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Vore/Neko Project Campus story universe
This story contains adult content.

Outfoxed (Chapter 5)

Author: Throat Wolf

Info icon.pngOutfoxed (Chapter 5)
Author:Throat Wolf
Series:Outfoxed (#5)
Previous:Chapter 4
Next:Chapter 6
Setting/Universe:Vore/Neko Project Campus
Co-written with KazukiFennec of Eka's Portal.


This is a vorarephilia (vore) story, in which people get eaten for erotic purposes. Unlike many vorarephila stories, my flavor of vore is entirely non-lethal; I'm not interested in snuff. However, if vore is not your thing, you probably will not enjoy this regardless.

ive in the morning. The hour before the dawn, when it was supposedly "always darkest." It wasn't, of course. The sky always lightened considerably before the sun peeked over the horizon, the light diffusing through the atmosphere.

Of course, this was not going through Janice's mind when she jerked bolt upright in bed, managing not to disturb Ian (who was a heavy sleeper). She felt a summon stirring that she hadn't felt in a long time—the only thing that could override her need to stay close to the one who kept her ball.

Janice shifted to fox form, leaped over Ian to land on the apartment floor, scampered to the apartment door, opened it as a human, and slipped out. She bowed her head in silent prayer. "I'm coming, Inari."

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Ryouko stepped out of the park and paused at the bus stop before remembering she didn't have enough money to buy a ticket. The tall, slim Japanese girl ran a hand through her long black hair in frustration. Well, the mall was only a half mile or so. Not a bad walk. She straightened the plain blouse and skirt that were the only clothes she had left, and started walking.

She liked to walk in the mall. There were so many people there, she could forget her troubles. She could forget that, as a Japanese exchange student, she didn't really fit in here. She could, today, forget that she'd been evicted from her apartment and had literally nothing left. So she'd taken the last cup of the rice that she'd been living on for the last month and placed it at the shrine to Inari, and now she wasn't sure what to do.

She could become a prostitute, she supposed. She had the looks for it. She wasn't sure how long she'd last in this town, though. There were stories of young women out on their own being...eaten by strange people called 'vores'. Ryouko wasn't sure how she felt about that. She supposed it would at least be a fast way to go.

And there were always the shelters, and unemployment benefits, and the like. She supposed she might end up going that route, as a last resort, but her pride quailed at taking charity. Well, she would walk in the mall some, and then come to her decision.

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Janice stood by the altar, examining the meager offering. She sniffed at it curiously. Rice was a traditional offering to Inari, of course, but there was something about this particular rice...

"Oh." Janice blinked. "Someone's last cup of rice. Huh." No wonder Inari was interested. She sniffed again, as a fox this time, picking up the scent of the person who'd left it. All right then. In this modern era, Inari's power was too weak for any direct intervention...but there were a few things Janice might be able to do.

The seven-tailed fox trotted out of the shrine, on the trail of the girl who'd left the rice. It wasn't too hard to find her; her numb despair left its own traces that a kitsune could pick up even more easily than her physical scent. When the scent entered the mall, Janice was not at all put off by the large numbers of people. She'd already found her quarry.

"I'd like to see one of those hounds do as well," Janice muttered. "'Fox hunters.' Hah."

Now, there was just the matter of how to approach her. But Janice had an idea...

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Ryouko sat down on a bench, leaned back, and closed her eyes. She was starting to get hungry, but of course she didn't have any food, or money to buy it. She wondered how hungry she would have to get before she would consider shoplifting. She supposed she would break down and visit a soup kitchen before that happened.

Someone tapped her on the shoulder. She startled awake, opened her eyes, and glanced beside her. There was nobody there—but someone had left a plushie fox toy on the bench next to her. Ryouko blinked...and then stared when she noticed the plushie had several tails. She frowned, looking around. Had someone been watching her? Were they playing a trick on her?

She looked back at the fox toy again. It would be hard to imagine someone going to that much trouble. She reached out and picked the toy up, running her fingers through its soft plushie fur. There didn't seem to be any manufacturer's tag on the toy, but it was of very high quality manufacture.

The fur felt nice, and the toy was soft and huggable, and Ryouko was unable to resist wrapping her arms around it. She buried her face in the soft fur, and before she quite understood what had happened, something inside gave and she was sobbing gently into its shoulder, muffling the already quiet sobs (no Japanese woman would dream of calling attention to herself with loud crying in public—it just wasn't seemly) in its fur.

After she'd cried herself out, Ryouko was startled when a voice whispered in her ear, "<Feel better now?>"

She stiffened, looking around for the inconsiderate person who had dared intrude upon her private grief...but there was nobody near enough to have whispered. And certainly no one who could, Ryouko realized belatedly, have whispered to her in Japanese.

Slowly, Ryouko turned her gaze back upon the plushie toy she was holding in her lap. She blinked. It seemed to be grinning at her now, but she was positive it hadn't been showing any teeth when she'd first picked it up. "...nani desu ka?"

Slowly, impossibly, the kitsune toy winked at her. Ryouko almost dropped it. "What are you?" she breathed.

