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Vore/Neko Project Campus story universe
This story contains adult content.

Outfoxed (Chapter 2)

Author: Throat Wolf

Info icon.pngOutfoxed (Chapter 2)
Author:Throat Wolf
Series:Outfoxed (#2)
Previous:Chapter 1
Next:Chapter 3
Setting/Universe:Vore/Neko Project Campus
Co-written with KazukiFennec of Eka's Portal.


This is a vorarephilia (vore) story, in which people get eaten for erotic purposes. Unlike many vorarephila stories, my flavor of vore is entirely non-lethal; I'm not interested in snuff. However, if vore is not your thing, you probably will not enjoy this regardless.

hey spent the rest of the day at the mall, going from one store to another. Ian knew, of course, that any time he wanted to, he could “take his ball and go home,” so to speak, but he was content to trail Janice from place to place, watching her shop.

Oddly enough, Janice didn’t actually buy any clothes, though she did try a lot of them on. Maybe she didn’t need to buy them, Ian thought. If she was a natural shapeshifter, maybe all she needed was a good close look to give her ideas about what clothing to shift into later on.

Ian was just starting to think that his credit card might be safe after all, when Janice swerved into the bulk candy and coffee store and started browsing the gourmet coffee aisle. “Uhm…” Ian said.

“Oh, come on, it’s a lot cheaper than going out for coffee!” Janice said. “When you consider it cup for cup…”

“Um…all right. Just stay away from that kind that’s made from beans shat out by some kind of monkey, okay? I don’t think I could afford it.”

Janice giggled, and started filling bags from plastic scoops. “You don’t have an espresso machine, do you? We’ll have to fix that.”

Ball or not, Ian was starting to wonder who was really in charge.

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But the coffee (and the grinder and espresso machine to go with it) was the only major purchase Janice actually ended up making. She started casting affectionate glances at the Apple store, but Ian begged for mercy on behalf of his credit card, and she gave in. “But I really wanted an iPod Touch,” she sighed. “Mmm, Touch. Touch touch touch.”

Ian jerked away. “Hey, stop that, I’m ticklish!”

They ate dinner at the food court, where Janice agreed that S’barro’s was indeed a worthy establishment. Then they carted the bags out to the bus stop, and rode it back to Ian’s apartment, where they found room to put coffee and machines away. “Mmm, that’ll be nice in the morning,” Janice said, rubbing her hands together.

“I have to admit, yes, it probably will be rather nice in the morning,” he sighed. “I know you’re not the only one who’ll get some use out of it.”

“Mmmmm, coffee.” Janice held the bag of beans up to her nose and took a big sniff before putting it away. “The one thing I miss when I’m living like a fox.” She yawned. “But now it’s time for bed!”

“You can take the bed—the couch is a pullout, I’ll sleep on it.” Ian said, already pitying his back.

“Oh, don’t be silly. I don’t need your bed. I normally sleep under bushes, remember?” Janice sat down on the couch, pulled her legs up, and suddenly there was a fox curled up on the sofa, peering at Ian from behind seven bushy tails. “Compared to that, a couch is great!”

“Oh my god, you’re so adorable!” Ian exclaimed, taken aback by how cute she really was.

“Now that’s funny,” Janice said. “Most people say that when I’m standing on two legs.”

Ian blushed. “I, uh, well, I do have a girlfriend...” he said, with a blush and a chuckle.

“But you don’t have a dog. Got it. Hope your lease allows pets!”

Ian chuckled. “Good night. See you in the morning.” He headed into the bedroom, leaving the door open a crack just in case Janice needed anything.

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Ian awoke the next morning to the smell of coffee wafting through the door, heralded by grinding and clattering and hissing sounds as Janice fiddled with the espresso machine like a steampunk mad scientist. Her “evil laughter” only added to the effect. “Muahaha! The world will be saved by steam!” Ian moaned and pulled his pillow over his head.

But he did have to admit, a little later after he had gotten dressed and stumbled into the kitchen, that it was great coffee. She’d even turned up some chocolate syrup and milk and whipped cream, so as to make him a passable café mocha.

