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Vore/Neko Project Campus story universe
This story contains adult content.

Outfoxed (Chapter 7)

Author: Throat Wolf

Info icon.pngOutfoxed (Chapter 7)
Author:Throat Wolf
Series:Outfoxed (#7)
Previous:Chapter 6
Next:Chapter 8
Setting/Universe:Vore/Neko Project Campus
Co-written with KazukiFennec of Eka's Portal.


This is a vorarephilia (vore) story, in which people get eaten for erotic purposes. Unlike many vorarephila stories, my flavor of vore is entirely non-lethal; I'm not interested in snuff. However, if vore is not your thing, you probably will not enjoy this regardless.

t had been a long, strange day, but it was over. Janice had not only defeated her old ex-boyfriend, but had somehow managed to transmute him into a new tail. She was now an eight-tail kitsune, almost as powerful as it was even possible for a kitsune to get. And now that the adrenaline rush had faded, it was time for bed.

But as Ian entered the bedroom, he noticed the bed was already occupied. Janice was sitting on it. Unusually, she was in her human guise this time—wearing something lacy in fox-red with lots of straps and fasteners that covered from her neck to her hips, and nothing else.

“Oh my…” he murmured, as he froze for a moment to allow himself to fully take in the sight. “You look…incredible…” he said. Her intentions were hardly mistakable, but he was overwhelmed nonetheless.

Janice pretended to pout. “Aww, you don’t find me credible? I thought I was very convincing.”

That gave Ian a chuckle, and broke him out of his stupor. “Really, you look amazing…well, more amazing than normal. I…well, I’ve fantasized about something like since…well, I suppose even before I ever met you. You don’t have to change yourself for me, though. To be quite honest, you’ve been my dream-girl since we met.”

“Why, that’s so sweet of you, Ian.” Janice smiled. “And…much as it goes against my fancy-free self-image, I have to admit I’ve…developed feelings for you, too.” She winked. “Certainly, none of my past masters would have found me willingly in their bed.”

Ian smiled. “Thank you, for bringing magic into my life…I might be a bit forward in saying this, but I think I love you.” he said, and laid down next to her, running his fingers through her soft red hair.

Janice smiled back. “Thank you. I…feel for you, too.” She leaned in to kiss him. “Now why don’t you help me figure out how to take this thing off, hmm?”

Ian grinned. “I’ve always loved puzzles.” He set to work.

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Janice woke before Ian, and carefully slipped out of bed. She smiled at the stuffed toy Ryouko, who was sitting in a chair nearby. Then she grinned broadly up at the pair of fox plushies on the shelf, one wearing a dress and the other a football jacket. “Hope you two had a good view,” she whispered. “Hope you’re enjoying it.” She smirked, and headed into the bathroom to get ready to start the day. It would certainly be a busy one, she had things to arrange.

Said day, for Ian, was simply a blur. He made his deliveries while scarcely aware he was doing so, his mind on getting back home to Janice, who had said that she had a big evening planned. Whatever that was, he couldn’t wait, and when he got home he bolted up the stairs as quickly as he could, and stepped into the apartment, then looked around for the vixen. He couldn’t imagine a surprise bigger than the one of last night, but he was eager nonetheless.

Janice was waiting for him, in her human form with her red hair in braids. She was dressed to go out in an evening gown that went very well with her red hair. “Hello, lover.”

Konbanwa, Koibito,” he replied, grinning. “It still stuns me to know that I can say that to someone as amazing as you.”

Janice smiled. “Thank you very much. Now, shall we head uptown?”

“Uptown? Certainly.” he said with a grin, and took her arm. “Lead the way.”

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The place to which Janice led him was not what Ian might have expected. Instead of a fancy restaurant, like Lazenby’s, her destination turned out to be…

“A strip club?” Ian said, looking up at the garish neon sign of a well-endowed female figure with cat ears and tail.

“Oh, the Pussycat Club is so much more than that,” Janice chuckled. “You wouldn’t believe how much more. I was surprised myself when I found out. But I made some good, good friends here, and this is just the place for my appetite tonight.” She led the way through the door, nodded to the greeter. “Reservation for two, name of Janice?”

The greeter—an orange-and-black tiger-striped neko woman—nodded. “The private room. Right this way.”