"What do I look like?" the plushie toy whispered back to her. She could tell it was the toy, because its lips were moving. "Maybe you should take me somewhere a little more private? People might look at you funny for holding a conversation with a stuffed toy."

Numbly, Ryouko got to her feet, tucking the toy under one arm. If anyone thought it odd for a woman to be carrying a plushie kitsune, they didn't seem to be staring. Perhaps they assumed it was a gift for someone. Ryouko made her way back out of the mall, and around the corner into a small grassy area where a carpentering company had erected a gazebo—serving the dual purpose of a place to sit and a demonstration of how good of a gazebo it could build.

Ryouko sat down in the gazebo with her legs crossed, and put the plushie in front of her. "You're a kitsune?" she asked.

"Why is it everybody always recognizes me?" the kitsune wondered. "Even when I wear sunglasses."

Ryouko smiled a little in spite of herself. "Might I ask what I can call you?"

"Oh, you can call me just about anything, as long as you don't call me late to dinner." The kitsune smirked. "But the name I gave someone else recently is 'Janice,' and it's a nice, sturdy name—won't be worn out by more than one person using it."

"I'm Ryouko," Ryouko said. "It's an honor to meet you, Janice-sama."

"Oh, you can just call me Janice," Janice said. "On this side of the Pacific, anyway." She smiled a plushie smile. "So I take it you've been having some hard times lately."

Ryouko nodded. "My scholarship money dried up, I lost my job..." She shrugged. "I didn't know what to do. So I gave the last of my rice to's not as if I had any way to cook it anyway..."

Janice nodded seriously. "In old times, Inari could have rewarded you richly for your faith in her. But even if she still had that power, something tells me you wouldn't have much use for a bountiful rice crop right about now."

Ryouko actually giggled at that. "No, I guess not."

"And I could give you a lot of money...but it would soon turn into a whole bunch of leaves and twigs. Not much use to you in the long run, I'm afraid."

"I can see where that might be a problem," Ryouko acknowledged.

"There is one way I can help you," Janice said. "But you probably wouldn't like it."

Ryouko blinked. "What's that?"

"It would mean giving up...well, everything you have," Janice said.

Ryouko looked down at herself. "So, my clothing, then?"

Janice's plushie-toy eyes twinkled with amusement. "That's part of it, yes."

Ryouko frowned. "I would have to be insane to pass up the help I prayed for."

"Are you sure?" Janice asked. "We kitsune are known to be terrible tricksters."

"But when you offer your help, you mean it."

"There is that," Janice admitted. "So will you pledge to do whatever I ask you to, no matter how bizarre, in order for me to be able to help you?

"Is this some sort of test, to see if I'm worthy of your help?" Ryouko asked.

Janice cocked her head. "If it helps, you can look at it that way."

Ryouko closed her eyes. "Then I will."

"Even if it's something really really weird?" Janice prodded.

"Yes." Ryouko looked at the plushie in front of her. "What do you want me to do?"

Janice licked her lips. "Well...I haven't had breakfast yet, and I'm kinda hungry." She grinned. "So, I want you to feed yourself to me."

Ryouko blinked. "But that's—"

"You did pledge," Janice reminded her.

Ryouko eyed the plushie toy doubtfully. "But how would I even fit into you?"

"Oh, I don't know," the kitsune said nonchalantly. "Maybe...magic?"

Ryouko got to her feet. "And that's the only way you can help me?"

"Mm-hm," Janice said. "Going to pass up what I offer, walk away? Spend the rest of your life wondering what would have happened if you'd made the other decision?"

Ryouko sighed, and sank back onto her knees. "I don't have any choice. I did pledge."

"Attagirl." Janice grinned. "I'll bet you're really tasty."

Janice looked around. "Do we it here?"

The plushie nodded. "I've sealed the gazebo off so nobody can see us right now. We won't be disturbed."

"Do you...want me to take my clothes off first?" Ryouko asked.

"If you want," Janice said. "I'm already a plushie, so a little cloth isn't gonna hurt me. Might feel better against your bare skin going down, though."

"You're so considerate," Ryouko said drily, unbuttoning her blouse. A few minutes later, she had folded all of her clothing neatly at one side of the gazebo, and knelt naked before Janice.

"Good girl," Janice said. "Now just lean forward, stick your head in my mouth, and crawl inside."

Ryouko swallowed, staring down Janice's plushy maw. It looked...remarkably comfortable, actually. But it also meant she was going to end up in a kitsune's tummy. "Funny, somehow this was never the way I thought I would end up going."

"We've all got to go sometime," Janice said. "So come on in, my tummy's growling."

"Will it...hurt?"

Janice shook her head. "Now what kind of honor would I have if it hurt? I already told you, I'm eating you to help you. Now lean forward and be my breakfast."

Ryouko sighed, closed her eyes, and leaned forward. She felt the warm plushy softness of the kitsune's stuffed-toy mouth closing over her head. She wasn't sure how this was possible, but Janice's mouth was a whole lot bigger on the inside. As she wriggled forward, Ryouko blinked back tears again. It had finally dawned on her that she was leaving the world.