“Wow, this is great!” Ian said.

Janice grinned. “I bet it’s more than your girlfriend’s ever done for you.”

Ian shrugged. “Well, she’s, um, not exactly the coffee-making sort.”

“I’d like to meet her sometime,” Janice said. “I’ll bet that would be fun.”

“Well, you just might get your chance sooner or—” Ian began.

And speak of the devil, there were two knocks on the door followed by it swinging open as Angela walked in. “Ian, hon, do you have twenty bucks I can borrow ‘til payday? I came up a little short again.” She was attractive enough in her way—shoulder-length blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and full lips that always seemed to be turned up in a smirk. She wore a college sweatshirt and corduroy slacks, with high heels, and had a large purse strapped to her side.

Ian looked up, bearing a certain resemblance to a deer in the headlights. He wondered how to explain Janice. “Uh—” He glanced back to Janice—and saw a small seven-tailed fox plushie toy at the table where she’d been sitting a moment before. It winked at him.

“Oh-uh, sure, let me check and see if I’ve got that much...” he said, and reached in his jacket pocket for his wallet.

“Great!” Angela walked in, brushing her hair off her shoulder with a casual flip of her hand. “I hate to bother you, but a gal’s gotta eat.” She looked down at the plushie seated at the table behind an empty coffee cup. “Oh, how cute! Coffee for two, huh?” She picked the toy up and gave it a squeeze. Over her shoulder where she couldn’t see, the plushie Janice stuck out a plushie tongue.

“Ah, here we go!” Ian said, and handed over a ten and two fives, with a strained smile on his face, before putting the wallet back in his pocket.

Angela grabbed them. “Thanks, sweetie!” She glanced down at the plushie. “You know, this is entirely too adorable for you. I’d better borrow it. Ciao!” She headed for the door, the Janice plushie still in her arms.

“Hey, hold on a minute—” Ian began.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll bring it back!” Angela giggled, and was out the door. Over her shoulder, Janice winked at him again. Then the door closed and she was gone.

Ian stared at the door for a moment, his mouth still open to speak. Then he shook his head, and reached down to touch the ball in his pocket. Yeah, it was still there. Janice would have to come back for that. And she was a seven-tailed kitsune—presumably she could take care of herself.

If Angela didn’t kill them both with her driving, anyway.

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“Oh yeah, he’s always good for twenty bucks,” Angela said, yakking into the cellphone held to her ear as she zipped one-handed around cars on the freeway in her VW Jetta, the Janice-plushie safely belted into the passenger seat. “That’s about all he’s good for.” She paused a moment. “Just dump him?” She laughed. “But where would I get my twenty bucks from then?”

She took her hand off the wheel for a moment so she could slam it onto the horn to honk at the SUV that had just cut her off. “Son of a—no, I didn’t mean you, Brad. Just this—look, I better go, okay? I’m on the freeway. See ya in fifteen, ‘kay?” She made kissy noises into the cellphone, then flipped it shut and dropped it on the passenger seat next to the plushie.

Janice prided herself on the serenity and composure she had developed over the last thousand years. In times of great turbulence, laboring under magical curses, even having to serve some pretty lousy masters these last few years—she was unshakable. She was completely calm.

She was having to remind herself constantly that she was supposed to be just a stuffed toy in order to keep from screaming, “Look out for that truck!”

“Why not go with the girlfriend to see what she’s like?” Janice muttered to herself. “That would be a great idea!”

“Did I leave the radio on?” Angela wondered, glancing away from the road to check the knob and nearly getting creamed by a semi. Janice gulped and shut up.

A little later, the Jetta pulled safely into the parking lot of a small diner, and Angela got out. As Janice whispered a prayer of thanks to Inari for her deliverance, Angela came around to the passenger seat, unbelted the plushie, and picked her up.

Angela felt around for her cellphone, glanced at the floor and under the seat, but it was nowhere in sight. “Huh. It must have fallen between the seats. Oh well, I’ll get it later.” She closed the door, and carried the plushie along with her into the diner. A few moments later, she was sitting in a booth across from a handsome young man in a football letter jacket. “Hi, Brad! Lookie what I got!”

