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She-Wolf story universe
This story contains adult content.

Kayla's Story

Author: Throat Wolf

Info icon.pngKayla's Story
Author:Throat Wolf
Series:She-Wolf (#5)
Previous:In the Throat of the Wolf
Author's Comments

Written more recently than the others, this Wolfen story drops back to the present-day shortly after "Sonja's Tale" to continue the story from where that one left off. It was born when I considered the conundrum of the unwilling predator. If someone was going to eat someone else by accident, how could they do it? How could they get to be an adult without knowing they were a Wolfen? Then the answer came to me, and so did the story. I don't know if I'll ever revisit the Wolfen world again, but if I don't, this serves as a more than decent piece-de-resistance on which to make my exit.


This is a vorarephilia (vore) story, in which people get eaten for erotic purposes. Unlike many vorarephila stories, my flavor of vore is entirely non-lethal; I'm not interested in snuff. However, if vore is not your thing, you probably will not enjoy this regardless.

e—let me out? Please? I…it's hot in here, and I can't breathe…" the little girl asked, pleadingly.

The anguished reply came from all around her. "I—I don't know how! You're not—this wasn't supposed to happen!"

"I—I want my mommy…"

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Kayla had been thrilled to find the deep, dark woods behind her family's new home in the country. They seemed magical somehow—filled with the sort of promise of adventure she'd read about in all the fantasy books, or seen in the movie Totoro. For an 8-year-old with an imagination, every day was a new adventure.

Her parents had been somewhat alarmed at first when she'd taken to going into the woods, but the realtor had told them that there were no dangerous animals in the woods—at least, not close to the houses. They made Kayla promise not to go very far all the same, and she agreed. Being just barely out of sight of the house was enough for her—as long as she couldn't see signs of civilization, she could pretend all she wanted about where she was. Exploring the Amazon, or landing on the moon, or hunting big game—whatever she wanted.

One day, while she was playing at exploring, Kayla heard an odd rustle in the bushes nearby. It didn't seem like a very large rustle …or a very large creature. Since she wasn't old enough to be afraid, she bent over and looked into the bushes—and a pair of bright eyes looked out at her. "Uhm…hello?" Kayla asked, timidly.

The eyes blinked, and disappeared. Kayla looked over the top of the bushes, but only saw a quick flicker of something grey and fuzzy disappearing into the undergrowth. She knew better than to chase after it—she might get lost, and Mommy and Daddy would be mad. So she went back to her play.

The next few days, when she came out to play here, she couldn't shake the odd feeling that she was being watched by someone, from somewhere. Occasionally, she thought she even saw a pair of eyes there, in that same bush. She shrugged to herself, and decided not to go look again, because she might scare it off.

But one day, she felt courageous enough to try something else. After she left the clearing as if to go home, she circled around through the woods to try to come up to the bush from behind. As she snuck up, very, very quietly, she noticed something funny sticking out of it—a greyish bushy tail. She got closer, quietly, quietly—then she accidentally stepped on a twig. The tail stiffened, and its owner turned and dashed…right into her arms. She suddenly had an armful of wolf cub, or so it seemed, as they got all tangled up together and ended up resting against a tree.

Only—no, that wasn't right either, was it? Kayla could see that this wolf cub actually had the upper part of a furry humanish body stuck between its front legs and its canine head. It was almost as big as she was, though not as tall. She blinked at it, and it blinked back at her, and they were both too startled or scared to do anything more than look at each other for about thirty seconds.

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"I…can't feel my legs anymore. What's—what's happening to me?"

"Oh, no…no, you can't be! I'm not s'posed to eat anybody yet! Mommy said! I'm gonna get in trouble so bad…"

"D…don't kill me? Pl—please? Let me out?"

"Can't…can't do nothin'. 'm sorry."

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His name was Greg, he said. Or at least that was what his mother called him. He was only a year or so old, but for a Wolfen, that was just about the same age as Kayla.

"I'm growing up here in the woods. Mommy's raising me here," he explained proudly.

"How come you can talk? I thought wolfs weren't supposta," Kayla said doubtfully.

"I'm not a wolf, I'm a Wolfen. There's a difference."


"Yeah. We're magical. We can turn into things." He scrunched up his face and took a deep breath—and a little boy was standing in front of Kayla for just a moment. A rather naked little boy.


"Oops! Sorry!" Greg changed back quickly. "But like I said, we turn into things. And we can eat people, too."

Kayla's eyes widened. "Y'mean, swallow them whole?"

"That's what Mommy says. But I'm not s'posta 'til I get older, and Mommy can teach me more about it. 'til then I just eat the squirrels and deer and stuff she catches for us."

"You won't eat me, will you?" she blinked.

Greg shook his head. "'course not!"


"Cross my heart an' hope to die!" Greg said fervently. "Mommy would kill me. Or mebbe just swallow me again."

Kayla blinked. "Your mom can swallow you? Whole? She must be really big."

Greg shook his head. "Naw. It's just that we can open our mouths super-wide."

Kayla looked doubtfully at him. "Really?"

"Uh-huh! Look, wanna see?" He leaned close to her, and opened his mouth.

Kayla blinked, peering past the saliva-dripping fangs. His mouth was huge! It seemed to be at least three times as big as it had looked on the outside.

As she leaned in to look at it, Kayla caught a scent on his breath. It was…she didn't know what it was, but she wanted to find out. "Your mouth's not really that big, is it?"

"Ah-hah," Greg said, which was as close as he could come to "Uh-huh" without moving his lips.

"Can I look closer?" Before waiting for an answer, Kayla leaned in, over his tongue, to look in and take a deeper breath. She could almost see down his throat now. She put a hand on his tongue, and ewwed a little at the wet, warm feel of it. Well, she could wipe her hand on her pants in a moment. She leaned a little closer in—then she tripped on the end of Greg's jaw, and ended up spread-eagled on his tongue. "Oops!" Kayla giggled. For some reason, this all seemed really funny to her.

Then Greg's tongue mashed her against the roof of his mouth. "Hey! Stop that!" She giggled. "That feels funny!" She wiggled a little further forward, just wanting to look down that great black hole of a throat to see what she could in the light shining into his mouth. Then his tongue lurched again, and she slid back along it. Good! Just another moment, and she'd be able to see—

Then the light went away behind her, as Greg's mouth closed. He was licking her now, and it tickled. "I said stop that!" Then she felt his head tilting back, and herself sliding into his throat. "Uh—okay, Greg, you can stop now, that's far enough—Gre—GREG??" Her head was actually entering his throat now, and the muscles were squeezing around her, like the time the boy at school had given her a bear hug. In fact, she was being squeezed more and more now, because her upper chest had gone into his throat, and then her lower, and her legs, and—

Then with a couple more swallows, Kayla dropped into a hot, moist place that wanted to stick to her skin, and tingled where it touched. "Wha—what happened?"

"You—you weren't supposta do that!" Greg's voice said accusingly from all around her.

Kayla began to realize she was in trouble. "Le—let me out?" she asked. She couldn't smell whatever it was that had lured her in here anymore, and she was starting to feel very scared.

"I—I don't know how!" Greg replied. "Mommy hasn't taught me that yet! It's what she wanted to 'fore I ate anyone!" She felt the place around her bounce as Greg started to run. "I—I'll go and find her."

But all the bouncing was making the place fill up with a warm, sticky fluid—and it was making her unable to feel the places where it touched. "I—oh, please, let me out—" she cried.

The last thing she heard was Greg's whimpering.

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Greg sat by himself in the clearing, whimpering. It wasn't supposed to happen! Why had that silly girl wanted to look inside? Why had he let her? Why had he been so distracted by her taste that he'd swallowed her without thinking? And why had she been digested now?

He'd liked the girl, he really had. He'd wanted to be her friend—Mommy said he needed friends. He hadn't wanted to eat her. But he had. He had done a bad thing, and his Mommy would be so mad. He wanted to undo the damage. He didn't want to face his Mommy. He'd do anything—anything—if he could only put the girl back so everything would be okay.

Somewhere in his unconscious mind, his instincts heard his anguished panic, and responded. Greg had only a few moments to realize something strange was happening—and then he felt himself being pushed aside, fading into darkness, being replaced by—

Kayla sat bolt upright in the middle of the clearing. "Greg?" she asked. "No…what happened?" She looked around, shook her head. "No…it was a dream. That's right. I fell 'sleep, and it was just a bad dream."

Kayla picked herself up and went back to the house. All of a sudden, the woods didn't seem so friendly anymore.

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The years passed, and the cute little girl grew up to be a stunningly gorgeous young woman, who had forgotten all about meeting Greg, except perhaps in her dreams. She had a remarkably clear complection, unaffected by the ravages of acne; her blonde hair grew out all the way to her ankles, and she never bothered to cut it or style it. Very popular in school, Kayla was rarely without a circle of friends and admirers. Her grades might have been middling to average, but her school career was quite successful—even including a place on the cheerleading team.

The one thing about Kayla she did not like, or that many people were ever allowed to know, was that she was always hungry. It had started when she was young—almost no amount of food ever seemed to fill her up. She soon learned not to let on that she was hungry after she finished eating—it wasn't considered normal. And besides, she seemed to be growing up normally—she wasn't emaciated or anorexic. In the end, the dull ache was just something she learned to live with.

