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Vore/Neko Campus story universe
This story contains adult content.

Family Matters

Author: Throat Wolf

Info icon.pngFamily Matters
Author:Throat Wolf
Series:Lucy & Tina (#3)
Previous:An Evening with Clarence
Next:An Ocelot of Trouble
Setting/Universe:Vore/Neko Project Campus
Co-written with KlinKitty of Eka's Portal.


This is a vorarephilia (vore) story, in which people get eaten for erotic purposes. Unlike many vorarephila stories, my flavor of vore is entirely non-lethal; I'm not interested in snuff. However, if vore is not your thing, you probably will not enjoy this regardless. It also features some elements of bondage.

ucy zipped the suitcase shut. It was a small suitcase—really just an overnight bag—but for a small kitty (who didn't wear many clothes anyway), it was sufficient. She set it beside the apartment door. This was it! Today was the day that Tina had promised to take her out of the city to go and visit her family.

They had been excited to hear from her on the phone, though they thought her voice sounded a little odd. A little higher-pitched than usual. "Have you got laryngitis, dear? We don't want you to come down if you're not feeling well."

Not wanting to try to explain she'd come down with a severe case of being short, she'd insisted she was fine. And she was, she thought now as she stared at the suitcase. She was absolutely F.I.N.E.—Furry, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional.

"Tina?" she called. "Are you ready yet?"

Tina emerged from the bedroom with her own suitcase, not much bigger than Lucy's. "Yep!" She gently scratched the back of Lucy's neck—the only fur she could reach since Lucy's sweatshirt and sweatpants covered the rest. "You too, I take it?"

"Uh-huh. You got the plane tickets?" She paused. "You did get two tickets, right? I am not going to ride in a pet taxi again."

The lioness chuckled. "Of course I got two…If I left you in the cargo hold, I'd be lonely! And I'd probably end up sitting next to some creepy person or something." She walked out of the house, holding the door for Lucy.

Lucy followed. "At least then you'd have an in-flight dinner, right?"

"Mm, eating people so far from the college is generally frowned upon…Though it has been tempting." She stepped to the street corner, and hailed a cab. Then, she held the door for Lucy, and slipped into the back seat after her. "To the airport, please."

The cab pulled away from the curb, and Lucy bounced excitedly on the seat as she looked around through the windows. "Yay, we're off!"

The taxi eventually reached the airport, and disgorged its passengers. Tina left a lioness-sized tip and carried both suitcases as Lucy bounced ahead. "Lucy, hon, stay real close to me. Don't make me have to clip the lead on you!"

"Aw…all right." She bounced along next to Tina as they headed to check in.

After getting through the TSA screening station with only a small amount of bother (largely caused by Tina graciously offering to let a flustered TSA agent strip-search her and pat her down) they found the way to the terminal for their flight.

"Not many catgirls here," Lucy said, plopping down on one of the seats. "In fact, I don't see any."

"Not many of us go far from the campus yet," Tina admitted. "We're still pretty new, and most of the world hasn't had the chance to get used to us yet. Some of them think we're just fiction, or fursuiting furries, or wearing makeup. It's gonna take a while for that to change."

"Oh." Lucy thought about that. "Do you think it's gonna be a problem for us, travelling?"

"Not as long as we have our IDs." Tina chuckled. "I will admit this is a new experience for me, travelling in my own skin. Usually when I travel, I wear one of the humans I've eaten and don't get a second glance."

"Oh." Lucy glanced at her. "You know you're weird, right?"

Tina just grinned.

"United Flight 101 to St. Louis, now boarding!"

"That's us," Lucy said.

"Mmhmm." Tina stood, and headed towards the gate with Lucy in tow.

Since they had first-class tickets, they were among the first to board the plane. They ignored the strange looks that came their way from other passengers and crew, and took their seats. Tina let Lucy have the window seat; she sat protectively by the aisle.

"Have you ever flown before?" Tina asked.

"Counting the time you took me down to Florida, and I had to ride in a pet taxi in the cargo hold?" Lucy grumbled.

"Oh yes, I remember. But you are my pet. How else could I have shipped you?" Tina purred, reaching over to stroke her fur.

"But—" Lucy began.

"No buts. Are you or are you not my pet kitty?"

"I am." Lucy touched her collar. "God, you know I am."

"Don't you think I want what's best for my pet kitty?" she purred.

"I think you just wanted to teach me who was the pet and who was the mistress," Lucy grumbled. "I wouldn't have minded so much, but it was so drafty I nearly caught cold."

"Aww…I'm sorry." She patted Lucy again. "But you're right. Maybe I do get…carried away sometimes."

