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Vore/Neko Project Campus story universe
This story contains adult content.

Lioness Loves Lucy

Author: Throat Wolf
Info icon.pngLioness Loves Lucy
Author:Throat Wolf
Series:Lucy & Tina (#1)
Next:An Evening with Clarence
Setting/Universe:Vore/Neko Project Campus
Author's Comments

This story is set in the "Vore/Neko Project Campus Universe," an established setting in which I have written and co-written a fairly large number of installments and series. I don't know whether I'll get around to reposting them all up here, but if this one piques your interest, you can find the others in my Eka's Portal gallery (see link in info box at right).

Written in collaboration with KlinKitty using Etherpad. We split the writing duties as follows:

Writing: 90% Throat_Wolf, 10% KlinKitty.

Ideas and Inspiration: 10% Throat_Wolf, 90% KlinKitty.

Lucy peered out the street-level doorway of her apartment building, looking left and right, before stepping out and walking up the sidewalk. Life was dangerous at this college. Or at least, that was how it felt now. It hadn't used to feel that way, but that was before she'd learned the full extent of what was going on behind the scenes.

This is a vorarephilia (vore) story, in which people get eaten for erotic purposes. Unlike many vorarephila stories, my flavor of vore is entirely non-lethal; I'm not interested in snuff. However, if vore is not your thing, you probably will not enjoy this regardless. It also features some elements of bondage.

Or had she? Come to think of it, about the only thing she knew by now was just how much she actually didn't know. It was what she didn't know that scared her. It was particularly that she didn't know whether this or that person on the street was a vore—or what was arguably worse, an animé fan.

Lucy had the misfortune to be what such a fan would refer to as a "catgirl." She had the further misfortune to be only about four feet tall—or, as she thought of it in her darker moments, "otaku pocket-sized." She still wasn't entirely sure how she'd lost a foot and a half of height, but she thought it had to do with the magical/genetic experimentation that had turned her into a "neko." (Lucy had a sneaking suspicion that the project had even been named by anime fans.)

Other nekos had been infused with the genes of lions and tigers and…well, not bears. That she knew of. Unless there was a Project Ursus around somewhere. (Oh my!) But as far as Lucy could guess, they must have crossed her with a housecat. She had tawny orange fur in the classic "tabby" pattern, right down to the "M" on her forehead. Her "scarlet letter" as she thought of it. Just that in this case "scarlet" translated as "dark orange."

She supposed she really should put some clothes on, but ever since she'd been made a neko, cloth against her fur tended to rub her the wrong way—literally. Fortunately her fur was thick enough to cover the naughty bits unless you looked really closely.

Satisfied for the moment that the coast seemed to be clear, Lucy moved up the sidewalk toward the all-night convenience store. Ever since she'd passed through Project Neko, she'd started drinking milk like crazy, and it was a really annoying thing to run out of it in the middle of the night.

The convenience store was empty when Lucy arrived, save for the rather bored looking clerk. He barely paid Lucy any attention, focused on the clock; his shift must have been near its end. The dairy case was at the end of the last hall, right next to the beer and malt liquor section. As Lucy headed for the shelf with the milk, she heard the jingle of the bell on the door as another customer entered. She didn't pay any attention, intent as she was on her task.

But she was momentarily distracted by one of the displays on the beer shelf. "The heck is this? 'Budweiser Chelada.' Budweiser mixed with Clamato? The world's crappiest beer mixed with tomato juice and clam broth? Who the hell would drink that stuff?" She shuddered, then resumed her march toward the milk. Still intent on the ghastly anti-beverage she had just noticed, she didn't see the other person reaching for a milk carton until she'd run right into her. Or at least into her leg.

Attached to that leg was an imposing figure. Although she was a neko as well, they could hardly be more different. For starters, she was around 7 feet tall, towering over the smaller feline. Her curvy body was coated in short, tan fur, and her ears were slightly rounded instead of pointed. She had a nicely toned figure, with a rather ample bust as well. Like some of the neko, she wore clothes—a sweater that showed off a good deal of cleavage and tight jeans—likely out of habit instead of necessity.