Ian blinked. “Private room? How much is this costing?”

Janice smirked. “Don’t worry about it. I came into some cash.”

“Not cash that’s going to vanish the moment their backs are turned, right?” Ian asked in a lowered voice.

Janice laughed. “Are you kidding? Then I couldn’t come back here again, and I like this place too much. Come on.”

The greeter led the way past the outskirts of a dance floor surrounded by dimly lit tables and booths, and a stage with poles on which various dancers twisted and writhed to loud music. Most of them seemed to be furry—nekos, or…something else. It was hard to tell in the dim light.

The greeter led them through a door, and the sound level immediately dropped off as soon as it shut. “Soundproofing,” Janice said. “Works both ways. Very convenient.”

They were in a hallway now, with a number of doors leading off of it. The tigress greeter unlocked one of the doors, then handed Janice the key. “Do I need to send a waitress along, or…?” She looked questioningly at Ian.

Janice chuckled. “No, no, the waitress please. In fact, I reserved dinner, too.”

The tigress nodded. “Then Serena will be right along.” She bowed and retreated back up the hall. Janice opened the door. “After you.”

The room seemed to be a strange combination of dining and bedroom. There was a table with four chairs and place settings, but there was also a comfortable sofa and bed in the other half. Janice smiled at Ian’s puzzlement, and took advantage of it to beat him to pulling out chairs for them. “Have a seat, I’ll explain.”

Ian sat down, looking around curiously. “All right…?”

Janice smiled. “Well, it’s like this. If we’re going to be close, there are some things you need to know about me. Things I do. Things I like to do.” She shrugged. “I hope you won’t tell me to stop them once you know what they are, but it would be your right to do that. After all, it’s your ball.”

“If it’s something you enjoy, I’m sure I wouldn’t think of telling you to—”

“Just wait until you know what they are, okay?” Janice said.

A knock on the door forestalled further conversation. “Come in!” Janice called, and the door was opened by a beautifully-colored clouded leopard neko. “Hi, Serena, did you bring her?”

“Hello, Janice. Yes, she’s right here.” Serena stepped aside so that a dark-haired woman could enter. She was in her late teens or early twenties, wearing a simple yellow cotton dress.

“You must be Sherise?” Janice asked.

“Uh-huh,” the girl said. “You’re Janice? The one who’s going to—”

“Yes I am. But let’s talk about that later, all right?” Janice asked brightly. “Have a seat, join us…for dinner.” She winked.

“Oh, of course,” Sherise said, taking a seat.

Serena smiled, putting down three menus. “Do you need some time to think it over?”

Janice grinned. “Is Mikimoto-san making the sushi tonight?”

Serena matched the grin with a set of gleaming feline fangs. “You’re in luck—he is indeed.”

“Then I’ll have the California rolls, the spicy salmon rolls, the spicy tuna rolls, the…”

“Are you ordering for all of us, or just you?” Ian wondered.

Janice just chuckled.

The conversation while waiting for their orders to arrive was a little awkward, but the ice was broken fairly quickly. Sherise was a student at a college upstate, though not doing too well in her grades. “In fact, I’m losing my scholarships, and that’s part of why I—”

“Shhh,” Janice said. “We’ll get to that after dinner. Well, after your dinner, anyway, but before my main course.” She winked.

The sushi and sake came, and they ate. Janice was particularly deft with the chopsticks—but then, she had been using them all her considerably-longer-than-human life.

Finally, the last of the sushi had been consumed, and the sake was gone as well. Serena came, cleared all the dishes away, and winked at Janice—they they were left alone, looking at each other over the table. Sherise seemed nervous, but Janice was her usual relaxed self. Ian was almost too relaxed, apparently not having been a particularly experienced drinker before.

“Now,” Janice said, looking across the table at Sherise. “Tell me what it is you want from me, and why.” She smiled. “I’d just skip the talk, but I think it might…startle my friend if I just started right in.”

“So, you’re really going to—” Sherise began, looking doubtfully at Janice.

“Oh, yes. I’m a bit more than I appear.” Janice tossed her head, shaking her hair free, and her gown vanished as the red and white fur rippled out across her body. Her face expanded into a vulpine muzzle, and her eight tails blossomed behind her. A pink fox tongue lolled from her mouth as she winked mischievously. “Better now?”

