the back of a gigantic cat.

“Mmmmm. Doesn’t she feel nice?”

Once again, he couldn’t deny it. The sensation was uniquely pleasurable, comforting, in a way. Fitting, considering she was now a comforter.

Janice pulled Ian closer to her. “Now let’s give her something to purr about.”

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By the time they were finished, the comforter was wrapped around them, squeezing them together gently as if in an embrace. Janice happily worked a hand out and stroked the outside of it. “That’s a girl. Does it feel good?”

“Mrrrrrr,” the blanket said.

“Would you like to stay this way, and feel it more?”


“Or would you like to be human again?”

The blanket whined instead.

“So you’re happier this way?”


“Would you like to stay this way forever?”

The “Mrrrrrr” was a little more tentative this time. Janice smiled. “All right then. We’ll just leave you like this for now, and we’ll see if you change your mind.” The comforter gave them another gentle squeeze in response.

“Mmmm.” Janice whispered into Ian’s ear, “Mmm, it just turns me on so badly when I…do something like this to someone and then make them like it. Maybe I’m just not a nice person.”

“If she’s happy, is there anything else that matters?” Ian asked. “Most people go through their lives miserable.”

“I guess you’re right,” Janice murmured. “But…there’s a part of me that wants to do the most outrageous things. This is what it is to be kitsune, I suppose. We aren’t always mischievous because wewant to be.” She sighed. “Oh, I want to test you so badly…”

Ian shrugged. “Then test me. I love you—you don’t have to change yourself for me.”

“But…” Janice said, her tone anguished, “what if I were to ask you to think of your very best friend…someone you’ve known for years, who trusts you implicitly. If I were to ask you to lure that person here, and…feed them to me?”

“I… I can’t say that it would be easy… But I would do it.” he said, after a bit of deliberation. “You… You would make them happy.”

“You see? That’s what my darker side wants to make me do. I…I think I’m strong enough not to give in, but…something in me wants to do anything it can to make you not love me anymore. I guess…I’m not used to being loved.”

“All I can say is, I hope I can change that.”

Janice sighed happily. “I’m glad you can love me.”

“And I’m glad you can care for me. I’m only human…there’s not much I can offer someone so magical.”

Janice smiled. “It’s enough for me.”

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The next morning, when Janice woke up, Ian was gone. He had left a note on the bedside table:

“Gone out to get you breakfast in bed. Stay amazing, be back soon. —Ian”

Janice blinked. “Well, that’s sweet of him. I wonder what he’s getting me?” She chuckled. “I’ll do my best to stay amazing, then.” She drew Serena up over her chest, gently stroking the comforter until she purred. “Mmmm.”

It wasn’t long until she heard Ian’s voice once more. “Thanks man, I’ve been wanting to get a bigger bed since we’ve been together, and they’re coming with the new one this morning, I can’t haul the old one out on my own.” he said.

“Hey, it’s no problem. Real friends’ll help you move bodies, a bed is nothing,” another masculine voice replied.

Janice blinked, and quickly shifted to her human guise at the sound of another person in the apartment. She didn’t uncover herself just yet, though.

“Okay, bedroom’s still where it was when we shared the place, so come on. Just don’t make fun of the plushies she got me, or I’ll have to dig out that picture of you with the Sailor Moon cosplayers.”

“You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?”

“No, Tom, no, you’ll never live that down, and I don’t think I’m the only one in charge of that,” Ian said, and opened the door to the bedrooom.

Janice opened her eyes, tucking her arms behind her head, as she watched the two of them enter. “Morning,” she said. “Ian, who’s this?”

“Well, you said you wanted to meet my best friend. This is Garreth Thompson, but everyone calls him Tom, for obvious reasons.” Ian said, gesturing to the lanky neko that stood behind him, looking more than a little bit disoriented. Ian then turned to the male neko. “Sorry for the false pretense, buddy, but I didn’t think you would be that willing to come into the bedroom like this, and, well, I wanted it to be a surprise for her too.”

“I, uh, yeah…” Tom said, dumbly.

Janice blinked as the full import of what Ian was saying hit her. “It’s nice to meet you, Tom! Can you come here a moment, Ian?” She patted the side of the bed. Ian quickly complied, sitting down close to her.

Janice whispered in his ear, “Ian…you don’t have to do this. Are you sure?”

“Positive. I want you to be happy, remember? You’re the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me, you make my life worth living

She kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you. I don’t know how I’ll ever make this up to you,” she whispered. Then aloud, “Well, it certainly was a surprise.” She grinned. “Tom, would you mind looking the other way for just a moment while I change?”