"And maybe I actually kinda like it," Lucy said. "I wish I didn't, but…it's in my genes now."

Tina hugged her. "Well, don't worry. I'm going to make an extra special effort to pretend you're just a good friend in front of your family."

"Thanks." Lucy said, as Tina let go of the hug. "But this is my first time flying outside of a pet taxi, yes."

Tina stroked Lucy's back gently. "I see. Well, hope it's not too stressful, then…" She leaned back in her chair, and began to purr softly.

The plane lifted off the runway, and Lucy was a bit nervous; she even had to close the window blind for a moment. But Tina continued purring, and Lucy found the sound oddly comforting, enough that she could open the blind again when the plane was safely in the air. She stood up on her seat to peer out the window, watching the details on the ground disappear.

The ground itself was soon all but completely obscured by clouds; it was beautiful, in a strange way, but got monotonous quickly. Lucy leaned back in her chair, and sighed, glancing towards Tina. The lioness seemed to be half asleep, but looked towards Lucy when she sensed her gaze.

"Mm, are you alright, Lucy?"

Lucy nodded. "Yeah. It's just so new…It takes some getting used to!"

Tina chuckled. "Mm, I know. But you will get used to it."

"I've sure got a better view than I did from that pet taxi."

Before too long, the stewardess came around with the meal menus. Tina ordered two steak dinners (very rare) and a mint julep. "I'd have a catnip julep, but almost nobody makes those yet."

"Oddly enough, we actually do have fresh catnip as well as fresh mint," the stewardess said. "Apparently it's standard on all flights out of your city now. We're not entirely sure why."

Tina chuckled. "Someone in Project Neko pulling strings, I imagine. Very well, I'll have a catnip julep, then. And a sprig of just the mint itself for my p—my friend." She smiled.

The stewardess nodded and grinned. "Be right back with those."

Tina held onto the catnip until after dinner ("Clean your plate first, then dessert"). Once they'd both eaten, Lucy curled up on the seat with her catnip, purring and making little "mrrrow" noises for the rest of the flight (and drawing the occasional odd look from other passengers). Tina sipped her julep and grinned.

By the time they landed, Lucy had recovered from the catnip and was only mildly purring. She followed Tina down the stairs to the airport, and waited with her to collect their luggage. After only a slight commotion (Lucy still had enough catnip in her system to pounce the suitcase instead of grabbing it, and ride around on the luggage carousel until Tina could pull her off), they went to collect their rental car.

The rental car clerk turned out to be an obstacle to be surmounted. After several minutes of arguing, a manager had to come out and gently lead him away, still sputtering, "…but we have a 'no pets' policy!"

After clearing things up (and paying an extra "shedding" surcharge), they had their rental car and were off into the wilds of Saint Louis. "You'll have to help me navigate," Tina said. "I've never been here before."

"Oh, sure!" Lucy said. "Of course, it would be easier if I could see over the dashboard…"

Tina just chuckled.

"My folks live in University City, not far from Fitz's," Lucy continued. "Have you heard of Fitz's? You've gotta go to Fitz's while we're here. It's the neatest place, and they make the best root beer ever."

Tina smiled. "No, I can't say I've ever heard of Fitz's…You'll have to show me! I bet it's interesting, if you think so highly of it."

"Mm-hmm. Oh, take this turn." Lucy pointed the way up the street, until they were in familiar surroundings. Then she began to shiver a little, and sink down into the seat.

Tina glanced over at her. "What's wrong?"

"Oh, this was all a bad idea. I don't know what I was thinking—how can I let them see me like this?"

Tina stroked Lucy's head. "Relax. You'd have to show them sooner or later, right? And it's better to get it out of the way."

Lucy whimpered. "I—I guess you're right. But…we should break it to them gently. Pull up here. That's the house." She pointed to a two-story house with dormer windows and a weathered facade. "And let me borrow your cellphone?"

"Do you want me to take the collar off you?"

Lucy shook her head. "N-no. I want to wear it. It reassures me."

Tina nodded, handing Lucy her cellphone. "Alright, then, if you're sure."

Lucy took the phone, fumbled it open, and dialed. "Hello, Mom? Yeah, it's me. We're in the car that just pulled up. But before we come up, I just wanted to tell you. We're…I'm, um, different. I don't look the way I did when I left for school. I just wanted you to know…I'm still your little girl no matter what I look like, OK? OK, we're coming in." She closed the phone and handed it back to Tina. "Fingers crossed."

Tina slipped the cellphone back into her purse, then exited the car, and walked up the sidewalk to the front door. Once Lucy was next to her, she rang the doorbell.