This state of affairs lasted until her teen years, when her body began to grow and change in the ways that all girls' bodies do at about that age. Life went on the way it usually did, and before long, teen-aged Kayla was going steady with a boy named Nico. He was attractive enough as such boys go…on the football team, big and strong but not one of the abusive "jocks" that tend to be made by high schools. He was quite nice to Kayla, and always willing to help her with her books if she needed it.

One thing led to another, and one weekend, Kayla was left in charge of the house while her and Nico's parents were all out of town. She and Nico had been waiting for something like this for a long time—and they had decided that this was the night.

It began with a sumptuous dinner of ordered-in pizza—the local Domino's was having a two-for-one special on their larges. Nico ate about a third of a pizza, then watched bemusedly as Kayla finished the rest. "Not planning on leftovers?"

Kayla smirked. "What, are you kidding? This is about the only time I ever get to eat as much as I really want." She looked down at her still impossibly slim stomach and sighed. "And it still isn't enough. Somehow, I always stay hungry."

"You know, you really should see a doctor about that," Nico told her for about the hundredth time. "It could be a serious medical problem. You know what they say about teenaged girls and eating disorders?"

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Thing is, I binge, but I never purge. And I never fill up, either—or put on weight." She licked the last stray bit of tomato sauce off her lips. "You know, all my friends only wish they could eat everything that was set before them and stay this slim."

Nico leaned closer, put his arm around her shoulser. "Speaking of eating…it's just about time for you to try eating something else…if you're sure you're ready, I mean."

Kayla smiled. "Oh, I'm positive. I've waited far, far too long for this night…let's go, big boy." She took his hand and led the way to her bedroom up the stairs. She left the lights dim as they stepped inside, but the bed was clearly visible, with the covers turned down.

"So I guess we just—" Nico began, but was cut off as Kayla abruptly kissed him full on the mouth.

She'd always wanted to try that…but somehow never had managed before. He tasted…good. Delicious, even. Kayla wasn't sure why, but she just knew she wanted to taste more of him, and soon. Her stomach growled, but she ignored it with an ease born of long practice. "Clothes…off…now," she whispered, almost growling.

"Are you sure about this?" Nico asked. "You won't get in trouble?"

"I'm not worried. After all, nobody knows you're here," Kayla said. "Right?"


"Then what are you waiting for?"

"Nothing at all," Nico said, pulling off his jacket and tossing it aside. He quickly slipped out of jeans and shirt, leaving his briefs on for the moment.

"Now it's my turn," Kayla whispered, pulling off her blouse and pushing her skirt down. In her panties and bra was a fine female figure…a bit slim, perhaps, but exquisitely attractive. She shook her head, and her long blonde hair fell forward to half-conceal her body.

Nico stepped forward, reaching to put his arms around her. "And now it's mine…"

Somehow, they managed to find themselves on the bed. Nico ran his arms over Kayla's perfect skin, caressing her every curve. Their undergarments found their way onto the bed or the floor as they caressed. Nico ran his hands up Kayla's flat belly, and fondled her breasts, feeling them rise beneath his hands.

Kayla moaned, throwing her head back. She reached up and grasped Nico's shoulders, pulling him closer to him so she could kiss him again and again, first on the mouth, then moving down his cheek to the hollow of his neck. "Mmmm…delicious…" she murmured. And he was. It was strange…the salty taste of his skin was making her hungrier. Perhaps it was his aftershave…but she couldn't help wondering how another part of him would taste if she put it in her mouth.

No sooner did she think of it than she decided to find out, pulling back slightly and lowering her head to minister to the most sensitive part of his body. "Kayla, what are you—you—ohhhh…" Nico arched his back and thrust as his body's deepest instincts took over.

Kayla smiled, licked her lips, and swallowed. "Salty…but gooood," she whispered, kissing him on the lips so he could taste it, too. "But now let's put it where it's supposed to go…"

Nico moaned as she gently turned him over so she could be on top, gradually lowering herself onto him. There was a moment of pain, and then…a slow burn that gradually intensified until it was like nothing she had ever felt before. She pulled him closer to her, caressing and kissing voraciously, hungrily, taking first the upper lip, then the lower into her mouth…they tasted good enough she wished she could take a bite.

And then the burn reached its peak, and everything faded away into a pleasant haze.

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Kayla dreamed she was eating. It wasn't uncommon for her to have such a dream, as hungry as she often was. Once, she had dreamed of eating a giant marshmallow, and when she woke up, her pillow had been gone. But this time…she was eating something warm, and salty, and nourishing…something that she couldn't bite, it was too tough to chew, but she somehow knew that it wouldn't hurt anything for it to go down whole. One final swallow…then she slipped into a deeper doze.

She woke up slowly, lazily…something felt strange, but she was too drowsy to categorize it. She felt…heavy, like someone was sitting on her chest. She rubbed her eyes. "Greg? What's going on?" She opened her eyes…but Greg wasn't there. The bed was mussed and the covers in disarray, but Kayla was the only one in the bed. Well, wasn't that just like a man? She listened for the shower a moment, but didn't hear it. Maybe he'd just stepped out for a smoke.

Kayla looked at the bed in front of her, and blinked. There seemed to be a lump under the covers, on top of her chest. Puzzled, she threw back the covers, and then she blinked two more times. The lump wasn't on her chest…it was in her chest. Her belly was swelled up as though she were eight months pregnant.

"What the…" Kayla blinked. "Surely it doesn't happen that fast." She felt a crazy urge to look around for a calendar, to see if she'd fallen asleep like Rip Van Winkle for nine months. "Besides, we used protection."

Kayla reached out tentatively to place a hand on her belly and try to feel what it was there inside of her. And then, as she touched it…it moved. She felt a shifting inside, and a momentary pressure, like something was pushing on her stomach from the inside. It felt strange, but not unpleasant.

And then she heard the muffled voice. Nico's voice. "Wh…where am I?" It seemed to be coming from inside her stomach…she felt the skin on her belly vibrate with the words. "What happened?"

Kayla's eyes widened. "N…Nico?"

"Kayla? Where are you? Where…where am I? It's…all dark and slimy in here, and hard to breathe…"

"I…I think I…um…swallowed you." Kayla said. "I had this dream, and…it feels like you're in my tummy somehow."

"Well…get me out! I don't like it in here."

"All right, all right, just a moment…I think I have some ipecac in the bathroom…" Kayla paused, as she suddenly realized what had felt different when she woke up. "You know what? I just noticed something…I don't feel hungry anymore."

Nico sounded somewhere between scared and peeved. "Uh…well, if you just swallowed me whole, I can see why that might—"

"No, no…really. All my life, I've always felt hungry…no matter how much I ate. I couldn't get full. And…now I feel full." She paused in thought. "It's…almost like sex last night, this feeling of…completeness."

"I'm…glad you feel that way, but can you get me out now?"

"Just a little longer…I want to enjoy this feeling just a little more, okay?"

"O…okay, but…get me out soon? I don't like how it smells in here…"

Funny…had Nico always been such a whiner? Kayla wondered. She lay back in bed, eyes closed, gently probing at her tummy with her hands, squeezing slightly, then starting to massage. It just felt so good. Nico's voice seemed to drift away from her consciousness, even as it started to sound more scared. Somehow, she couldn't bring herself to worry about it. It just felt so good…like she were going to float away in an ocean of warmth and hormones.

Some time later, she opened her eyes and noticed her belly was flat again. "Nico? Nico?" She blinked. "Omigod. I must have digested him."

Kayla lay there for a moment, trying to figure out how she felt about this. After a while, she shrugged. "Oh well…I can always get another boyfriend."

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The next day, Kayla felt more energetic than she could ever remember feeling in her life. It was helpful to her in taking care what she needed to get done…getting Nico's car and belongings back to his home, and erasing all traces that he had been in her house that night. Luckily, she reflected, he hadn't told anybody he was going to be there. He would have gotten in just as much trouble as she would, after all.

But it was easier than Kayla thought it would be. For some reason, she suddenly realized she knew exactly where Nico lived, and exactly how he liked to arrange his things. She could make it look like he'd been there that weekend, because she knew what he would have been doing. Finally, she left a note that he was going out fishing by the river in the nearby woods, and took one of his fishing poles and tackle sets to leave out in a secluded spot. Just so it would look authentic, she fished for an hour or two there herself before dumping the tackle over the bank and dropping the box into the river.

It was on the way back from the river that Kayla felt a strange tingling start to come over her. It felt as if there were something she needed to do—almost a natural need, like relieving herself or sneezing. She stopped fighting it, and let it take its course…and a wave of warmth swept over her, and her body felt different. It took her a moment to realize what had happened…and then she looked down and back at her body to find it was much bigger than it had been a moment before…and much furrier, too. In fact, it had two more legs than she was accustomed to. Moving carefully, she walked back toward the river—she could do that, as long as she didn't think too hard about it—and looked over. Her body was long and lean, like a wolf's up to where its neck should be, only about ten times as big. Then her body turned upward and became a humanoid torso, but with the head of a wolf…and the whole thing was covered in gray, shaggy fur.