“Uh, no problem,” the feline stammered. “I, uh… Yeah…” He didn’t need to be told more. Not only did he turn around, he closed his eyes and covered them with his hands. Despite the powerful jaguar body he now sported, he still showed some traces of a gawky nerd from his pre-neko past.

“Great!” Janice threw off the covers and slid out of bed, and with a gesture, changed back into her anthropomorphic kitsune form. She stepped up behind Tom and tapped him on the shoulder. “All right, you can turn around now.” And as Tom turned, Janice took him into her arms. “Hi.”

“Uh, hi… “ he stammered, not quite sure how to react. He had met some other nekos before, but this was something completely new, a foxy lady in a sense far more literal than he had ever considered encountering before.

“I’m afraid Ian hasn’t been completely honest with you,” Janice cooed. “It’s wasn’t that I wanted to meet you exactly.” And then she licked up his face with a big, broad fox tongue. “More that I wanted to eat you. Mmm, you’re tasty.”

“You’re a… But you don’t smell like…”

“Like the ‘vores’ from the campus? No, I wouldn’t.” She lowered her voice to a whisper. “They’re something new, but I’m the original.” She licked him again. “Mmmm, I am so going to make you last.”

Tom growled. “Ian, when I get my hands on you… I’ve not let you know because I didn’t think you could handle it. I’ve held back becase I liked you…”

Janice chuckled. “Oh, I knew from my first taste. You’re one of the campus vores, too. So, this ought to be a new experience for you.” She laughed. “Or perhaps I should let you have a go first. Go ahead, try to eat me.” She closed her eyes and offered up her muzzle.

The feline needed little encouragement, and brought himself down upon her, only to find his jaws forced to a stop before he could take more than a few inches of her muzzle into his mouth. He recoiled in surprise. Usually, no matter the prey’s size, they would fit fairly easily down his throat…

Janice giggled into his mouth, and pulled her muzzle back out. “You see? You can’t eat me unless I let you. And that’s not too likely.” She licked him again. Then, to his further surprise, she let him go and stepped back. “Mmm. I think I’ll take it slowly today.” She slapped her fist into her palm, and the sound of the locks and bolts sliding home on the door and all the windows echoed from the next room. “Tom-cat, I think you’re going to be spending the day here.”

“Wh-what the hell are you?” he stammered.

“Here’s a hint. Count the tails.” She winked. “Now come along. I’ll make us kohi and we can get to know each other. Mmmm, kohi.” She skipped past him to the bedroom door, brushing him with her fluffy tails.

“Kitsune…you actually went and found one?” the big feline asked. “Hope you enjoy it while it lasts. You know the legends better than I do, you’ll soon follow me.”

Janice poked her head back in. “Oh, don’t be mister grouchy-face! I promise, it’ll be more enjoyable if you lighten up.” She ducked back out again, and a moment later the sounds of steam and rattling coffee bean grinders could be heard.

“I’ve already promised her that I’m hers to do with as she wishes. You know, I could ask her not to eat you—but I won’t. I know she’ll enjoy you, and if you allow it, you just might enjoy it yourself,” Ian said, and walked into the kitchen, closely followed by Tom.

“I thought you were my friend!” Tom said angrily.

“And once you said you were a vore, of all people I thought you would understand,” Ian replied, shaking his head.

Janice was just putting three cups of espresso on the table—one at one side, and two at the other. “Oh dear, it looks like there are only two empty chairs. Tom, I’m afraid you’re just going to have to sit on my lap.” She sat down in front of the two cups and patted her lap invitingly.

“You’re joking, right?” the seven-foot-tall neko asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Mmmm, nope!” Janice said, her tails swishing with amusement. “I want you close enough to taste. You’re going to be my all-day lollipop.” She winked.

“You asked for it…” the big cat grumbled, and settled himself down on top of her, fully expecting her to suddenly change her mind.

But somehow, without their relative sizes actually seeming to change, the 5’6” Janice’s lap was nonetheless large enough to contain the 7’ Tom without him seeming to overtop her. His head just fit into the hollow of Janice’s neck. She put her arms around him, and began to lick the top of his head. “Mmmm.”

“That just looks…wrong,” Ian murmured, looking away for a bit.

“You get used to it,” Janice said. She held Tom’s cup of coffee up to his mouth so he could take a sip. “Careful, it’s hot.”

Ian watched as Tom accepted. He knew Tom never could turn down a cup of coffee, and she made the best he’d ever tasted.