Sherise nearly jumped out of her chair. “Er…yes. Yes, much.”

“I never get tired of seeing that.” Ian murmured, with a laugh.

“So…well, stuff hasn’t been going so well for me at school,” Sherise said. “I’m having trouble with my studies, and my grades aren’t good enough to keep my scholarship. I don’t want to be a burden on anybody.”

“Uh-huh?” Janice said.

“And…well, I surf the Internet. I’m kinda into the, um, vore fetish,” Sherise said. “I read about this place on some of the vore boards, and they said it was somewhere people could come if they…wanted, and they’d take care of everything. Tidy up all the loose ends. All I had to do was…”

“You’re still having trouble saying it?” Janice said.

“I think I’m beginning to get the picture,” Ian said with a nod, oddly impassive.

Sherise looked down. “…was let someone eat me. So I came here, and talked to them, and they said they had someone who’d requested a…willing dinner.”

Janice nodded. “And I’ll be happy to have you. I just wanted to be sure about things. Are you absolutely certain you want to go through with it?” Janice asked. “If not, no harm done; I’ll tell them to let you go and find some other meal.”

Sherise shivered. “No, I…I am. It’s what I’ve always…wanted to do. I want to know what it feels like…and to know I’m at least going to be useful to someone.”

“Oh, honey, I’m sure you’d be useful to someone no matter what you did.” Janice smiled. “But I won’t say I’ll be sorry to use you myself.” She glanced over at Ian. “At least, if my master there doesn’t object.”

“You know, I’d be lying if I said I was surprised by this…” Ian mumbled.

“I know you would, dear.” Janice smiled. “I just…need to be sure you’re okay with it.”

Ian tilted his head, thinking a moment. “I already knew that foxes are predators. And when it comes down to what a magical fox-woman would eat…well. I can’t deny you your nature.” He shrugged. “And I wish you wouldn’t call me your master, I think of you as so much more than just a servant.”

Janice chuckled. “You’re babbling, dear. I think you had too much to drink.” She turned back to Sherise. “Seriously…you know this isn’t a simple matter of suicide, right? This isn’t going to kill you. You’re going to become a part of me…a part I can use in any way I see fit.”

Sherise swallowed. “Then…I hope you’ll use me well.”

“I think she will,” Ian said, reassuringly.

“Then let’s move over to the bed, where we’ll be more comfortable.” She nodded to Sherise. “If you’d care to disrobe?”

Sherise glanced doubtfully at Ian.

Janice smiled. “Oh, come now. You’re giving me your body; surely you don’t mind someone else seeing it. In a way, it’s not even your body anymore, so speaking as its new owner…”

“I would offer to look away, but I think that would sort of defeat the purpose of this whole thing…” Ian chuckled.

Sherise gave Ian an uncomfortable look, then started undoing the fastenings on her dress. “Good girl,” Janice said. “In fact, probably downright tasty girl.”

Ian stared, intent on what he was about to see. He wanted to fix it in his mind as reality, now regretting imbibing with dinner.

Sherise let the dress fall to the floor, followed by her bra and panties. She stepped out of her shoes, peeled off her nylon stockings, then stood, naked, before Janice. Janice looked her up and down, nodded. “Good. Oh, you have such a lovely body. Not scrawny and anorexic like everyone you see in Hollywood these days. But then, I remember when feet used to be considered an erogenous zone, so who am I to pass judgment?”

Sherise shivered a little. “So…you’re going to do it now?”

“Mm-hmm. So…which way would you like to go? Head first or feet first? Your choice.”

Sherise swallowed. “I think…feet first?”

“Starting with the former erogenous zone. Good choice.” Janice gestured to the bed. “Just lie down on your chest, and we’ll get started.”

Slowly, looking around as if to memorize the last room she would ever see, Sherise lay down on the bed. She glanced nervously over her shoulder as Janice approached.

“There, there, girl, take it easy. There’s nothing to be scared of. I’d say I wasn’t going to eat you, except…I am.” Janice giggled. “Won’t hurt a bit, I promise.” She knelt down to take Sherise’s ankles in her hands. “Before you know it, you’ll be safe and warm inside my nice, cozy tummy. Now in you go.” And she opened her mouth, and gently closed it over Sherise’s ankles.