A moment later, the door opened, and a fairly short dumpy woman peered up nervously at Tina, then down at Lucy. "Hi, Mom," Lucy said weakly.

Lucy's mother stared at her for ten seconds without speaking, then found her tongue. "…oh. Oh! Well…come in, both of you."

Lucy led the way, and Tina followed, ducking to fit through the door. "Mom, this is my…um…my friend Tina. My roommate. I told you I moved in with her, remember?" Her mother nodded mutely.

A brown-haired young man in a Washington University T-shirt came running up the entrance hall. Lucy waved to him. "Hey, Doug, good to see you."

Doug stared. "Lucy? Is that you?"

"Guilty as charged, I'm afraid."

"You're so…short. And fuzzy."

"I only seem that way because I'm standing next to a seven foot lioness. Say hi, Tina."

Obediently, the lioness said, "Hi, Tina."

Lucy facepalmed, and Tina gave a goofy grin.

"Why don't we all move into the living room?" Lucy's mother asked, regaining some measure of composure. "I'll go get your little sister."

"She'll probably go get a slug of cooking sherry, too," Doug murmured as she bustled out of the room. "I mean, wow. You said you were different, but I thought you meant you got piercings or something."

"Yeah, well, you don't always get to pick and choose your lifestyle choice," Lucy said, following Doug into the living room. "Take that easy chair, Tina, it's the biggest chair we've got." She hopped up onto the sofa and made a little nest with the extra cushions.

A moment after Lucy had gotten comfortable, a girl, 10 years old and slightly short for her age, came bounding down the stairs. Her red hair was tied into pigtails, and she was wearing a pink shirt and white shorts. "Lucy, you're ho…Ooh!" She looked at Tina and Lucy. "Kitties!"

Lucy rolled her eyes and waved. "Hi, Cindy. Yes, kitties."

Cindy blinked, and walked over to the couch. "Lucy? You're a kitty?" She giggled, and hopped onto the couch, her arms wrapping around her older sister's waist, rubbing under the sweatshirt. "Oooh, so soft! And you've got a tail!" Cindy stared in rapt fascination back and forth from Lucy to Tina. "Are you furry like that all the way down? Under your clothing, too?"

Tina nodded. "Sure am!" She even started to reach for the hem of her sweater, but noticed Lucy glaring daggers at her, and stopped. "Maybe you can get your big sister to show you sometime. We don't wear clothes around the house."

Cindy stared. "Really?"

"You what!?" Lucy's mother asked, re-entering the room.

"Uhm…we don't air clothes around the house," Lucy managed feebly. "Because we don't have windows we can open. We just use the tumble driers."

Lucy's mother looked suspiciously at her, but let it pass. She sat down in a rocking chair, a safe distance away from the seven-foot lioness reposing in the easy chair. "So…Lucy, this is a bit of a shock. What happened to you?"

"Well, it's like this. One day I was walking up the street, minding my own business, when these goons drive up in a black van and grab me. I'm strapped down, injected with stuff, spend some time floating in a funky glass tank, and next thing I know, I'm a foot and a half shorter and covered in fur." She decided to skip the part about being offered for sale to a millionaire. There was only so much to expect a mother to take in one sitting.

Cindy thought a moment. "Um…can you tell me which street it was?"

Tina grinned. "There are easier ways to become a kitty, y'know. Maybe I could show you sometime…" Lucy glared at her. "…when you're a good deal older, of course."


"But who did this thing to you?" her mother asked. "Can't you call the police, or sue them, or something?"

Lucy sighed. "No, it's a government project, Mom. They're shielded by executive privilege. You remember a few years back when President Palin had come out with that plan to study and use magic? The one you were all in favor of, because anyone using that creepy magic stuff deserves what they get? Well, welcome to my world."

Tina leaned back in her chair. "It's not all kidnapping and secret labs, though. Lots of us volunteer…I did."

Cindy shot up out of her seat and bounced up and down. "Youcanvolunteer? Wheredoyougo? Howoldyougottabe? Canyouchoosewhatkindakitty? IwannabeaLIGER! JustlikeinNapoleonDynamite!"

Tina chuckled. "I don't think they have those. I don't think anybody has those—at least not the way they were in that movie."

"Oh. Well maybe a cougar, then. Or a jaguar. Or an ocelot!"

Tina chuckled. "Mm, well, you'd have to ask your mother…" Lucy's mother did not look thrilled at the idea.