“You like it? Is it good?”

“That… was incredible…” Tom said, sounding almost alarmed.

“Why thank you.” She carefully set the cup back on the table. “That’s such a nice thing to say…why don’t you have a little milk with your coffee?” She shifted position slightly so that one of her breasts was right in front of Tom’s mouth. “If you thought my coffee was good, you should taste this.”

Ian blinked and stared. He shifted in his seat a bit, uncrossing his legs as Janice made such a titillating offer. Tom reacted much the same. “You always play with your food like this?” he asked. “But then again, never look a gift boo-er, fox in the mouth, she might just swallow you,” he added with a chuckle.

“Smooth, bro.” Ian said, rolling his eyes

“Or worse, she might not.” Janice smirked, then glanced at Ian. “Mmm…I’ll offer you some, later, dear. But since he’s being so nice, he deserves a special treat. Or maybe I’m just fattening him up.” She winked.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m not exactly unhappy here anymore…” Ian said. Meanwhile, Tom had fastened on, and it was starting to look like he wasn’t planning on coming up for air…

Janice closed her eyes and murrred happily. “I have got to have another litter sometime soon. I’d forgotten how good that feels.”

“I’d be willing to help there,” Ian said with a smirk.

Janice smiled toothsomely. “Perhaps you will at that.” She smiled. “All right, I think you’ve had enough for now.” She gently pulled her breast away from Tom’s mouth. “Did you like it?”

“That… Oh my God…I’ve never had anything like it.”

“You want more, don’t you?” Janice asked.

“Mmhmm…” he nodded, dazed.

“What’ll you give me?”

“A…anything,” Tom said.

“Mmm…I think you know what I want,” Janice said. “I’m so hungry, I want dinner. Something nice and filling…”

“What about…” Tom suggested, “…a seven-foot jaguar?” He glanced up nervously into her eyes.

“Oh, that would be lovely,” Janice said. “You have one you can do without?”

“I…I might,” Tom said.

“Oh, if you give me that, I’ll let you drink until you can’t hold anymore.” Janice smiled lazily.

“I…think I could do that…” Tom said after a moment’s thought. He glanced to Ian. “Dude, you have a hell of a woman on your hands.”

“Trust me, I know.” Ian said with a grin.

“Just so we’re clear,” Janice said, “you’re giving yourself to me?”

“Freely and without…too many reservations.” the jaguar said with a nod.

“Mmm, that’s quite a change from mister grouchy-face,” Janice cooed. “You understand this means you’re not a person anymore. What are you?”

“I’m your dinner.” he said, shivering. “I hope…I hope you find me tasty.”

“You have such smart friends, Ian,” Janice said. “I’d like to meet more of them this way.” She gave Tom another hug. “Let’s move to the couch. Put a movie on or something. This might take a while.”

Tom returned the hug, and then hopped up and bowed, as if to carry her over to the couch.

“Hey loverboy, easy there.” Ian said with an ironic grin. “Remember when you carried Alisson into your house? You gave her a concussion on the doorframe.”

“Oh bitch, bitch, bitch,” Tom replied, rolling his eyes.

Janice laughed. “Oh, I’ll take that chance. Carry me, dinner.”

Tom needed no more encouragement, and proceeded to do just as ordered, while Ian wandered over to figure out just where the hell he put the remote, glancing back nervously every time they got near anything stationary.

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A few minutes later, they were all ensconced on the sofa together: Ian where he could put an arm around Janice’s shoulder, and Janice with Tom in her lap and leaning docilely against her while she licked and nibbled on him. After a while, she gently moved Tom’s head down to her breast so he could drink some more. The big cat was, of course, not afraid to gorge himself.

“I’m going to enjoy having you as part of me,” Janice murmured to him. “Such a big, strong kitty…and all your memories of Ian. This way I can get to know him even better.” She stroked his fur as he drank. “It’s all right to be scared.”

“I’m not…much…” he murmured.

“Oh, now, not even a little? You’re giving up everything, becoming a part of someone else…you certainly seemed mad about it when I told you.”

“Well, I…don’t really have that much to give up,” the feline purred, though he sounded halfway as if he was trying to convince himself of that.

Janice ran a hand through his fur as he continued to drink from her. “But what you do have to give up is going to be all mine. All your thoughts…your memories…all the calories in your body. Almost a shame to digest such a gorgeous pelt, but even that will just end up as part of me…

Tom shivered again. “I guess…I’ll just have to hope you take good care of me then.”

“I will.” Janice chuckled.