Brad smirked. The smirk seemed to be a mirror image of Angela’s. Whatever else Janice thought of the two of them, she had to admit they seemed to be made for each other. “So did your ‘boyfriend’ buy that for you?”

Angela snorted. “Him? He hasn’t bought me anything in months. That’s why I keep mooching twenties off of him—cut out the middleman.” She chuckled. “Though everything he did buy me had to do with those foxes he’s crazy about. Even little earrings.” She chuckled. “Naw, he probably bought this for himself. But it’s too cute for him, don’t you think?” She set it in the booth next to her.

Brad grinned. “So why are you sitting over there with it instead of over here with me?”

“You know, that’s a gooood question.” Angela giggled, and rounded the booth to sit down next to Brad. They started snuggling shamelessly as the waitress came by to take their orders. They were so involved in it that they didn’t notice Janice pulling Angela’s cellphone out of a hidden pocket and snapping pictures of them with its built-in camera. She hastily put it away when the food came and they started paying more attention to their surroundings.

After dinner was over, Angela grabbed Janice and they went out to the car. Janice was relegated to the back seat as Brad and Angela took the front. Thankfully, Brad drove this time. He actually paid attention to the road.

They pulled in at what Janice assumed was Angela’s apartment complex, and Angela tucked Janice under one arm as they went upstairs. She was relegated to the sofa, along with a half-dozen other assorted stuffed animals, as Brad and Angela continued into the bedroom. Janice waited until they were fully occupied before sneaking in to take a few more pictures. Then she wandered back to the door, reverted to human form, and let herself out.

As she made her way downstairs, Janice flipped open the cellphone again and checked the speed dial. There it was—”May, Ian.” She punched the call button. “Hey, Ian? Can you tell me how to get to your place from Angela’s?”

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A little later, Janice walked back into Ian’s apartment looking like the fox that had swallowed the canary. “Honey, I’m home!”

“Welcome home. I guess, this is your home now too,” Ian said. “So, did her driving keep you amused?”

Janice rolled her eyes. “Don’t even joke about that.” She shrugged out of her jacket, revealing a red spandex halter-top beneath, stretched over endowments that were considerably more impressive without the jacket covering them. “At least she won’t be able to do it again for a while. I’m afraid I accidentally slashed all four of her tires.” She grinned. “It was quite an accident, believe me.”

Ian liked to consider himself a throughly modern, enlightened, civilized gentleman. He prided himself on his ability to control himself—and yet, he found himself standing there gawking.

“Now check this.” She tossed him the cellphone with the same pitch she’d used to throw him her ball earlier.

Ian caught it reflexively, then looked at it. “Huh? This is Angela’s phone, isn’t it?”

“Open the photo album. Check the shots from today.”

A few moments went by as Ian fiddled with the unfamiliar phone. Then he held it closer and stared. “Is this what I think it is?”

“That would be one ‘Brad Walcott,’ I believe. He’s number 2 on her speed dial, by the way, right after voicemail. You seem to have slipped to number 7, behind her beautician, her plumber, her gynecologist, and her veterinarian.”

“This is real?” Ian asked. “Not some kind of kitsune trick?”

Janice snorted. “If we didn’t have such a reputation for trickery, I’d be insulted. But we do, so I’m not. No, it’s not a trick. I do have to admit the timing is kind of convenient, but it’s all real—I’ll swear on my ball.”

Ian flipped through more pictures, and sighed. “Somehow this isn’t a surprise.” He closed the phone. “I had my suspicions already, but now here’s proof. I guess I just wasn’t good enough for her.”

Then Janice was there, hugging him. “Right idea, wrong way around.” She turned him around to face her. “I don’t know you very well, I’ll admit, but you’re worth ten of her. And about maybe one half of me, but what can I say, I like slumming.” She winked, and then kissed him full on the lips.

Ian froze for a moment, but then proceeded to wrap his arms around her, and return the kiss, with feeling.

“Mmmm,” Janice said afterward. “I need to revise my estimate. Make that about three-quarters of me.”