"So…this is why I ate Nico?" Kayla wondered. "I'm really this…huge beast thing? Huh. I guess if I am, I must sorta naturally need more food than normal." She wondered why this didn't freak her out as much as it should have…and why having eaten Nico didn't, either. Perhaps…somewhere in the back of her mind, in her deep subconscious, she'd always known the truth. For a moment, she had a flicker of memory of meeting someone in a clearing in the woods when she was younger…but no, it was gone again.

Kayla frowned—or at least she would have if her wolfen face had the right muscles. "I'll look really funny going to school this way. I hope I can cha—oh, good, I can." In the middle of the thought thought, Kayla had shrunk back down into a girl again. She left the woods, without a further urge to change just at the moment.

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"…and I swear I'm telling you the truth, I ate him!" Kayla was in the girls' locker room with Jenette, her best friend from school. It was break time. Since the weather was so nice outside, most of the students had gone there, leaving the locker room deserted enough that Kayla could corner Jenette and tell her what had happened.

"You…ate him."

"I know it sounds weird, Jen, but…I woke up, and there was this lump in my tummy, and it moved and spoke and was him." Kayla shrugged.

"And that's why he didn't come to school today," Jenette said. "Uh…can you prove any of this?"

"What are you two doing in here? Don't you know this is off-limits?" The harassing voice belonged to Carrie Crief, a girl from the next higher grade level who was also a hall monitor.

"It's not off-limits, as you well know…we just didn't feel like going outside," Kayla said tiredly. "Like you really care," she muttered. For some reason, Carrie had always chosen Kayla to pick on…perhaps because Kayla's hair and complexion were so much better than her own could ever be. Carrie had a habit of making up new hall monitoring rules and applying them specifically to Kayla, and Kayla knew she would get a reputation as a tattletale if she tried to protest to school authorities.

"Can't you leave us alone for once, Carrie?" Jenette asked. "Please? We're talking about some really important stuff here."

"Oh yeah? And what might that be?" Carrie walked up to Kayla, backing her toward the lockers. "Listen up…you better get out of here before I assign you deten—"

Kayla stopped backing off as she suddenly realized…she didn't have to take this anymore, now. She took a breath, and was suddenly filling the space between benches with her furry centaurian form. Carrie's eyes widened, but before she even had time to scream, Kayla's jaws had swing wide and lunged forward, closing over Carrie's chest all the way down to the waist. As Carrie screamed, muffled by the wolfen mouth around her, Kayla tossed her head back, flinging Carrie's legs up into the air. Kayla opened her mouth wider, letting gravity do the work for her. One gulp, two, and Carrie's legs vanished into her mouth. A couple more, and she felt the bulge working its way down her throat and into her tummy. One last swallow, and Carrie Crief was pushed all the way down into her tummy.

Jenette watched, goggle-eyed, her hands over her mouth. "Oh my GOD! You really—"

Kayla shrank back down to human form, sitting down heavily on the bench as her tummy again bulged. A faint voice could be heard from it: "Lemme out! Lemme out! Oh GOD, it's icky in here!"

Kayla looked over at her. "I…really did. Um…you're not too freaked out about this, are you? I don't think I could take it if—"

"Can I feel her?"

Kayla blinked. "What?"

"Can I feel your tummy, where she is?" Jenette had gotten over her shock quickly, and now looked oddly eager.

"I…I guess, sure," Kayla said, startled.

Jenette was immediately by her side, putting her hand on Kayla's belly. "Oooh…" she said, ignoring the muffled voice, "It feels just like my cousin did when she had a baby that was kicking."

"Uh-huh. And it feels good to have a real meal in me…" Kayla shrugged. "But…I dunno how much I can do it before people start noticing, y'know? I mean, Nico missing is one thing…"

A bell rang. Jenette blinked. "Oh no! That's the five minute warning! Uhm…how fast can you get back to 'normal'? Can you, uh, y'know, digest her in a hurry? You can't be like this when people come back in here…"

Kayla frowned. "I…dunno. I think it took a while, last night."

"Then…I guess the only thing for it is to let her out."

"I'm…not sure how to do that, though," Kayla said.

"Then…open your mouth," Jenette said. Kayla did so, puzzled, and Jenette reached into her mouth. Her arm went in up to her shoulder before she managed to touch the back of Kayla's throat…then she withdrew it in a hurry as Kayla started retching. A few moments later, Carrie emerged, head first, choking, clothes and hair covered in slime. "That looks weird…" Jenette mused. "Your mouth's not any bigger than normal…but she's not any smaller than normal either. Wonder how you do that."

"I ogh ogh," Kayla said, as her mouth was still full with Carrie's legs. Finally she spat the girl completely out onto the floor. "I mean, I don't know."

"Have to figure it out later, I guess. Hey, you," Jenette said, as Carrie slowly raised her eyes from the floor to look at them. "You got lucky today, girl. But if you don't lay off bugging us, or if you tell anyone what happened, next time you don't come out again."

"A…anything," Carrie said. "Just…don't…do that again. Please. I'll do…anything."

"How about tutor me in algebra evenings?" Kayla said. "I could use the help."


"Right now, you better get out of those soggy clothes and take a fast shower," Jenette said. "I'd say wear your gym clothes the rest of the day. C'mon, Kay." They headed out of the locker room as Carrie dragged herself into the showers.

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"So…not that I'm complaining, Jen," Kayla said, as she and Jenette walked along the road home from school, "but you didn't really freak much, even when I turned into that big…thing. Why's that?"

Jenette shrugged. "Dunno, except it's just…it still felt like you. And I can't be scared of you." She glanced furtively at Kayla. "And…well, there's…something else, too."

"What's that?" Kayla asked.

"Well…um…you know the, ah, Internet and stuff?" Jenette idly kicked a pebble, and watched it bounce along the road.


"Well, there are these stories on it…called vore. They're…um…people or creatures eating other people or creatures." Jenette looked embarrassed. "They…kinda turn me on. And—god, this is the craziest thing I've ever asked, but…" Her face turned bright red. "Do you think maybe…you could, uh, eat me sometime?"

Kayla blinked. "You…want to be eaten?"

"Just temporarily! I mean…like you did Carrie today. Spit me back out before you can digest me. I don't want to die or anything…just…feel that warm flesh surrounding me…just once, to make it real."

"That's…really weird," Kayla said thoughtfully.

"Weird? You turn into a walking fur carpet and swallow people whole and you call me weird?" Jenette asked.

"I didn't say I wouldn't do it…" Kayla frowned. "In fact, you'd probably taste pretty good. Um…I probably should wait 'til after I eat something…or someone…else, first, so I won't be hungry enough to digest you by accident, like I did Nico. I think I'm starting to get hungry again."

"Huh, maybe you shoulda digested Carrie after all. Wouldn't be anything less than she deserved."

Kayla shook her head. "Woulda caused too much trouble her disappearing in school like that. I think she's gonna be a little nicer to us from now on, but all the same…if I want her, I'll have to set things up so nobody notices her disappear." She frowned. "I wonder why I don't feel more guilty for eating Nico. He wasn't a bad guy…and he helped me with my schoolwork. And now he's…well, dead, I guess, and I'm the one who did it. And if I'd had time, I'd probably have digested Carrie, too…though I guess I wouldn't have felt quite so guilty about that…"

Jenette shrugged. "I don't think Carrie would have been any great loss. And I didn't really know Nico."

"All the same…I better be careful about who I eat," Kayla said. "Stick to people who deserve it or something."

"Can I help you find them?" Jenette said, a sparkle in her eye. "Maybe I can act as the bait and lure them out for you."

Kayla looked over at her. "You're really getting into this, aren't you?"

"Well, I sure hope I will!" She grinned. "Hmm…do you think…do you have to eat people, or can you eat other large animals?" Jenette wondered. "People'll make more fuss if a person's missing than if a cow is…or a deer…"

Kayla pursed her lips. "You know…I'll have to try that. That'd make things a lot easier. Save people for a special occasion. It's funny, though…"


"Somehow, it doesn't really feel like Nico's gone."

Separator d.png

When Kayla slept that night, her dreams were an odd melange of sights and sensations and memories that were not her own. She felt lips close around her feet, and her toes brushing the back of a throat…then warm flesh surging up around her legs and her waist as she was gulped down from behind. Her chest lay against a giant tongue, her legs were held in a tight grip, and two rows of teeth came together in front of her face, blocking out the light. Another gulp or two, and she was gone.

She had other dreams, from other viewpoints…sometimes the memory was from a man, which Kayla thought felt quite odd. Sometimes the one doing the eating was a wolf, sometimes a pretty woman…several different women, none of them her, yet. She wondered who they all were.

And then…she was seeing through Nico's eyes as he lay in bed with his arms around her, drowsy. She seemed to be asleep now, sucking her thumb. Kayla had been told she did that sometimes; it was odd to see herself doing it, though. Nico thought he'd be playful, and gently pulled her thumb out of her mouth, substituting one of his fingers. The sleeping Kayla murmured something, and sucked at it…and then sucked his whole hand into her mouth. Nico didn't notice at first, he'd fallen back into drowsing himself…the warm sensation around his hand and then creeping up his arm didn't register. Then Nico opened his eyes to see his arm had disappeared up to the shoulder into Kayla's mouth, and now she opened wider to take in his head.