Janice let him drink more in silence as the movie played on the TV in front of them. “My my, you are a thirsty one, aren’t you? Good thing there’s plenty more where that’s coming from.” She sighed happily. “It’s so nice to be appreciated.”

After a while, he gradually slackened off, and Janice smiled and rubbed his shoulders. “It’s just about time for my dinner to feed himself to me. Is my dinner ready?”

“I… I guess…” he murmured, with a bit of a whimper in his voice.

“Goood,” Janice cooed, reaching down to tilt his head up toward hers. “See where you’ll be going? How does it look?” She opened wide, revealing two rows of perfect vulpine teeth and a pink fox tongue. Beyond them was the dark hole of Janice’s throat.

“Cozy,” he said, fighting back a nervous giggle.

“Do you have anything you’d like to say to Ian before you go? Any last words?” Janice licked her chops meaningfully.

“See you on the flipside, man,” Tom said to Ian. “And just remember…if I’m going to be part of her, then whenever you and she are together, I’m there too,” he added, sticking his tongue out.

“Well, there goes what’s left of my sanity,” Ian said, rolling his eyes.

“Mmmm. Now it’s time for you to come inside, where it’s nice and warm.” Janice opened wide.

The feline braced himself, and then pushed forward, sliding his arms in first as if he were diving into a very warm, very narrow swimming pool. Janice obliged him, lowering her mouth over his head and placing her hands on his sides just below his ribcage to help pull him in. Ian even joined in, grabbing the feline by the legs for support. “Man, who knew that kitty-cats got so heavy…” he murmured.

Janice swallowed, her throat muscles sealing tight around Tom’s forearms. Another swallow pulled his head into her throat, as her teeth brushed his upper chest and back. She gulped again and again, her tongue coating Tom’s fur with her saliva to make him easier to swallow. His head and shoulders made a visible bulge in Janice’s neck.

“Mmmmm,” Janice murmured as she took more and more of Tom inside. Now her lips were passing his waist, and her tongue flicked out between his legs, massaging and caressing what they found there. “Little Tom” was only too happy to stand to attention, and Janice kept up her treatment relentlessly until he fired a salute and went limp again. Then, with Ian’s help, she pulled Tom’s thighs in, then his calves. Her throat was really distended now, and her belly was starting to bulge as the neko’s arms and head slipped out the other end of her esophagus into her stomach.

At last, Janice licked Ian’s hands as he shoved Tom’s feet the rest of the way in, then closed her lips and swallowed again. She leaned back on the sofa, rubbing the big bulge as it left her throat and collected in her tummy. “Mmm.”. She grinned. “I can’t believe I ate the whoooole thing.” For a moment, the shape of Tom’s head, then one of his hands were clearly visible through her skin. “Getting comfortable in there, Tom?” she asked.

“I’m…I’m trying,” Tom said, shifting around again. “I…have memories from the people I ate myself, but…they don’t do it justice. It’s…nice.”

“Awww, that’s even sweeter than you were. Are you ready to go away now?”

“I…can’t say I really want to,” he said. “But I guess I should stop spoiling your girlish figure.”

“Mmm. Thank you, Tom. I appreciate your thoughtful gift. I’ll use it well.”

“I just bet you will.”

She rubbed her stomach again, letting the digestive juices begin to fill it. “Goodbye, Tom. And hello.”

As Tom began to dissolve, Janice smiled over at Ian. “And thank you for your thoughtful gift. I didn’t even ask, and you gave him to me.”

“I knew he’d make you happy, and I knew that in the end you would make him happy. I couldn’t think of a better thing to do for people I care about.”

Janice tilted her head. “He trusted you right up until he learned why he was really here. How did it make you feel to do that to him?” She licked her lips. “Does it make you want to do it again?”

Ian chuckled. “Honestly… I think you may indeed have made a vore fan out of me.”

“Mmm. Well, that may not be a bad thing.” Janice grinned toothily, tongue lolling. “After all, a gal’s gotta eat.” Her stomach gurgled and contracted, and she closed her eyes for a moment as Tom was absorbed. “Mmm, so many happy memories. Now I know everything about you that he did.”

“Oh god, the blackmail will never end,” Ian laughed, “Movie’s over. What do you want to do now?”

“Mmm…I think we can find something. Just follow me?” She winked, stood up, and sauntered into the bedroom.

“You, I would follow to the ends of the earth and beyond.” Ian said, and followed.

“Oh, it’s not that far.” Janice waited until Ian was in with her, and shut the door behind them.

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