"Uh…excuse me," Lucy stammered. "Didn't mean to run into you. Just here for some—" she yanked her eyes away from the lioness's impressive cleavage "—milk…"

The lioness looked down at the smaller Neko, with a rather mischievous grin. "Oh really? Well, what a coincidence, so was I…" She chuckled. "You know, you really should put some clothes on. Someone's likely to mistake you for a stray."

Lucy rolled her eyes. "Oh, I've never heard that before."

The lioness grinned. "Oh, I know!" She rummaged in her purse. "I've got just the thing." From her purse she produced a leather collar. Before Lucy could convince herself the lioness was really going to do what it looked like she was going to do, she had fitted it around Lucy's neck, and pulled it shut. "There you go! Now they'll know you belong to someone."

"Hey, wait just a—" Lucy protested feebly.

"Oh, and we mustn't forget the lead." She rummaged in her purse again and pulled out a leather leash, which she snapped onto the collar…and then she snapped a small padlock through the latch and buckle, locking the collar shut and the leash to the collar. "There! Purrrfect."

"Hey!" Lucy protested again. "I don't belong to you! I'm not your pet!"

The lioness looked at Lucy and frowned. "You're not? Oh? Oh…" Her face fell. "I'm sorry. I guess you were just so cute that I got a little carried away."

"So get this thing off of me?" Lucy said.

"All right, just a moment…" The lioness rummaged in her purse. "That's funny."

"What?" Lucy asked, though she had a sinking suspicion she knew what was coming.

"I can't find the key. I must have left it at my place, silly me." She flashed a self-deprecating (albeit toothsome) grin. "I guess you'll have to come home with me so I can unlock it."

Lucy facepalmed. "No way. I'll go find a locksmith, or boltcutters, or something."

The lioness smiled again, a bit more predatorily. "No, no I think you'll have to come home with me." She tugged on the lead meaningfully.

Lucy whimpered, starting to get some idea of what she'd let herself in for by not watching where she was going. Head bowed in defeat, she followed the lioness toward the exit, and almost bumped into her again when she stopped. "Oh, I almost forgot!" She bounded back to the dairy case and grabbed two cartons of milk. "One for me, and one for thee!"

Lucy accepted her carton of milk wordlessly, and didn't protest when the lioness insisted on paying for both of them. The counter clerk glanced at them boredly, but didn't seem to think there was anything unusual in one neko leading another by a leash. Of course he wouldn't, Lucy thought darkly. He works near the Neko Project labs.

The lioness lead Lucy out of the building, pausing to look both ways before crossing the street. "Oh, how silly of me, I never asked your name!" She grinned down at the collared neko. "I'm Tina."

"Lucy," Lucy said, trotting along behind the lioness. She had to take three steps for every one of Tina's powerful strides.

Tina looked back at her. "You know, most housecats don't take to leads well the first time. You're handling this very well," she said.

Lucy felt an irrational surge of pride, which she fought down a moment later. She hadn't ever thought about the instincts she must have inherited from her housecat half, but she was starting to think that a tendency toward submissiveness was one of them. "I'm not a housecat, I'm a person!" she protested.

"A person who is also a housecat. Mmm, a stray housecat, wandering around without a collar on. It's a lucky thing I found you before Animal Control." Lucy whimpered again. "I wonder if you've had your shots?"

Lucy tried to respond, but she was getting quite out of breath by now. Tina looked down, and stopped. "Hmm, a little out of shape, huh? We'll have to go for longer walks to get you over that."

"Why are you—talking like—I belong to you?" Lucy gasped. "We're only going to your—place so you can remo—WHOA!" Tina had reached down and casually picked up Lucy with one arm, as if she had been little more than a real housecat. She cradled Lucy in her arms and started walking again. Lucy squirmed and struggled, but Tina seemed to have had lots of experience with unhappy housecats and so she finally subsided. She tried to ignore the fact that her face was pressed right up against one of Tina's giant breasts.