Nico thought he was dreaming at first…which was why he didn't scream as Kayla's lips and tongue slurped down over his chest…her tongue licking at his manhood until he grew harder and started to thrust against her. Then, when the muscles of her throat clamped down around his head and started tugging him deeper, he began to realize the truth…but by then it was too late…

She remembered the conversation they'd had, from Nico's side this time. Her voice seemed to come from all around him, vibrating the very walls of the small fleshy chamber where Nico was trapped. Then, as her stomach started to fill with fluid, Nico's frantic screams, his scratching at the walls around him…then a gentle, all-pervading warmth that seemed to dissolve him away…

"So that was why I ate him," Kayla's dream-self mused. "His finger must have tasted good, and so I wanted all of him. But…why do I have his memory?" She also remembered how she had somehow known where everything went at his house, though she had never been over to it before. "I wonder…" She let other thoughts fade from her mind and concentrated on Nico. Searching for him…

…finding him.

Separator d.png

Nico was alone in a strange place. There didn't seem to be much of anything here…just mists and darkness. No matter how far he walked, it seemed to be the same thing. He didn't know how long he had been here…he didn't feel hungry or thirsty. What he felt was confused and a little angry. He didn't know what had happened to him. There was this strange memory of being…swallowed whole. But that had to have been a dream, right? People's girlfriends didn't just swallow them whole after a night of sex…did they?

But…if it had happened…and Kayla had done it…was he dead? Dispatched to the afterlife? It didn't seem like much of one, if so. There was nobody else around, and there wasn't anything to do, either. It would be nice to see someone, just to relieve the monotony. Even if it was…

her. There she was…suddenly right in front of him. Looking around with a puzzled look on her face. "Kayla!" Nico said, running forward. Then he paused. "…what did you do to me?!"

Kayla caught sight of Nico, then paused, embarrassed. "Er…I seem to have digested you. Sorry about that."

Nico blinked. "Digested me? Then…where am I?"

"We…seem to be inside my head. As far as I know, I'm dreaming right now."

Nico turned away, kicking at a wisp of the mist that covered the ground. "Well…that's just great. My whole life is just…gone. What are my parents going to think?"

"I'm sorry about that…" Kayla said. "I didn't mean to. I was just…so hungry, and you tasted good. Delicious, in fact. You're the most satisfying meal I ever had…in more ways than one."

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?"

"Well…not much, I guess," Kayla said. "But at least you're not…y'know, dead. You're a part of me now. I guess you'll always be a part of me…unless I find out some way to let you out."

"So I guess I just get to sit here in the mist and contemplate my navel in the mean time, eh?"

"No…I think I can help with that, at least…" Kayla reached out to him. "Look at me."

Almost involuntarily, Nico met her eyes…and then seemed to fall into them. Warmth surrounded him again, followed by sleep.

Kayla felt Nico's mind settle into place in a little niche in the back of her own, like a microchip into a socket. There were suddenly tears in her eyes, because it just felt so right to have him there…nestled deep into her thoughts and memories. In a way, she wouldn't ever truly be alone again.

Separator d.png

"So let's see…who will you eat first?" Jenette was grinning as she and Kayla walked to school the next day. "There are an awful lot of people we don't like, y'know."

"Maybe telling you about this was a mistake," Kayla said.

"Aww, c'mon, you don't mean that…" Jenette said. "I'm your best friend!"

"Anyway, if I don't like someone…why would I want to have them in my head afterward?" Kayla said. "It's like eating something you know is going to give you gas."

"Oh…is that really a problem?" Jenette asked.

"I guess not really…but y'know, eating a kid'll make a lotta waves if he's got parents that'll miss him…"

"What about Hal?" Jenette asked.


"Hal Harper—the Senior? He's emancipated, remember? Lives by himself." She grinned. "Not bad-looking, either…I was kinda hoping to date him, but I'll sacrifice my social plans for your appetite!"

"As long as you get to watch, right?" Kayla asked dryly.


Separator d.png

Only a few hours later, school was out. Kayla and Jenette waited in the parking lot for Hal to make his appearance. Being a Senior, he had his own car—an old Toyota that was still in pretty decent shape. As Hal walked up, getting his keys out, he blinked to see the two pretty girls waiting for him. "Hey…what can I do for you?"

"Could you give us a lift to my house?" Kayla asked. "I don't feel like walking, and I know you're going that way anyway…"

Hal shrugged. "Sure, why not? Hop in."

Jenette slid into the back seat, and Kayla took shotgun. The car started, kicked into gear, and before long they were at Kayla's parents' house.

"Why don't you come in for coffee or something?" Kayla asked. "My folks are still out of town."

"Nah, I don't think so," Hal said.

"Please?" Jenette put in from the back seat. "It'll be fun."

"Thanks, but I'd probably better get back home and start studying," Hal said. "Big test tomorrow."

Kayla frowned. Their plan had been dependant on being sure she could convince Hal to come in for a few moments…long enough to be out of sight, at any rate. If it didn't work, they didn't have a backup plan.

Jenette sighed. "All right, I didn't want to have to say this—I was just gonna bring it up like it was no big deal, but—we need your help with one of the math problems. The one you did on the board today. Could you come in and show it to us? It'll just take a few minutes, and Kayla could make you some coffee for the study session afterward."

Hal frowned. "Why didn't you say so? Well, all right. I guess I can take just that long."

Jenette and Hal stepped into the house. Kayla followed, stopping only to lock the door behind them.

A few minutes later, Jenette and Hal were in the living room with the math books open, and Jenette was flashing Kayla a big thumbs-up sign over Hal's shoulder. Kayla sighed. It looked like this was it. She knew it was coming; she'd spent so much time preparing for it. Nonetheless, this was going to be her first "premeditated" live dinner, as opposed to heat-of-the-moment or heat-of-anger. How did she begin?

After thinking about it a moment, she realized there wasn't any point in trying to be subtle. He was going to end up in her tummy either way, and if he freaked out, maybe it would freeze him in place long enough to gulp him down quickly. She stepped out into the open space between the couch and TV set and cleared her throat. They both looked up. "Oh, hey, Kayla," Hal said. "You want to see how I'm doing this problem?"

"Actually," Kayla said, expanding out into her giant centauran wolf shape, "I wanted something else."

Hal just stared at her, the change so sudden and immense that for a moment he couldn't even recognize it as having taken place. "What the hell—?"

Wanting to get it over with, Kayla lunged forward, and had him in her mouth from his head down to his waist. She wished he didn't have those clothes on, but she couldn't do much about that. She tilted her head back, and down he slid. With two more gulps, he was in her stomach.

"Aw," Jenette said. "That was so fast I hardly had a chance to enjoy it."

Cries of "Hey! What happened? What did you do? Let me out!" echoed up Kayla's throat. She considered for a moment. "I could let him out again and do it up properly, I suppose. If you'll help me get his clothes off him."

Jenette wrinkled her nose. "Ew, wolf spit."

"There's a pair of rubber gloves in the kitchen, behind the sink."

Jenette considered a moment. "Well, all right. I'll go get 'em."

"Meet me in the bathroom." Kayla waddled out of the room as best she could with the big bulge in her tummy.

Separator d.png

A minute or so later, Kayla opened her mouth so Jenette could lean into it and touch the back of her throat. "You better not send me down after him," she said.

"Ah own," Kayla said around her. Then she started retching, and a slightly-soggy Hal landed in the bathtub a few moments later. He was so overcome with stomach fumes that he barely resisted when Kayla and Jenette reached in and unfastened his soggy jeans and shirt and pulled them off of him. He only started to revive when Jenette turned the shower on to rinse him off.

"Whahap—what happened?" Hal mumbled, wiping water out of his face. He looked down. "Why'm I nak—"

Kayla, back in human form, smiled brightly at him. "You just fell over," she said. "You started screaming something about let you out, then you collapsed, I thought you were having a seizure. So we brought you in here to run some water on you."

"Muh—my clothes?"

"We took them off you because we didn't want them to get wet," Jenette said, nudging the soggy clothes behind the toilet with her foot. "Now come on in here. Don't worry, it's nothing we haven't seen before!"

Hal docilely let Jenette and Kayla lead him to the bedroom and lay him down on the bed, on his chest, with his feet dangling over the side. "Now you just stay there," Kayla said, returning to her wolfen form, "and I'll give you a massage you'll never forget."

"Mmkay," Hal mumbled into the pillow. He didn't seem to want to move. Kayla wondered if there was something paralytic about wolfen spittle, or maybe the stomach acid. Well, it didn't matter. He was going to go into her tummy now, and this time she'd be able to taste him all over on the way down. She knelt down and took his feet into her mouth, gently licking them over, as Jenette sat in a chair nearby and watched raptly.

She lifted his legs off the bed a little to move her lower jaw up under his knees. Oh, he tasted good. Maybe even better than Nico had. Her stomach gurgled, hungry for the treat it had been given for just a moment then been forced to give back. Hal mumbled something unintelligible.

As Hal's feet touched the back of her throat, Kayla swallowed, and her throat gripped Hal's legs by the ankles. Now the tip of her tongue darted up to tease Hal's crotch. He moaned and shifted slightly, but that only gave her better access. She started working it harder and harder as Jenette watched and giggled. "Oh, you're so good!" Kayla would have thanked her, but her Mom had always told her not to talk with her mouth full.