“Thanks…I think.” Ian grinned. “But now I just have to decide what to do about this, how to break up with her—”

“You know, the problem is all inside your head. The answer is easy if you take it logically.” She winked, and sang, “I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free. There must be fifty ways to leave your lover.” She grinned. “It’s true. Simon says. Well, Paul Simon.”

“Heh, I suppose it is, isn’t it? What do you have in mind?” he asked. “And you’re only about half right there. For her to be my lover, it would generally have to be that we had at some point made love,” he added derisively.

“I tell you what,” Janice said. “Invite her over to give her phone back. Give me back along with her. Or just let her see me. She’ll think you bought another plushie, and steal that one too.” She winked. “I’ll make sure she won’t bother you again.”

Ian nodded, smiling. “Thank you.” he said, and dialed Angela’s land-line number on her own cellphone. It was a while before she answered. “Hi, Angela? Please come over, I have your cellphone.” he said, interrupting her before she could get anything out.

“What? But I’m sure I had it in—” She paused. “I guess it must have fallen out of my purse when I was over there. Um…I’ll be over for it in a couple hours, okay? I’m kinda busy right now.”

“I’ll see you then,” Ian replied, and hung up.

Janice giggled. “It might be a little longer than she thinks, when she goes down and sees her tires.”

That even got a snicker out of Ian, who normally would find himself a bit less than pleasantly disposed to something so mean-spirited as vengeance.

It ended up being three hours before Angela finally swept into the room with only a perfunctory knock—but Janice’s sharp ears had heard her coming up the stairs, giving her plenty of time to get into plushie form on the couch next to the cellphone.

“Oh, there’s my phone. Thanks!” Angela paused. “And what’s this doing here? I thought it was still on my sofa. Oh, did you buy another one?” She gave Ian a peck on the cheek as she scooped Janice up and swept out again. “Thanks for the phone, sorry gotta run, cab waiting downstairs with the meter running, bye!”

With that, she was gone—out of his life forever, Ian realized. He didn’t have to worry about getting her money anymore, or anything else. It was liberating. He hadn’t really realized how frustrated he had been. He shrugged, and sat down to wait for Janice to get back.

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Angela got home in time to see the AAA tow truck haul her Jetta off to the garage to fix the tires. She grumbled. She sure hoped whoever had done that got what was coming to them. She was going to have to wheedle the money out of Ian one way or another, but that shouldn’t be a problem. She tossed the plushie down on her sofa, and blinked to notice that the other one wasn’t still there.

Huh. Had he snuck in and fetched it back? No, that was impossible, she’d have noticed. Besides, she’d changed the locks since she gave him her key, and had conveniently “forgotten” to update his copy. Well, maybe it had fallen behind the couch. She glanced behind, under it, and looked under the other plushies. Weird.

As she started to back away, she found her hand had somehow gotten stuck to the fox plushie’s muzzle—and the plushie itself was stuck to the couch, not coming loose. She reached in with her other hand to disentangle the first one, and then it was stuck, too.

Wait a moment—it wasn’t stuck to the plushie’s muzzle, it was stuck in it. And impossibly, it was starting to suck her arms in! “What the—what’s going on here?” Now her arms were in its mouth up to the elbow. “Somebody help me!”

But nobody was around, and her apartment was soundproofed anyway. It slurped her in up to the shoulders, then she was treated to a brief glimpse of a red plush fabric gullet as the plushie opened wide and engulfed her head.

She was pulled steadily forward, inside its mouth up to her chest now, and though she knew it was impossible, she could swear the thing was licking her breasts, through her clothing. She moaned and squirmed, but at the same time couldn’t help finding being eaten alive by a plushie at least a little bit erotic. Her screams gradually faded to moans, and she almost didn’t notice when her belly and hips slid into the plushie maw, or when her pants and underwear were unfastened and slid down her legs.