"Good kitty!" Tina said cheerfully.

Lucy sighed. "Can we just cut the crap please? Why are you doing this to me?"

"It's only what I'd do for any stray," Tina said.

Lucy facepalmed. "Argh!"

Tina gave an amused chuckle, and carried Lucy into an apartment building. While certainly not a high-class joint, it was no slum either, and seemed to be a rather comfortable place. The desk clerk hardly gave Tina and Lucy a second glance as Tina carried the 'stray' into the elevator.

Tina pushed the button for the third floor, and, once the elevator stopped, she carried Lucy to one of the apartments. It was a fairly standard apartment—not too big, but cozy. Once inside, she carried Lucy to the bathroom, and turned the water on in the rather small bathtub, while holding Lucy in the crook of one arm.

"Gack! What're you doing?" Lucy sputtered.

"Kitty needs a bath." Still holding Lucy firmly with one arm, she fished in her purse. "Well, would you look at that? The key was right here the whole time!"


She deftly unlocked the padlock, pulled the lead off the collar, then relocked it. "There. All ready for bathtime!"

"I can bathe on my own, and I usually take showers anyway," Lucy mumbled, but she was starting to realize there wasn't much point. Just giving up and taking it was becoming a more and more attractive option. Too attractive, actually.

"Now you just be a good kitty," Tina told her. "Don't try to bite or scratch. Baths are necessary for your own good."

Lucy sighed. "All right." She didn't struggle as Tina dunked her in the hot water, and then started lathering her up with herbal flea shampoo. Well, at least it smelled nice. Probably the same stuff the lioness used on her own pelt.

"There! Now don't we feel all better, all nice and clean?"

"I feel like a drowned rat. Ugh, I hate wet fur." Lucy looked down at herself with distaste. The outlines of her breasts and her pubic mound were clearly visible now that the water made the fur stick to everything.

Tina followed her gaze, and raised an eyebrow. "Well now, you are more of a grown-up kitty than I thought, aren't you? Not that this is a bad thing at all." She was practically purring. "But let's get you under the blow-drier now." She sat Tina down in a chair underneath a large cylindrical apparatus mounted to the ceiling. It had fan blades, only they looked more like the fan blades found in a jet engine than an ordinary blower fan.

Tina flipped a switch, and the fan roared to life, enveloping Lucy in a blast of hot air that seemed to dry her fur almost instantly. It felt so good that Lucy began to purr despite herself, and had a hard time stopping—especially when Tina picked her up and began to stroke and brush her. "There's my pretty kitty, all nice and dry again…"

"This is…undignified," Lucy whimpered.

"Oh, but honey, what fun is life if you have to be dignified all the time? Look at me, I'm supposed to be the queen of the jungle…but here I am playing with my pet kitty."

"But I'm not your pet kitty!" Lucy wailed.

"No pet kitty thinks she's a pet kitty. That's what makes kitties kitties," Tina said.

Lucy sighed. "Will you at least tell me what you want from me? Be straight with me at least that much?"

Tina raised an eyebrow. "I thought it was obvious. I want you from you. I Just hate living all alone. I really need a pet, and you're just so adorable that I feel the need to take care of you."

"But I don't need to be taken care of," Lucy protested.

"Oh no? If you were capable of standing up for yourself, you'd never have let me get that collar on you, let alone left the store with me." Tina smiled. "You followed me home, so I can keep you."

Lucy whimpered, all the more because she knew Tina was right. Then to her surprise, Tina whispered in her ear, "Can I keep you? Please? If you say no…well, I'll just have to let you go, I guess." To Lucy's surprise, Tina sniffled and dabbed at an eye. "But I promise I'd take the best care of you, always…"

And to her surprise, and mild horror, Lucy found that she was unable to say no. "I—but I don't want—don't need—" She looked down at the floor, sighed, and surrendered. "All right," she half-whispered. "You can keep me."