Hal's manhood was fully aroused even if he wasn't. He started thrusting, semiconsciously, against her tongue. She kept licking, encouraging it, until finally he came, spattering milky fluid all over her tongue. Kayla mmmmmed and licked harder, then swallowed again, bringing Hal's legs into her throat up to the knees. Then she reached out to grab one of Hal's hands with each of her own, lacing her fingers through his so he couldn't pull away. Then she pulled back, and leaned back, and Hal was standing straight up. Then gravity began to pull him further down her throat. Kayla tucked Hal's hands into her mouth, down by his waist, and another swallow and the throat muscles trapped them by his sides.

"Nnngh…" Hal opened his eyes, blinked. He tried to rub his eyes, but he couldn't free his hands from where they were trapped. Instead, he looked around. "Wha—what's happening? What are you doing to me?" Then he looked down, saw the pairs of jaws coming up around his shoulders. "Oh God! This can't be happening! St—stop it! Please?"

Jenette bounced to her feet and came forward to peer at Hal. He was now lying on his chest, on Kayla's tongue, his head dangling over her lip. "I might be able to convince her to stop, you know. If you kiss me."

"Wh—what?" Hal said, unbelievingly.

"Go on, kiss me. Like this." Jenette took Hal's head in both her hands, tipped it up, and put her lips to his. After a moment, she broke it off and shook her head. "Oh, come on. You can do better than that. Like you mean it. With tongue."

Hal whimpered, but gamely did his best. After a few moments, Jenette broke it off, and smiled at him. "Oh, that was a good one." Then she put a hand on each shoulder, and gave him a shove.

As he sank deeper into Kayla's throat, Hal said, "But—you said you could convince her to stop."

"I said I might be able to," Jenette smirked. "I never said I would. Besides, I like the idea of being the last person you ever kiss." She gave him another shove, then pulled her arms back as Kayla closed her mouth, tilted her head back, and swallowed. Then she came forward to put a hand on Kayla's throat to feel the contours of Hal's face as it slid down her throat and into her tummy. She collapsed against Kayla's side, sighing happily. "Oh, that was wonderful."

"You're cruel, you know that?" Kayla said to Jenette.

"Can I help it if I want to collect last kisses?" She turned around, and rubbed the bulge in Kayla's furry tummy. "You are so awesome. Next time I want to bring a video camera."

"We're trying not to get caught at this, remember?" Kayla pointed out.

"Oh, I know. It's just…I'd like to have something to remember it by."

"Hmph." Kayla snorted. "Well, since you enjoyed it so much, you can get rid of Hal's car and clothing for me while I work on getting rid of him. Remember to wear those gloves."

Jenette pouted. "Oh, all right."

Separator d.png

It only took a few days for word of Hal's disappearance to spread, alongside Nico's. The authorities were baffled, but some people had more idea than others what had actually happened.

"You did it, didn't you?" Carrie accused Kayla when they were alone in the hall one day. "You—ate Hal. And Nico. Oh God, I can't believe it!"

Kayla shrugged. "So what if I did? What're you going to do about it?"

"I—I could tell the police."

Kayla laughed. "Tell them what? That I swallowed them? They'll think you've gone nuts."

"I don't have to say you ate them. I could say you had something to do with it."

"On what grounds?" Kayla snorted. "And for that matter, would you like to join them? I can arrange it easily." She licked her lips.

"N-no!" Carrie said. "I'm—I'm sorry, Kayla. I didn't mean anything by it."

Kayla snorted. "Of course you didn't. Anyway, I'll see you after school today."


"For the math tutoring you promised me, remember?" Kayla smiled. "Don't worry, I don't bite."

"Yeah, you just swallow whole," Carrie muttered peevishly.

Separator d.png

A few days later, Kayla was starting to get really hungry again, but she wasn't sure it would be a good idea to indulge herself on another student. People might start getting suspicious. So, who could she eat that wouldn't draw attention to her?

Jenette had an idea. "Lookout point," she said. "The college students drive out there to be alone with their sweethearts."

"Yeah?" Kayla said, thoughtfully.

"So, just a couple college students, in a car, nobody else around for miles?" Jenette said. "You could eat two, right?"

"I think I could manage it," Kayla said thoughtfully.

"All right, then I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll take my car—"

"But it's an old clunker," Kayla objected.

"Pre-zactly!" Jenette said, grinning. "Listen, here's my plan…"

Separator d.png

Bill drove his brand new sports car up the winding road toward Lookout Point. It had a gorgeous view, and was just the thing he needed to get some quality time with his main squeeze, Lucy. They'd been looking forward to it all week.

But as they rounded the bend about a mile or so from the point, they came upon a beat-up old jalopy pulled over by the side of the road, with a couple of high-school girls standing in front of it. One of them waved to him for help, and he sighed and pulled over in front of them. The burden of being an upstanding citizen. "Hang on a sec, Lucy, I'll see what the problem is."

The girls looked hopeful as he got out of the car. "Uh, hi," one of them said. "I'm Kayla, this is Jenette, and I was wondering could you maybe help us out? Our car broke down, and we can't get a cellphone signal out here."

By now, Lucy had gotten out of the car, too. She smiled at the girls. "I think we can help, can't we Bill? After all, we've got all night…"

"Uh, yeah," Bill said, thinking. "Um…look. My sports car only seats two people. I could give one of you a lift into town to call a tow truck?"

"Oh, that would be great!" Jenette said. "Um—if you don't mind waiting here with her?" She nodded to Kayla.

"I thought I'd call, and you'd stay with it, since it's your car," Kayla said.

"It's my car, so I've got to be the one to call Triple A," Jenette said.

"Oh. Well, all right." She turned to Lucy. "I really appreciate your being willing to help us out."

"Oh, it's no problem," Lucy said. "Just hurry back, OK?"

Mike nodded. "Sure thing." He and Jenette got into the car and drove off.

Separator d.png

Lucy sat on the hood of the car with Kayla. After a while, she dug into her purse, pulled out a pack of cigarettes and put one in her mouth, then rummaged for her lighter.

"Here." Kayla offered the glowing red lighter stob from the dashboard.

"Thanks." Lucy took it, and as she did, she caught a scent of Kayla's breath. It was oddly…sweet. Almost alluring. "Are you using some kind of breath mint?" she wondered.

"Not exactly," Kayla said. "You want a closer smell?"

"I—well, yes, actually." Lucy leaned closer, and Kayla opened her mouth wider. And then the full force of the scent washed over her. "Mmm…" Lucy closed her eyes and leaned forward, inhaling deeply of the scent. Something about it…she couldn't figure out why, but she had a sudden urge to take off all of her clothing. As she fumbled at the buttons, she felt Kayla's hands helping her. That smell was intensifying, becoming stronger. She couldn't resist it. She had to go where it was coming from.

Her last stitch of clothing hit the ground. Lucy opened her eyes and looked into Kayla's face. Bless the girl, she was continuing to breathe that scent at her. That lovely scent. "Where's it coming from?" Lucy murmured.

"Inside of me," Kayla told her.

"Then will you—will you let me in?" Lucy asked, hopefully.

Kayla raised an eyebrow. "Yes, I can swallow you. Is that what you want?"

"I—when you put it that way—" Lucy frowned. "I just want to go where the scent is coming from."

Kayla smiled. "Then I can help you. I'll open my mouth, and you can crawl inside, okay?"

"You will? Oh…thank you so much!" Lucy murmured.

"But you're going to have to help me. It's pretty tight in there, so you'll have to squirm forward as best you can," Kayla warned her.

Lucy nodded. "I can do that." It seemed like there should be something wrong with this scenario, but for some reason Lucy just couldn't place what it might be. Kayla kissed her gently on the lips, then opened her mouth. It gaped before her like a tunnel, and that scent billowed out of it with each exhalation. Lucy smiled and leaned forward, and began to force her way in. She felt Kayla's tongue slithering over her breasts, and she squealed in delight. It felt so good! But the rest of her was starting to feel cold in comparison to this warmth, so she needed to hurry up and get inside.

Then she felt Kayla's hands around her ankles, lifting them off the ground, pushing them upward. Good girl! Gravity would help. She squirmed forward. The smell was becoming much stronger now, and there seemed to be a glow ahead of her. She bet that was where it was coming from. She squirmed forward, forcing her head and shoulders into the back of Kayla's throat. The girl began to swallow, and to suck on her body, pulling it further into her mouth.

By now her waist was passing over Kayla's teeth, and then her hips, and—Lucy squealed as Kayla's tongue started to probe into her private parts. "Sto—stop that!" she gasped indignantly. Then, "N-no…don't stop it. Harder! Harder!" She felt herself starting to moisten up, felt the juices starting to flow. She thrust against the probing tongue, harder and harder, until—

When she was next able to have a coherent thought, she felt Kayla's lips closing over the soles of her feet. The girl swallowed a few more times, and Lucy dutifully wriggled deeper into her throat. The scent was so much stronger, it was hard to think of anything else. Just a few more gulps, she was almost there!

Finally, Lucy dropped into Kayla's stomach, the warm digestive juices cushioning her fall. The walls phosphoresced gently, so she could see where she had landed. This was where the scent had been coming from.

Only—suddenly the scent seemed to fog her mind much less than it had been, and as she replayed the last few minutes in her head, she realized what had happened to her. "Oh. Oh. Oh my God. You…you ate me!" she whimpered.