Sherise gasped. “Ooh…it feels…warm.”

Ian had never thought that he would see something like this—but now that he was, he found he couldn’t look away, starting to migrate towards the pair himself.

Janice began to move forward, pulling more of Sherise’s legs into her mouth. She swallowed, and Sherise’s feet made a visible bulge in her throat. Janice’s muzzle should not have been large enough to fit the feet of a fully-grown woman inside, but somehow they just…did, without either Janice’s head or Sherise’s legs seeming to change size. It was like an Escher painting, or some other optical illusion…the sort of thing that would give you a headache if you tried to puzzle it out.

“Oh…” Sherise murmured, still staring over her shoulder at Janice. “You’re…she’s really doing it. I…didn’t really believe—I mean, I’d heard stories, but…it’s really real.”

Ian, timidly, reached out a hand to touch Janice’s distended throat, perhaps to reassure himself that he really was seeing what he thought he was seeing…

“Magic…” he murmured.

Janice kept swallowing, pulling Sherise’s hips into her muzzle. Her tongue began to work at the spot between Sherise’s legs. Sherise gasped. “Ohhhh…what are…what are you doing? St-stop that! St-stop…I…I…ohhh…” she whimpered, trailing off into a moan. Janice swallowed again, and again, her throat bulging with Sherise’s legs. Then she reached forward and took one of Sherise’s hands in each of her own, pulling her backward and up off the bed. Then she carefully guided Sherise’s arms into her mouth at Sherise’s sides, to be swallowed along with the rest of her.

Sherise looked down at the bulge she was making in Janice’s throat. She looked to Ian, eyes wide. “This…it…this is really happening. I can’t believe…I’m realling being eaten alive.”

“Is it like you imagined it?” Ian asked, looking rather interested.

“It…I…I dunno. Ohh…” she gasped, as Janice swallowed again, and she slipped in up to her breasts. Janice was still kneeling, so her head was about level with Ian’s. “I’m really…leaving. I’m going inside her…I’m never coming out again.” She whimpered a little. “I just…I didn’t even say goodbye to anyone.”

Ian frowned. “If there’s anything…If you want to give anyone a message…”

Sherise shook her head. “Too…late now. Not enough…” She moaned as Janice’s tongue played over her breasts. “Not enough time…but…do one thing for me? Kiss me? Before I…before I’m gone?” Only her shoulders and head were outside of Janice’s muzzle now.

Ian considered that for a moment, then decided Janice would understand. He smiled, leaned over, and softly kissed her.

Sherise closed her eyes as their lips parted. “Mmmm. Thank you. And…goodbye.” The last thing visible was her widened eyes as Janice’s mouth gently shut over them. Janice swallowed again, and the bulge moved down her throat, into Janice’s expanding tummy.

Janice got to her feet and wobbled over to the sofa, where she sat on the edge so as not to sit on her tails. “Mmmm…what a tasty girl. Too bad you aren’t a vore too, it’s quite a delicious experience. Oooh…she’s moving around in my tummy now.”

He followed her closely, and sat down next to her. His hands went to her belly without so much as a thought. It was entrancing to him, the concept of belonging to someone so utterly, to be wanted so much by someone that she would make you a part of her.

Janice smiled mischievously, tongue lolling. “Was she a good kisser?”

“Pretty good, although she’s not had the time to practice that you have,” he replied with a grin.

“Guess she won’t get it now.” Janice grinned. “Mmm, she’s settling in.”

“She doesn’t need it, not anymore. As a part of you, she’s now perfect,” he said.

Janice grinned. “Why Ian, that’s one of the sweetest things you’ve ever said to me…and you’ve said a lot of sweet things.”

“I try,” he murmured, blushing.

“Mmm, I wonder what I should do with her. So many possibilities…”

“You added a tail last time, I can’t think of a single thing about you I would change,” Ian said, and moved in to kiss her.

“Mmm. Oh, that was a special case. Normally, what I do is, I use them in my magic.” Janice smiled. “Like the spell that does my hair…one of my past ‘masters’ is woven into that. Or, rather, a mistress. She was a hairdresser, it seemed appropriate.” She licked her chops. “My past masters all turned out to have a use after all.”