"Really?" Tina asked. "You'd give yourself to me?"

"I don't want to," Lucy said. "But…I sort of have to."

Tina's eyes filled with tears. "Oh thank you! Thank you so much! That's the nicest thing anyone has ever given me. Just a second." She rummaged in her purse, and came out with a set of metal tags, which she snapped onto Lucy's collar. "There. Now everyone will know you're mine."

Lucy sighed, but now it was not the sigh of a woman mad at another woman, but of a pet feeling too fussed-over by her mistress. God, Lucy thought, I'm hopeless. Maybe I do deserve to be kept. She glanced up at Tina's seven feet of brawn and cleavage. Well, at least she'll be able to protect me from the vores and the animé fans. Unless she's a vore herself. The thought chilled her for a moment, then she sighed inwardly. But if she's a vore, then I guess I'm already her lunch and there's no point in worrying about it.

Tina smiled admiringly at her pet, slowly stroking between her ears. "Mm...Say, you've been such a good girl...How would you like a treat? I have just the thing!" She stood up, and left the bathroom. She left the door open, pausing briefly to beckon for Lucy to follow, then headed into the kitchen.

Lucy followed Tina, collar tags jingling. She jumped a step or two and shook herself, just to hear the jingle. It was such a cheerful little sound. It said, "My mistress loves me!" (Part of Lucy was still disgusted that the rest of her was coming to feel that way, but that part was shrinking rapidly.)

Once Tina arrived in the kitchen, she fished around in one of the cupboards, producing a white shoebox. Lucy could hear soft scratching noises inside, and, as Tina opened the lid, Lucy caught a whiff of catnip. Moving swiftly, Tina plucked a small, plump mouse from the box, dusted in the herb. "Here! I save these for special occasions..." She smiled. "And I think this one is very special! Now, open wide!"

Lucy gazed at the mouse raptly. She'd never eaten them, though she knew of nekos who had. She'd not wanted to give in so far to instinct. It was a choice she had likened to not eating sushi—but then again, she had never been face-to-face with a mouse before.

Tina dangled the squirming, squeaking rodent in front of Lucy's face. The smell of catnip was overwhelming, and, mixed with the rodent's own scent, was driving Lucy wild. Finally it was too much for her, and she pounced, grabbing the hapless rodent with both hands. She held it firmly, no matter how much it squirmed, and lifted it up to her nose to smell the catnip scent. A lovely green haze seemed to descend over everything, and before she knew it she was curled up on the rug, purring, licking blood from her hands and pulling a bit of mouse tail from between her teeth.

Lucy opened her mouth to thank Tina, but what came out was, "Mrrrrowrr!" She blinked, and tried again. "Mrrrowrrr mrr mrr."

Tina laughed and purred. "Catnip hits us like that. Just give it time."

"Mrrr," Lucy said. She padded over to Tina, halfway between on two legs and on four, and Tina lifted her onto her lap and stroked her. "Oh, you are such a good kitty."

Lucy purred happily. She must have been crazy, to think she didn't need to be owned. It felt so good to be taken care of this way.

Tina yawned. "Well…that was more exertion than I thought I'd be in for when I went to the store for some milk. And I'm not normally this nocturnal. I think it's time for bed."

"Mrrrowrr," Lucy said agreeably. She clambered off of Tina's lap, and padded after her into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Tina slipped out of her clothing. She went rather slowly, almost as if she was putting on a show for her new pet. Lucy watched raptly, as any cat would. Tina tossed her clothing into the laundry hamper, and slipped into bed, then patted the mattress, inviting Lucy up. Lucy happily obliged, and Tina pulled the covers over their bodies, holding the smaller neko close. "Mm...Sleep well, my dear. We have lots to do tomorrow!"

Lucy just purred, secure in Tina's arms.