"Well, you did beg me to let you in," Kayla replied. "All but forced your way down my throat. So, all things considered, you're welcome."

"Oh…" Lucy said. "But…you tricked me. You—that smell. It was…a trap?"

"Mmm, I'm afraid so," Kayla said. "Sorry about that. But I was hungry, and I had to eat. But don't worry, you're not going to die, I promise."


"No. You're going to become a part of me, absorbed into my body with so many others. It won't be so bad, I promise!"

"D-do I have a choice?"

"I'm sorry, but no." Kayla smiled. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to finish digesting you before your boyfriend gets back. Thanks for feeding me yourself. I promise I won't waste the dinner."

"W-wait?" Lucy asked. "How—how did I taste?"

"Mmmm," Kayla said. "You were so delicious. Salty, a hint of smoke flavor from your perfume…I promise, I'll remember you a long time."

"Th…thank you," Lucy said. Then the juices filled Kayla's stomach, and that was the last thing she knew.

Separator d.png

Kayla smiled as her stomach shrank to normal. That had been such a good meal. Ever since she'd figured out her breath could be a lure—another one of those strange memories or senses making themselves known, like her first wolfen shapeshift—she'd been wanting to try it out. It worked so well!

And suddenly she began to sense another one of those memories coming. Now that she'd absorbed Lucy…there was something else she could do. She just had to get her mind around it, and then—

Kayla's body began to change again.

Separator d.png

A few minutes later, the sports car pulled up back at the jalopy. Jenette had pretended to make a phone call to Triple A, then said she had to go back to the car and wait for it. She was a bit annoyed that right now her friend was totally eating Lucy and she had to miss out, but she supposed she had to admit that it was necessary to draw the BF away long enough for that to happen. But at least she'd get to see Mike go down.

In this state of pleasant anticipation, it came as quite a shock to her when the car pulled up and Lucy was the only one there. "Where'd Kayla go?" she asked, trying to keep the indignation out of her voice. She got out and looked around.

"Another car came by and offered her a lift back to town," Lucy said. "She'll meet you at her place once the car's towed back in."

"Should we wait for the truck to arrive with you?" Mike asked, reluctantly. "I hate to leave you all alone out here…"

"Oh, I think she'll be okay," Lucy said. "I know, I've got some mace in my purse, why don't I leave it with her?" She came over to the speechless Jenette, and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Wait ten minutes and follow us, park out of sight. It'll be delicious." She winked.

Jenette's eyes widened. "…Kayla?"

"Shh," Lucy whispered. "See you soon!" She headed to the car and got in, and after a moment it pulled away. Jenette stood there staring after it for another couple of minutes, then shrugged and got in her own car.

Separator d.png

Lucy relaxed in the seat as Mike turned the motor off, then the lights. It was nice and peaceful out here…the crickets chirping, night birds calling. Dark, too; all the city lights were miles behind them. She really liked it out here, and it seemed even better for the delay when they'd stopped to help those two girls. There was something funny that had happened while she was waiting for Mike to get back, but she couldn't quite remember what it was…her mind just slid away. Oh well, it probably wasn't important.

Now Mike was insinuating his arm around her shoulder and pulling her closer to him. She wasn't resisting. She liked when he did that. He was so warm, he smelled so good…he'd probably taste even better.

Taste? Where had that thought come from?

But it reminded her of her mouth, which in turn reminded her of kissing. So she kissed him. And—he did taste good. Absolutely delicious, in fact. Why hadn't she ever noticed that before. She kissed him deeper, her tongue caressing his, to try to taste him more.

"Whoa," Mike said when he could break away. "My, we are eager tonight, aren't we?"

Lucy's stomach growled. She blinked at it.

"Oh ho," Mike said with a grin. "You just want to eat me up, don't you?"

"Yes," Lucy said, grinning. And part of her was a little startled to discover that she meant it.

Separator d.png

Jenette snuck up behind the car, parked out at the lookout near the cliff's edge. She kept to Mike's blind spot, but she could see she needn't have bothered. He was completely oblivious right now. In the moonlight, she could see him and Lucy silhouetted together—necking, obviously. Then Jenette blinked as the silhouette started to change. All right, maybe a little more than necking. Jenette giggled silently, and flipped open her cameraphone. She set it to low-light, and hit "record movie."

Separator d.png

Something about Lucy's kisses were getting Mike hot and bothered in a way he never had been before. Suddenly his clothes were too restraining. Cursing the confining sports car, he opened the door, stepped out, and all but ripped his clothes off. Jenette hunched down, to avoid being seen, but she needn't have bothered; Mike wouldn't have noticed a herd of buffalo thunder by, the state he was in.

In the car, Lucy had slipped off her sweater and undone her bra, and she opened her arms as Mike got back in. "C'mere…" And she was kissing him again. Her eyes widened, then closed. God, he really was delicious. Better than pizza, better than the finest steak…he was making her hungry. She had to have him inside of her. Ignoring the fact that was impossible, she kissed him harder, then opened her mouth wider to try to take in his entire head. To her surprise, it slid right in, and she was licking the entire front of his face with her tongue.

"Mrrglrmph!" Mike protested. "Lucy, what the hell—?" He tried to pull back, but she caught his arms under the armpits and held him in with a strength she hadn't known she possessed. Her meal was trying to get away! She wouldn't let it. (In the back of her mind, some small part of her protested, "That's not a meal, that's Mike!" But she ignored it. He tasted too good not to be her meal.) She crammed him farther in, transferring her grip to around his hips as his head bumped the back of her throat.

"What're you do—mmph!" Mike's voice was muffled as her esophagus clamped down around his head. She sucked him further in, pausing a moment to lick at his crotch. Mmm, this was one of the most flavorful parts. She kept it up, licking rhythmically, and in spite of himself Mike began to thrust against her tongue, faster and faster until he couldn't hold out any longer, and he gave Lucy an extra-tasty treat—not to mention additional lubrication to help push himself in deeper. Jenette moved in closer, getting a better angle with the camera.

Lucy pulled him deeper into her, swallowing again and again. Now his legs were dangling out her mouth up to the hips, then he was in to his knees, then his ankles. Then Lucy closed her mouth, swallowed, swallowed a few more times, and he slid the rest of the way down her throat to settle in her stomach. Her belly bulged considerably in the moonlight.

"Lucy?" Mike's voice came up her throat, through her Eustacean tubes, so it had the same muffled effect as her own voice when she was speaking. "Lucy, you bitch, what did you do to me?"

Lucy gasped. "That's no way to talk to me! You're the one who asked me out here."

"You—you ate me!"

"I what?" Lucy blinked, then looked down at her stomach. Her eyes widened. "Oh my God, I did!" She prodded her tummy experimentally, and wailed, "And you were so tasty, too!"

Then Jenette couldn't take it any longer. She was on Lucy's lap, and before Lucy knew it, was kissing her passionately, tasting the last drops of Mike on her tongue. Lucy's eyes widened, then she started kissing back. Not hungrily, as she was full now, but pleasantly. Mmm. Something about this girl—she was familiar. She kept the kiss up, as Jenette rubbed her belly with one hand. "Ohhh…mmm, that feels nice, don't stop."

"Lucy? Lucy, what're you doing? It's getting wet in here—" Mike's voice ended in a gurgle, as Jenette's ministrations did their work in getting Lucy's—Kayla's digestive system going.

Lucy felt things begin to go fuzzy. What's happening? she thought.

Your turn's over, hon, Kayla told her. Tasty meal?

Oh God yes, it was delicious, thank you! Then Lucy paused. Oh my God. I…ate Mike. You ate me! What have you done to us?

I've enjoyed you, Kayla said. Both of you. And you, twice…in the eating of, and the eating as.

What…what's going to happen to us now? Lucy asked.

I have a little spot picked out for you in the back of my mind, Kayla assured her. Where you and Mike can be together forever. Don't worry, I'm sure he'll forgive you for eating him. Eventually. She giggled and everything faded away.

In the outside world, Lucy sighed and closed her eyes, and then her body shifted back into Kayla's—still kissing Jenette. "Mmm. Jen, I had no idea you felt that way about me."

Jenette broke off the kiss embarrassedly. "Er…sorry. I just got so turned on…"

"And what's that?" Kayla pointed to the cameraphone in Kayla's hand. "I thought I said no movies?"

"It's okay!" Jenette said. "I stopped it while you were still Lucy. As far as anyone would know, she ate her boyfriend and you didn't have anything to do with it."

"Hmm," Kayla said.

"Besides, I wanna put it up on Youtube!" Jenette said. "The other vores will just freak! Pleeeeease?" She adopted such a hangdog look that Kayla had to relent.

"Well, all right. But only if there's no way they can trace it back to me."

"All right, I promise!" Jenette said, relieved. "So…now what?"

Kayla sat back in the passenger seat. "Now we enjoy the view for a while…then we leave."

Jenette leaned against Kayla, patting her gradually-shrinking tummy. "Good enough for me." She put her head on Kayla's shoulder and closed her eyes. Kayla looked at her and sighed.