As Janice's mouth moved down over her shoulders, and plushie paws gripped her side, Ryouko felt a plushie tongue begin sliding over her breasts, feeling not unlike a damp washcloth. "Hey!" she squealed, squirming under this treatment.

"Oh, hush," Janice's voice said in her ear. (Ryouko wondered how she could talk with her mouth full, and put it down to kitsune magic.) "I can't taste my breakfast?"

"But you're...ohhh..." Ryouko sighed. Janice was right. She was Janice's breakfast now, with all this entailed. And besides, once the surprise had passed, Ryouko had to admit that the rough licking actually felt pretty good. She whimpered and tried to squirm forward, pushing more of herself into the warm enclosure of Janice's mouth. Her head bumped the back of Janice's throat, and she felt the throat begin to tighten around it as the plushie swallowed.

Janice's questing lips and tongue passed over Ryouko's chest, then her belly button. "Mmmm, you are tasty," Janice's disembodied voice said again. Then her tongue slipped between Ryouko's legs.

Ryouko felt the blood rush to her cheeks as the questing tongue penetrated her, then in spite of herself she was pushing forward, thrusting against Janice until she could take it no longer and came, her juices flowing into Janice's mouth. Oddly, the fluids didn't soak into the plush, making it cold and clammy against her skin. They seemed to disappear as they touched the cloth, leaving Janice's mouth warm and dry around her.

Janice's throat tightened around more and more of Ryouko's body as the plushie kitsune gripped her by the legs and shoved her further and further in. Ryouko felt the warmth on her thighs, her calves, her ankles...then the last of the cool outside air touched her feet. She was surrounded by warmth, suspended upside down in a kitsune's throat.

Then Ryouko was being squeezed downward, out of the tightness of Janice's throat and into the warm, cloth bag of her stomach. Ryouko drew her knees up against her chest and hugged them.

"Mmmm, there we go," Janice said, her voice seeming to come from all around Ryouko. "You're a tasty one, all right. Mmm, I've missed this. It's been so long since I had Japanese..."

"What...are you going to do with me?" Ryouko asked.

"Mmm...there are a number of things I could do," Janice said languidly. "It's enough for you to know that you're not your own anymore. You're mine...a gift, freely given. I treasure I will treasure you."

"You're not going to..." Ryouko swallowed, "...digest me?"

Janice snorted. "How could I? I'm a plushie."

"You're a kitsune," Ryouko said. "I'm sure you're just being a plushie because you feel like it."

"Well, that and it would look weird to see a fox in a shopping mall," Janice admitted. "But no...I'm not going to digest you. At least, not fatally." Ryouko felt the stomach tighten around her, as if it had just been hugged from outside. "You're one of my most cherished possessions now. So I'll cherish you."

"Oh." Ryouko thought about that for a moment. "You'll...take good care of me?"

"Of course I will," Janice said. "What kind of servant of Inari would I be if I didn't?"

Ryouko considered that. "Well...I guess I don't have to worry about starving anymore."

Janice giggled. "No, you don't. And thanks to you, I don't either!" Ryouko felt Janice hug her again. "Now, it's time for you to go to sleep."

"All...all right?" Ryouko asked nervously. The bag she was in was growing damper, and Ryouko whimpered a little as it actually started to fill up with fluid.

"Shhh, it's all right," Janice soothed. "Just go to sleep now, that's a good girl."

Despite herself, Ryouko found she was becoming drowsy as the fluids seeped into her pores. After one last attempt to stay awake, she sank into the velvet nothingness of sleep.

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When Janice walked into the bedroom, Ian was just opening his eyes. He blinked at the absence of Janice on the bed, then looked up as she entered.

"Mm, morning," he murmured, trying to clear the last of the fog of sleep from his head. "Already up and dressed? You've been busy this morning." He chuckled and sat up.

"Sorry! I just suddenly had this urge to go out shopping." She took a large three-tailed fox plushie out of a shopping bag. "I got a new friend! This is Ryouko."

"How adorable!" he exclaimed, surprised at the sheer amount of plush foxes the vixen was able to find. "I'm sure she's glad to have someone like you to take care of her."

"Mm-hmm! And she's happy to be so cute and cuddly, too." Janice gave her a squeeze. "I promised to take care of her, and give her a good home!"

"Well, I can definitely say that is a promise worth keeping," Ian said, and reached out to pet the plush himself.

Janice grinned. "But right now, you'd better get shaved! Gotta put bread on the table even more now there's another mouth to feed."

"Heh, indeed." He sighed and sat up, heading for his morning ablutions. "You coming along today?" he called over his shoulder.

"Mmmm, probably!" She grinned, quickly remaking the bed then putting Ryouko on it. "Don't worry, this won't be for too long," she whispered to the plushie. "Just 'til I get him used to the idea of having more kitsunes around. 'Til then, just be happy to get cuddled a lot without having to do anything in return." She winked, patted the plushie on the head, and followed Ian into the bathroom. "Now this time we'll see you shaved right." The door shut behind her.

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