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The next day, they went back to Lucy's apartment and moved all her things over to Tina's. Lucy was grateful for that. She would have been willing to live in a cat condo if Tina had wanted her to, but Tina seemed to care enough about her to want her to have "all your favorite toys." Then they cancelled the lease on Lucy's old place, severing all ties to her old life. Lucy: independent neko student was no more. She had been entirely replaced by Lucy: Tina's pet kitty.

In her more lucid moments, Lucy supposed she never really had a chance. How else could a docile housecat react when confronted by the queen of the jungle, the hunt leader of prides? Just the pheromones alone would have been enough to do her in. Now she could only go along with what Tina asked of her. The lioness was a force of nature. She was just glad that Tina still let her go to class (though from the way Tina talked about it, you would have thought the classes were obedience training).

Lucy's friends all looked at her collar a little oddly, but even the non-neko ones had heard enough about dominance and submission practices to draw a conclusion that was only slightly wrong, and Lucy didn't bother to correct them. She was too happy to be owned. She'd never realized how necessary an owner was to a housecat, and she would have done anything for the one she had now.

When she was home, Tina always had a moment to spare for her—to brush and stroke her, to tease her with a laser pointer, to proffer a catnip mouse. Lucy was glad she didn't take the pet kitty thing too far—Tina fed her the same human (mostly) food that she herself ate. Lucy didn't think she could have stomached canned cat food. Though on the other hand, Tina was fond of grabbing handfuls of Iam's kibble and munching it like popcorn for a snack, and Lucy didn't think it was too bad when she tried it.

Then one day, as Lucy was heading home from an evening class, an incident that she'd long been dreading finally happened. She heard footsteps behind her, and knew she was being followed. Glancing over her shoulder, Lucy could see it was a student she'd seen in some of her classes. A guy maybe a little older than she was, wearing glasses, a little dorky-looking—with an Evangelion backpack. Oh, great, Lucy thought. A fanboy. She quickened her pace a little. Tina's apartment was just around the block.

Tina must have been watching from the window, because she was on the doorstep as Lucy came trotting up. "Oh, there's my pet kitty!" Tina squealed, snatching her up and cuddling her. The fanboy's glasses fell off. Tina looked up and seemed to see him for the first time. "Oh, is this a friend of yours?" she purred.

The fanboy mumbled something about wanting to ask Lucy for help with some homework. "Oh, well you must come in!" Tina purred. "I'm sure my pet kitty will be happy to help you, won't she?" She leaned forward as she gathered Lucy more firmly into her arms, coincidentally flashing the fanboy a straight shot right down her cleavage. His glasses fell off again.

The three of them rode the elevator back up to Tina's room. The fanboy was starting to perspire, especially his palms. Tina looked as cool as an arctic outhouse. Lucy was starting to get worried.

"Here we are!" Tina purred cheerfully. "Why don't you have a seat at the table while I get some milk and cookies?"

Well, Lucy could always be persuaded to drink some milk. She hopped up onto her "special" chair, a seat sized to fit her smaller frame. The fanboy took the seat across from her, put his elbows on the table and propped his chin on his hands, and just stared, his eyes swiveling back and forth between Lucy and Tina like the head of an oscillating fan. Tina was—quite coincidentally of course—making sure to display her very best assets as she reached for things in the refrigerator and the cabinets.

"Now eat up!" she said, placing plates of ginger snaps and tall glasses of milk in front of Lucy and the fanboy. "And drink up. I have the best milk on campus, you know…" she said, straightening her sweater over her cleavage. The fanboy nearly choked on a ginger snap. "I buy premium brands!" Tina continued brightly. The fanboy sighed.

"Oh!" Tina said, glancing over at the fanboy. "You've dropped a cookie off your plate." She leaned forward to pick it up…again offering the fanboy an ample view. And again, he nearly choked on a cookie. This time, though, he knocked over his glass of milk. It spilled all over his shirt, his lap, and some even got on his face.

"Oh, my!" Tina said. "You've spilled your milk! Well, there's no point crying over it." She came around the table. "Here, let me clean you up…" And to the fanboy's utter confusion, she leaned over and started licking the milk off of his shoulder.