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Over the next few days, Kayla and Jenette hung out each afternoon at Kayla's house, with the unwilling Carrie coming over to tutor them in math. She was so obviously scared out of her wits that Kayla found the urge to tease her further irresistable. Kayla took to adopting her giant wolfen form when Carrie's back was turned, and enjoying the look of fright on Carrie's face when she turned back around. Sometimes she'd sniff at Carrie's neck with her cold wolfen nose, or pant in her ear, or lick her lips meaningfully. For her part, Jenette watched and occasionally giggled.

Finally, one evening, Carrie threw down the pencil and paper she was using to demonstrate how to factor a polynomial and said, "I give up. Look. If you're going to eat me, then eat me now and be done with it. Otherwise, cut the crap so I can finish helping you with this math problem."

Kayla looked at the way she was trembling, smelled the scent of panic, and relented. "I guess I have been…overdoing it a little. I'm sorry."

Jenette pouted. "Aw, you mean you're not gonna eat her now?"

Carrie glowered at her. "Thanks so much."

"Not right now. Maybe later, though, if she stops helping us with the algebra." Kayla grinned wolfishly, then shrank back to human form. "But she's right, teasing her about it is counterproductive, and I shouldn't do it. So, let's get some polynomials factored, okay?"

After that, Carrie actually began to loosen up and become a bit more friendly. It was as if she almost forgot that she was there under threat. For her part, Kayla actually found herself warming to the girl, and even showing off in front of her.

"Hey, do your 'Hal' for me," Jenette said one evening as they were working together.

Kayla rolled her eyes. "It was a mistake to show you I could do that. I'm not going to be your boy-toy. It's weird."

"Aw, c'mon, please? He's just so hot…" Jenette said.

"You only think he's hot because you watched me eat him," Kayla muttered.

"No, I think he's hot because he's got a hot body, and he has to do whatever you make him do 'cuz you're in there pulling the strings. So c'mon, pleeeeeease?"

Kayla sighed. "Oh, all right." Her body shimmered, and a moment later Hal was sitting there. Only sitting for a little bit, though, because Jenette abruptly tackled him and started kissing him, hard. His eyes widened for a moment in confusion, then he put his arms around Jenette and started kissing back.

Carrie stared at them. "That's just…disgusting."

Hal managed to disengage himself, and blinked. "Uh…what am I doing here? With you?"

"You went on a date with me, silly, and we came back to my place afterward to cuddle!" Jenette said.

"I don't remember tha—"

"Kaaaaayla?" Jenette said, peering into his eyes as if she was trying to look behind them. "You know what I want."

Hal's entire demeanor changed. "Oh, right. Cuddling. Mmmm…" He kissed her again, and put his arms around her. Jenette leaned against him happily.

"I don't believe this," Carrie muttered.

"C'mon, there's a bedroom right up the hall—" Jenette said.

Hal abruptly shifted back into Kayla, who disengaged. "You're incorrigible."

"Aww, you never let me get past first base," Jenette pouted.

"I just find the idea of you having sex with Hal in my body a little weird, okay?" Kayla said.

"How did you even do that?" Carrie asked. "You shapeshift into the people you kill?"

"I didn't kill them," Kayla said. "I absorbed them. They're still alive; it's just that they're alive in me."

"And you can…put them on, like a jacket." Carrie shook her head. "That's…I don't know whether to be fascinated or horrified."

"Try both," Jenette suggested.

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It was getting on toward the point where Kayla was becoming hungry again, and she and Jenette brainstormed her next meal from their seats in the back of math class. "So, you gonna go for another hunk again?" Jenette asked.

"Actually—I was thinking about Ronald." Kayla nodded toward the student currently chalking an answer on the board.

"Ronald? Are you kidding?" Jenette said, almost forgetting to whisper. "He's such a…a total geek. He's like the poster child for Aspergers Syndrome. Ugh!"

"Yeah, but he's really good at math," Kayla reflected.

"So's Carrie; why don't you just eat her?" Jenette asked.

"A few more people might actually notice that," Kayla said.

Jenette shook her head. "Ew. Just…ew."

And Kayla slowly grinned as a mischievous idea sprang to mind. She leaned close to Jenette—and blew a cloud of pheromone scent in her face. As Jenette's eyes glazed over, Kayla whispered in her ear, "You will come to my house after school. You will find Ronald there. You will think he's the hottest boy ever, and will proceed to have the best sex with him you've ever had in your life. Make sure he uses protection. Now forget these instructions until after school."

Jenette blinked and shook her head. "What were we talking about again?"

"Ronald. I'll see him after class and invite him over after school today. Wanna come?"

Jenette wrinkled her nose. "I think I'm actually going to give this dinner a miss. It would be just too gross."

Kayla chuckled. "Aw. All right then."

After class, she bumped into Ronald at the lockers, and breathed in his face. As he went under the trance, she whispered to him, "Come to my house after school. On the way, stop by a drugstore, get condoms. You'll meet a girl at my house, named Jenette. You'll think she's the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen, and you'll proceed to have the best sex you've ever had in your life with her."

"Haven't…had any sex," Ronald mumbled.

"Best and only sex you've ever had in your life," Kayla amended. "Be sure and wear a condom. Now forget these instructions until after school."

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After school, Kayla was careful to arrive home a little later than usual. When she got there, Carrie was sitting in the living room looking scandalized. "Oh, hi, Carrie. Forgot you were coming over today." Kayla grinned. "Something wrong?"

"Jenette and…and Ronald are in the bedroom," Carrie said.

"Oh, really? This I've got to see." Kayla opened the door, peeked in, and grinned. "They've really been going at it, haven't they?"

"Yeah. Yeah, they have." Carrie looked at her. "What did you do?"

"Me? Oh, nothing. Just a little nudge, really." She grinned more. "Oh, Jenette? Could I get you to come here a moment?"

"Mrrpghl." Jenette removed her head from Ronald's crotch and looked up. "Huh?" Then she blinked, slowly looked down at the insensate Ronald, then slowly looked around at Kayla. "Why you absolute bitch." Kayla couldn't help notice that Jenette didn't seem too upset despite her words, however.

"So?" Kayla asked. "How was he?"

Jenette wiped her mouth. "Not bad, actually, for a first-timer."

"'Not bad'? I specifically told you to have the best sex you've ever had in your life," Kayla said.

"Well…okay, it was that, I guess," Jenette said. "I'm still mad. But…not very." She smiled. "I'm almost gonna be sad for you to eat him, come to think of it."

"But you're still gonna let me?"

"Let you, hell, I'm gonna help!" Jenette grinned. "Ever thought about doing it 'doggy style'?"

Kayla raised an eyebrow. "Hmm?" Jenette whispered in her ear. "Ohhh…all right, if that's what you want." She stepped back, and then shimmered and shrank down until a perhaps slightly larger-than-ordinary wolf stood before Jenette.

Jenette grinned. "Awesome." She climbed back onto the bed. "Hey, wake up."


"It's your lucky day! You get to be on top this time."

"Oh…mmkay…" He rolled over, straddling her, his feet dangling over the edge of the bed. Then he glanced over his shoulder. "Um…what's your name?"


"Right. Um…Jenette? There's a very large dog looking at us."

"Oh, that's just Kayla's pet dog, Eubish."

"Eubish?" Ronald asked.

"Yeah, as in 'Get off the sofa, Eubish!' 'Stop peeing on the carpet, Eubish!'" Jenette giggled. Kayla snorted.

"She's really big," Ronald said. "Looks like a wolf."

"She's a, um, Belgian Wolfhound. That's normal. She might want to lick your feet, don't worry about it." She reached up and pulled his chin around. "Eyes front, mister."


As they started going at it, Kayla padded up to the bed, put her forepaws to either side of the lovers' feet, and opened her jaws. Suddenly a wicked idea struck her. Instead of just snagging Ronald's feet, she scooped in Jenette's along with them.

Jenette looked over Ronald's shoulder. "Hey, what are you—" And then her eyes widened as Ronald started thrusting. "Oh. OHHHH…" While they were both suitably distracted, Kayla pushed her way forward, clambering up onto the bed and wriggling forward, pushing her way up the lovers' entangled legs. Her fangs bumped against their waists, and her throat clenched around their ankles as she started to swallow.

"Kayla, what're you—mmmph!" Ronald didn't even seem to notice the warmth and moisture on his legs, he was so intent on Jenette. He silenced her with a kiss as Kayla insinuated her jaw up under Jenette's back. As Jenette's neck slid into the gap between her fangs, she swallowed again, pulling them into her throat up to their thighs. She tipped her head back, pulling them further in, and their heads slid in past her teeth.

Jenette looked up. "Oh god. OhgodohgodohGOD!" It took Kayla a moment to realize Jenette was gasping not in terror, but because she was climaxing again. Wow, she really does get off on being eaten, Kayla thought with amusement. She swallowed again, pushing them further back in her mouth with her tongue as the peristaltic action of her throat pulled them in and pushed them closer together. Now Ronald couldn't pull out of Jenette if he wanted to.

As she swallowed one more time, Jenette turned her head, looked back at the view out through two rows of teeth, and said, "Kayla, I trust you, okay?" Then Kayla swallowed again, and they slid down her throat together, making a big bulge in her stomach.

"Oh my God." Kayla glanced over her shoulder. Carrie stood in the doorway, staring.

Kayla shifted to her wolftauran form, still with a big stomach bulge. It quivered slightly as Jenette and Ronald squirmed inside her.