Then she felt an entirely new sensation. She was being licked between the legs by a…plushie tongue? A gentle churring sound seemed to come from all around her as it probed and thrust deeper and deeper into her. Despite her predicament, Angela couldn’t help thrusting against the questing tongue, faster and faster until she finally climaxed, moistening the plushie mouth considerably. But it seemed to dry up as soon as the fluids touched it, still feeling soft and fuzzy to her legs and knees as they were drawn into its mouth. Then her pants, panties, and shoes were pushed off over her feet, and they were drawn inside, too.

The next thing Angela knew, she was curled up inside some kind of cloth bag that was drawn tight all around her. Her knees were pushed up against her chest, and she found it hard to breathe. “Help!” she cried. “Let me out!”

“Sorry!” a female voice came from all around her. “I’m afraid that’s not an option.”

“Who—what are you?” Angela cried, squirming .

“I’m Ian’s new girlfriend,” the voice said. “You can call me Janice. And boy, it’s lucky Ian got me. Otherwise he might have ended up subsidizing your flings with hunky Brad until he ran all the way out of money.”

Angela snorted. “Oh, God. What do you see in that schmuck. You like little foxes, too? I’m sure you deserve each other. Now, I don’t know what you did, but you better let me out of—”

“Deserve each other? Do we?” Janice paused for a moment for a moment. “I don’t know about that. I think he deserves a lot better than me, and I know I don’t deserve someone like him.” Her voice hardened. “But boy, if he deserves better than me, he deserves a hell of a lot better than you.”

“Let me out of here!” Angela didn’t like the way this conversation was going at all. She attacked the bag with her nails, but they only broke. She fumbled for her pocket knife, but remembered it was in the pocket of her pants.

“Sorry, like I said, that’s not an option.” The bag she was in seemed to be growing warmer, and…tighter. “You’re not ever going to get to hurt Ian again. This will be a lot more painless than I think you deserve, but oh well.”

Angela wasn’t sure what was happening, but her skin was starting to crawl, and it almost felt like she was…shrinking. “Oh God, please let me out! Please! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean—”

“—to get caught. I know. Don’t worry. I’m not going to kill you. That would be too good for you…”

Then everything went dark.

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On the sofa, the plushie Janice yawned and stretched, and patted the bulge in her tummy. “Mmm. Spoiled brat-wurst. Haven’t had as tasty in a long time.” She chuckled. Unlike the other vores on campus, her ability to eat others was natural and inborn—and she had some rather different uses for those she devoured than the campus vores.

The plushie fox opened her mouth wide, hugged herself around the chest, and then coughed, and coughed again. A smaller fox plushie gradually emerged from her muzzle. It was female, had only one tail, and was wearing a smaller version of the same shirt that Angela had been wearing when Janice had eaten her.

Janice set the plushie amid the other stuffed toys on the sofa, then stood up and shapeshifted into a perfect copy of the human Angela. She reached down, picked up the cellphone, and hit the speed dial. “Yeah, Brad?” she said in Angela’s voice. “Could you come right over? Yeah, I need to see you. Okay, good. See you soon.” She grinned a predatory grin as she hung up, and the grin stayed the same as the rest of her shifted around it back into Janice.

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Janice walked back into Ian’s apartment later that afternoon in her human form, looking smug and cheerful. “I had a little talk with Angela. She’s not going to bother you again.” She chuckled. “I even talked to Brad, just to make sure he knew there were no hard feelings.” As in, “No hard feelings, but I have to eat you anyway.”

“Thank you, again,” Ian said, with a smile, and hugged her tightly. “Hey, what are those?”

Janice held up two small fox plushies—the one of Angela, and another one wearing a miniature version of Brad’s letter jacket. “I went by a custom stuffed toy shop and had these made up. Sort of symbolic, ya know?” She went into the bedroom, and placed them on the top of Ian’s chest of drawers so they had a clear view of the bed.


“Yeah.” She grinned a foxy grin at Ian. “They were just toys. But I’m the real thing.”

“Except when you’re a toy,” Ian pointed out.

“Well, yeah. Except for then.” Janice winked. “Now…is there any of that espresso left?” She headed back into the kitchen, and Ian followed her.

If a little bead of moisture formed at the corner of the Angela plushie’s eye, there was nobody there to see it.

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