"GLURK!" said the fanboy, and for a few moments it looked like he might not manage to retain consciousness. Somehow he found it within himself to persevere, however. Meanwhile, Tina sat down on his lap (she had bought very strong chairs) and continued licking, moving up his shoulder to his neck, and up his neck toward his face. She very carefully reached up, removed his much-abused glasses, and placed them neatly on the table.

Lucy watched in utter puzzlement as Tina gave the fanboy a feline cleaning. Why on earth was Tina giving that kind of treatment to a creepy geek who had followed her home? And what was more, was she supposed to help or just watch?

"Mmm…let's get that wet shirt off of you," Tina said, her voice sultrier. "And maybe those pants, too." The fanboy was already fumbling at his belt buckle as Tina pulled off his shirt. "Lucy, would you help him get his clothes off, hmm?"

Lucy hopped down from the chair and went over to help, feeling distinctly ambivalent about the whole thing. Tina carefully unzipped the fanboy's jeans, and Lucy gripped the legs, sliding them down. The boy was wearing white briefs, hugging his slightly-chubby rump. He seemed a bit...cleaner than the stereotypical geek, and not particularly ugly, just...awkward.

Once he was undressed, Tina began to lick his chest, then up his neck, purring loudly. Soon, she had coated his face in her saliva, and began to lick through his hair with slow, broad strokes, ruffling it up. The boy's eyes were half-closed, and he had a goofy grin on his face...It seemed as though he was in a trance.

And that may have been why he barely struggled as Tina's jaws parted, and slowly engulfed his head. Her purring continued as she worked over his neck, taking slow, heavy gulps as she devoured the fanboy. He hardly seemed to notice his predicament until she was passing over his chest, and by then, he could hardly squirm, as her hands had his arms pinned firmly to his sides.

Lucy stared as Tina swallowed the fanboy. It was at once so fascinating and yet so horrifying that she couldn't look away. Tina was a vore after all! And Lucy was witnessing a vorish dinner at close range. Was she going to be the next course?

Tina didn't seem to notice her pet's gaze, apparently quite focused on her meal. Her jaws worked slowly down the boy's belly, as her thumbs slipped into the waistband of his briefs. Soon, her lips were passing over his rump, and, judging by the way her meal went still and moaned, she was giving him a final reward. She held him for a while, licking and suckling on his nether regions, until his body went tense with climax. She gave him a moment to recover, then slowly tilted her head upwards, throat rippling visibly as she gulped down his thighs and calves. And soon, her lips slid shut over his toes, his body pushed down into her now-round gut.

"Mmm...Delicious..." Tina purred, then looked down towards Lucy's chair, then frowned as she saw it was empty. "Oh my...Did I scare you off?"

Lucy whimpered and tried to crawl under the sofa, which her instincts told her was the nearest possible cover. However, her instincts belonged to a creature about one fifth her size, so all she ended up doing was getting her head stuck.

"Lucy? Here kitty kitty…it's all right." Tina's voice came from right above her pinned head as she lifted the couch so Lucy could jerk it out. Lucy whimpered again and skittered backward, knocking over an end-table and breaking the lamp on it with a crash.

Then Tina was there beside her, and had picked her up and was cradling her in her arms. Lucy let out a mewl of despair, closed her eyes, and waited for the end—but all that happened was that Tina kept stroking her, gently. "There, there," she said. "There's a good kitty." She felt Tina move over to a rocking chair and sit down, rocking gently.

"But…you…vore…" Lucy whimpered.

"Yes, I'm a vore," Tina admitted. "And if I wanted to, I could have eaten you any time since I first dragged you home from the shop. Now why do you think I didn't do that?"

"Saving me…for later?" Lucy hazarded.