"You—just ate them. You ate Jenette."

"Mm-hmm." Kayla grinned. "But you of all people should know I can chuck 'em right back up again. C'mere." She held out an arm. Carrie hesitated. "Come on, I'm not gonna bite you. Or try to swallow you. Honest."

Carrie swallowed, and walked forward. "There, that's better." Kayla reached out an arm and gathered her into a hug. "Here, now put your hand right there. Can you feel them?"

Carrie blinked, and felt. "I…yes, I can."

"Listen." Kayla opened her mouth and leaned it down near Carrie's ear.

Jenette's giggles echoed up her throat. "Oh, it's so warm in here, and nice! Just like I thought it would be…"

"Wh—where are we?" Ronald asked. "It's dark in here—eww, and slimy!"

"I'm afraid I'm gonna need your help, Carrie," Kayla said.

Carrie looked up nervously. "Huh?"

"To get them out," Kayla explained. "My throat's big enough, I can't quite reach down it far enough to gag. I need you to put your arm in—"

Carrie shrank back. "N-no way!"

"Carrie, I'm serious. I won't eat you. I need your help or I can't puke them back out. And I'd rather not digest Jenette yet."

Jenette's voice echoed up her throat. "Yet? Whadayamean yet?"

"You promise? You won't eat me?"

"I promise. So can you reach, please?" Kayla opened her mouth wide. Carrie looked in, hesitantly, then bit her lip and leaned over her tongue to reach further in, to prod at the back of her throat.

"Hahr-er," Kayla prompted. Carrie obediently poked harder, and then Kayla began to retch. Once, twice—and Jenette was pushed back up, at least halfway.

Still up to her waist in Kayla's throat, Jenette reached out her hands. "Hey, Carrie! Help pull me out!"

"Uh…okay…" Carrie gingerly leaned forward and took Jenette's slimy hands in her own. Jenette clenched them tight—then grinned mischevously as she jabbed the back of Kayla's tongue with both elbows. Taken by surprise, Kayla reflexively swallowed, pulling Jenette back down her throat—and pulling Carrie in after her, as Jenette refused to let go.

"Eeek!" Carrie screamed. "Kayla, you promis—!" Then she was gone, pulled right down Kayla's throat. She hit Kayla's stomach with a splash a moment later, and Kayla was stuffed fuller than she'd ever yet been.

"Oof!" Kayla gasped, looking at the huge bulge.

"Ow!" Ronald said. "Get your elbow out of my back."

Jenette retorted, "Get your knee out of my eye. Ow!"

"Oh God, I don't wanna die!" Carrie whimpered.

"Jenette, you idiot," Kayla said. "Now how'm I gonna get you out?"

"Um…that loaf of French bread in the kitchen?" Jenette suggested. "Um…I'm sorry. I didn't think about it. I just wanted Carrie in here with us."

"Ow! Stop that!"

"Only, funny thing…now I can't possibly think why," Jenette said drily.

Kayla attempted to heave herself up off the bed. It was a little tricky with her balance off, but she made it. Then she tried to get through the door, and got stuck. "Ooof."

"Hey, stop squeezing us so tight," Jenette complained. "It's tight enough in here already!"

"Sorry!" Kayla frowned a moment. "Why the hell am I getting stuck, anyway? I can shapeshift for crying out loud." She concentrated on sucking in her gut, and managed to pull the rest of the way through the door. She wobbled only a little as she made her way into the living room.

Then she stopped, as a stranger was there. An older woman, with long, dark hair and a somewhat…predatory stance. Just looking at her, Kayla suddenly realized this was another Wolfen. The woman smiled at her—and suddenly, Kayla was no longer able to move. She collapsed onto the floor, on her side.

"Ah, I thought so." The woman came over to her, and started massaging the bulge with both hands.

"Kayla?" Jenette asked worriedly. "What're you doing? It's…getting wetter in here."

"Oh God!" Carrie screamed. "Don't do it! Please don't do it!"

"Stop," Kayla said weakly. "Gotta let 'em out."

The woman smiled. "No, I don't think so. We don't need any witnesses, so it's best they become a part of you."

Kayla desperately tried to keep the acids from flowing, but the woman's massage was just too effective. "No…please…" But it was too late. She felt her body slimming, felt the nourishment flowing into her bloodstream. Felt three minds sliding into the space in the back of her own. Felt the tears start to come.

The woman stepped back. "There we go. All better."

Then Kayla was on her feet. "Who the hell are you? What gives you the right—!"

Then she was on the floor again, pinned under a Wolfen body that massed nearly twice hers. "As it happens, little girl, my name is Sonja and it's might that gives me that right." Then Kayla found herself being lifted up and rammed into Sonja's mouth, hindquarters first. She squirmed and thrashed, but it was no use; Sonja was just too strong for her. She felt herself sliding backward, the bulk of her centauran lower half pulling the rest of her down into that throat.

"Stop! Wait! Stop, please!" Kayla said. "I'm sorry! I—I give up!" Sonja didn't answer, just swallowed her further. Her centaur part was entirely in that massive throat now, and her human chest was sliding over her tongue. "I don't know why you're so mad at me, but please—give me a chance to explain, or something."

The Wolfen's jaws closed, shutting out the light.

"Please don't do this to me," Kayla sobbed. "You're the only thing like me I've ever met, and I don't even know why!"

Sonja paused, then relented. Her throat muscles reversed, and she started squeezing Kayla back out again. When she lay on the carpet, in a puddle of saliva, Sonja straightened up. "Go get washed off. I'll be waiting right out here."

Kayla hastily retreated to the bathroom and took a quick shower, then towelled off and padded back into the living room in her wolfen centaur form. Sonja was waiting there, still wolftauran herself, looking at the floor.

"So…who are you," Kayla asked timidly.

"I'm Sonja. Your…hmm…second mother, twice removed, I guess."

"Second…mother…?" Kayla blinked, and tried to squirm.

"It's all so complicated," Sonja sighed. "As best I can figure, years ago a little girl named Kayla was in the forest and met a little Wolfen named Greg. Somehow she ended up getting him to eat her, and Greg—my poor little Greg—was so broken up and guilted about it that he turned himself right back into that little girl and got stuck that way. Juvenile identity trauma, a shrink might call it."

She shrugged. "Anyway, as far as I knew, Greg had just up and vanished. I searched for him for years and never found him. I should never have left him alone that day…" She shook her head. "Identity trauma didn't occur to me until I saw that youtube video of Wolfen eating. Then I knew just where to go."

"How'd…how'd you trace the video?" Kayla asked. "She posted it anonymously."

Sonja smirked. "I ate someone who worked for YouTube."


"I'm sorry I…overreacted," Sonja said, wringing her hands. "I guess I shouldn't blame you for it, since I don't know exactly how it happened. But still, you've got my lover inside you, and I am going to have him back, one way or another."

Kayla blinked. "Your…lover? Greg? Um…that's kind of sick."

Sonja shook her head. "No, no, it's not like that." She rolled her eyes. "This would have been so much simpler if you'd been raised Wolfen. One of the things we can do is rebirth the people we eat, as Wolfen. Once they mature, they get their old memories and personalities back. That was going to happen to Greg—except you had your little accident first."

"Oh." Kayla frowned. "Then…what happens now? You want me to…push myself down and bring him out?"

Sonja shook her head. "No, wouldn't work. You'd have to…well, there are two choices. I could eat you, digest you, pluck him out of you, and impregnate myself with him—"

Kayla's eyes widened. "So that's why you were going to eat me."

"Yes. I'm sorry—I was just going to shove you aside, get him back out and forget about you. I…blamed you for stealing him from me. I'm sorry, that was unworthy of me. If I did it now, I'd raise you right along with him. And your friends. You'd get the full benefit of a Wolfen upbringing—and I'd keep a closer eye on all of you this time."

Kayla nodded. "I don't know if I'm ready for that. But I'll think about it. What's the other choice?"

Or else—you could impregnate yourself with him, and with your friends who I made you digest. Bring them out, raise them yourself—with my help, of course."

"Huh. So…be a baby, or else raise babies?" Kayla frowned. "I really don't know if I'm ready for that. But I guess I don't have a choice. I've got your lover inside me, and either way he has to come out. But—what about my parents? They're going to be back from vacation soon."

"There's a lot to be said for a double litter, you know," Sonja said weakly. "You give me back my lover, I…give you back your parents…"

Kayla's head snapped around. "What?"

"Their plane got in a few days early," Sonja said. "I'm sorry. I was mad with grief for years. When I found out who you were—I just sort of took revenge without thinking. I'm sorry."

Kayla sighed. "Well, at least now I don't have to worry about how to explain it to them." She sighed. "All right. You'll have to show me what to do, but all right, I'll do it."

Sonja brightened up. "Great! Well, then. We'll leave right away; we need to find a deep wilderness area to raise them in."

"I've never been that good at camping," Kayla admitted.

"Don't worry. I'll help, and so will the other Wolfen."

"There's more of us?" Kayla said.

"A few dozen so far, yes. We're coming back from near extinction." Sonja led the way to the door.

"Isn't that going to cause some problems sooner or later?" Kayla wondered, following her. "We can't keep eating people forever without anybody getting wise."

"We've been thinking about that—" Sonja led Kayla through the door, and it closed behind them on an empty house.

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