Ian couldn’t help but chuckle. “I have to admit, the idea is more than a little appealing,” he added, his blush deepening, “Not something I’d necessarily rush towards, but I can think of far worse fates.”

“Perhaps I’ll keep it in mind for when I finally let you give my ball back to me.” She winked.

“And yet you insist on calling me master.” he replied with a grin. “Being with you has been the happiest, and certainly the most exciting time of my life. Being with you forever, being a part of such an amazing woman…”

“And I’m enjoying it, too, so there’s no harm in letting it last as long as it might.” Janice winked.

“So long as you are,” he said as he leaned in once more, and pulled her into a soft embrace. Janice put her arms around him and rested her muzzle on his shoulder. Her stomach gurgled as it worked on digesting Sherise.

After a while, there was a knock on the door. “It’s just me, Serena!”

“Mmm, excuse me a moment.” Janice disentangled herself from Ian and hopped up to get the door, her tails fluffing out behind her like a cloud. She opened the door for Serena to come in.

“What a woman…” Ian murmured.

Serena went over to pick up the discarded dress and other clothing on the floor. “You don’t want this as a souvenir or anything, do you?” she asked.

“Mmm, no, thanks,” Janice said. “It wouldn’t fit me.”

“To the Salvation Army it goes, then.” Serena stuffed the clothing in a trash sack, then turned to look at Janice and sighed. “Oh, you’re so gorgeous! And your tails…mmm, I just want to dive right in.”

Janice giggled. “Why thank you! Such a compliment like that, I’d be happy to let you.” She turned so her tails were close enough Serena could reach out and touch them, and she did.

“Oh, they’re so fluffy…!” Serena giggled.

Janice smiled over her shoulder at her. “Well? Go ahead.”

Serena looked up. “You mean it?”

“Mm-hmm. Go on.”

Serena smiled. “Thank you.” She put her hands in between two of Janice’s tails, then ducked and stepped forward, pushing her way in. Janice fluffed out her tails so they completely obscured Serena from view. The tails contracted into a ball, then Janice shook them out—and Serena was nowhere to be seen.

“That’s a new trick.” Ian said, his eyes gone wide.

Janice winked. “Oh, it’s not a trick. It really happened. She dived right into a holding space I’ve made within my tails…which means she’s mine now. With that beautiful pelt of hers, I think I’ll have a use or two for her.” Janice tilted her head. “For what it’s worth, she’s enjoying herself in there. My tails are just as soft and fluffy on the inside as they are on the outside.”

“Looks like I’m not the only one who appreciates just how amazing you are. I’m almost jealous.” He chuckled.

“Mmm.” She came over to put her arms around him. “So now that you know what I do…you’re all right with that?”

“I’m more than all right with it. I already had suspicions, particularly after that chat at the DMV—this is merely confirmation. If I loved you any less now than I did then, I’d be a weak-minded fool.”

“All right. But Ian…I need to know. I ate someone who was willing tonight. But what if I were to eat someone who wasn’t so willing? What if it was someone you liked, or who you thought didn’t deserve to be eaten? What if I asked you to help me entrap them?”

“I…I’d be lying if I said that it wouldn’t bother me at all, that I wouldn’t have a bit of a hard time doing so…But I trust you,” he said, a waver of discomfort in his voice initially that gradually faded as he spoke. “If you asked me to, I’d help.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet. Then I’ll try not to ask you to do anything you wouldn’t want to.”

“Thank you.”

Janice grinned. “For now, though…I think I’ll pick up the check, and we can go home.”

“How are you paying for this, anyway?” Ian asked.

Janice winked. “Well, when I eat someone, I get everything they know. Including their bank account numbers. So, I just invite an investment banker to lunch, and…”

Ian couldn’t quite repress an ironic grin. “And yet I’ve only just now paid off that eight hundred dollar espresso machine,” he said, sticking his tongue out at her briefly.

Janice rolled her eyes. “I was going to pay you back.”

“A small price to pay for having you in my life. I don’t regret a thing.”

“Again with the sweet nothings. Come on, Ian, let’s go home.”

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