Tina laughed. "No, silly. While I won't pretend it hasn't been tempting a time or three, what would I do if I ate you? I'd be all alone again. Um. Well, actually I wouldn't have to be, since I'm a Level 2…but that undermines my argument, so better not even to bring it up. Um. The point is, I care about you, little kitten. In ways that I don't care about anyone I eat. For me to eat someone, I have to care about them either very very little…or very very much."

Lucy blinked. "Very very…much?"

"Uh-huh. Enough to want them to be a part of me, forever and always." She continued to stroke Lucy's fur calmingly.

"But…don't they die? How can you kill people you care about?"

Tina shook her head. "No, they don't die. Maybe they would if a normal person ate them, if a normal person had a mouth that big. But the vore treatment helps us preserve. It's some new kind of magic that scoops up their soul and bits of their body and keeps them in a safe place inside of us. We can talk to them in our minds, or do all sorts of things with them. They're always with us, safe inside of us, for whenever we need them."

Lucy blinked. "Do you…do you care about me that much?" She'd forgotten to be afraid, and was now just curious.

"Oh, honey, I do." She smiled. "Enough for me to promise you…I won't ever eat you without asking if I can, and I won't ever trick you into it the way I do my other meals, like that boy."

"Oh…okay," Lucy said. She wasn't sure whether or not it really was yet, but she thought she could believe Tina.

"And if anyone else starts trying to follow you around and you don't like it, bring them right back here and I'll take care of them for you. Just like I did this one." She patted the bulge in her tummy, which made a muffled noise that sounded distinctly like someone crying, "Let me out! It's dark in here!"

Lucy reached down with one hand to feel the bulge. "Oh! He's moving inside of you."

Tina smiled. "He is. And soon he'll be a part of me."

Lucy frowned. Something about this didn't make sense. "And you really want someone like that to be part of you?"

"Oh, I won't ever have to hear from him ever again if I don't want to," Lucy said. "I can put him to sleep. He'll still be alive in me, and I'll still be able to remember everything he knows, but he'll only wake up if I want him to."

"And you won't get in trouble for eating him?" Lucy had always wondered how vores managed to get away with taking the meals they did.

"Only if you mean 'having to file a lot of paperwork' by 'trouble.'" Tina smiled. "I'll have to get started on it right after I digest him."


Tina loosened her arms, and Lucy hopped down, resting one ear against Tina's rounded stomach. She felt the geeky boy's movements and heard his weak, muffled pleas. She sighed. She knew the boy had been creepy and had followed her home, but had he really meant any harm by it? She cupped her hands to her mouth and rested them on Tina's belly. "You could have talked to me in class, you know!" she yelled into them. "Or outside the classroom. What were we supposed to think, you following me home like that! I'm sorry, I didn't want this to happen to you, but it's your own fault!"

She thought she heard him mumble, "I'm sorry," then it was moot as a low gurgling came through Tina's stomach wall. The fanboy soon went still, and his voice was silenced as the lioness' belly went to work on him, churning him about, preparing him for absorption. Lucy found herself entranced by the noises, and, deep down, felt that part of her envied the boy.

She looked up at Tina. "Do you…do you want me to be a part of you?"

Tina smiled. "I'd love you to. You could be very helpful in my…job, being able to get into places I couldn't fit. But that's something you'd have to think about for yourself. If it was what you wanted. I wouldn't do it without your permission."

"Oh." She thought about that for a moment. "Okay. Um." She sighed. "When he's part of you and you can see what he was thinking…if he didn't mean to be a creep…be kind to him. The fanboy." She sighed. "I don't even know his name."

Tina smiled. "My forgiving little kitty. Don't worry. I will." She looked off in to the distance for a moment. "And it's Clarence. His name is Clarence."

"Thank you," Lucy said.

"Now it's getting late," Tina said, getting up from her chair. "You need to sleep on what you just heard, and I need to sleep on Clarence, here. Shall we call it a night?"

Lucy smiled and hugged Tina around the still-contracting waist. "Let's go to bed."

"All right." Tina picked Lucy up again, and they headed off to bed together.

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