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A few hours later, after a particularly tasty meatloaf dinner (at which Tina had managed to impress everyone, including Lucy's mother, with her table manners—something one does not commonly expect to find in a seven foot lioness), Lucy and Tina retired to the guest bedroom. Tina stretched, grinning. "Mm…Nice family you have…And pretty tasty-looking if I do say so myself!"

Lucy groaned. "Ugh, Tina…pleasedon't eat anyone, ok? My mom's had enough shocks for one day, I don't need her to find you with a stomach full of my brother or something."

Tina gave a thoughtful 'mrr'. "I was thinking more like your sister…So cute and energetic!"

Lucy glared at Tina again, and sighed. "Just don't, okay?"

Tina giggled, and stripped out of her clothing. Lucy did, too, carefully folding hers

There was a knock on the door. Tina and Lucy looked at each other. "Who is it?" Lucy asked.

"It's me! Can I come in?" asked Cindy. "Tina said to come by just before bedtime to see you with your clothes off!"

Lucy rolled her eyes. "You're not supposed to want to see your sister with her clothes off."

"You know what I mean!"

Lucy sighed. "All right, come on in." She got up and opened the door, and Cindy bounced in. Her wide eyes roved from Lucy to Tina and back. "Ohhhh…" she breathed. "You're gorgeous! Can I pet you? Pleeeeease?"

Tina smiled, rolling onto her belly. "Mm, sure, go ahead…" Lucy started to object, but sighed. There was little she could do to dissuade either of them, so why bother? Instead she buried her head in her pillow and tried to go to sleep.

Cindy crawled onto the bed, and began to slowly stroke along Tina's back, drawing a low purr from the lioness. "Wow, miss Tina! Your fur is so soft!"

Tina smiled. "Yeah, isn't it? I take good care of it…"

Cindy continued stroking for a while, then spoke up again. "How did you get so big, miss Tina?"

Tina arched her back into the strokes. "Mm…Well, when I was transformed, I was pretty big…but I've eaten well since then."


A few more minutes of silence followed, interrupted only when Lucy began to snore. Cindy giggled, then sat down next to Tina.

"I like you, miss Tina! You're pretty, and nice!"

Tina rolled over and sat up. She didn't bother covering her chest…after all, her fur covered anything really naughty. "Aww, I like you too! You're cute!" She giggled, and patted Cindy on the head.

Cindy smiled, and leaned against Tina. "Miss Tina? You said there was an easier way to turn into a kitty…could you tell me? Please?" She looked up at the lioness with big, pleading eyes.

Tina glanced towards Lucy, who was fast asleep. "Hm…all right, but only if you keep it a secret, okay? If you don't, it won't happen!"

Cindy nodded excitedly. "Promise!"

Tina leaned down, and gave a toothy smile. "I could eat you all up…swallow you in one big gulp! And once my tummy was done with you…" Tina stroked over her toned belly. "I could rebirth you as a kittycat like me."

Cindy blinked. "You're putting me on. No way I could even fit into you."

Tina grinned wickedly. "Look." She opened her mouth and leaned in close to Cindy. Good thing Lucy's asleep, Tina thought. She'd have a heart attack.

Cindy stared at the way Tina's mouth got bigger and bigger the closer it got to her. The wicked teeth, the sharp tongue, the huge throat…this mouth could swallow her down in one gulp! Then Tina withdrew and her mouth shrank back to normal size.

Tina patted her belly. "And then you'd go down here, and I'd make you a part of me. It's not like what happens when you eat food and it all just dissolves into mush and you poop it out later. I've had special spells and stuff put on me so that I absorb people I eat into myself. Then I can do what I want with them. Including make myself pregnant and have them as a tiny little baby."

"Ooh…" Cindy's eyes were locked onto Tina's belly. "That sounds kinda neat! Could you eat me? Please? I wanna be a kittycat!"

Tina thought for a moment…It wasvery tempting. "I'm afraid not, kiddo. Lucy'd kill me, and what would your mom think, if a big lioness came down to breakfast with a bellyful of you?"

Cindy pouted. "Aw, I'm sure they'd understand! C'mon, pleeeeease?"

"And if I did it, you'd have to go away with me, because I couldn't just have you as a baby right away. That would mean your Mom would miss you. And you'd have to spend all that time growing up again…"

Cindy considered this for a moment. Mom being lonely, being a baby again, versus…fur coat? The choice was obvious. "I can live with that!"

Tina chuckled, and gave Cindy's own belly a gentle rub. "Sorry, hon. I'd love to, but I can't right now…Now, you'd better get to bed! It's late."

"Fiiiiine." Cindy sighed, and left the room. Tina chuckled, and pulled up the covers, then went to sleep, blissfully ignorant of what the seed she had planted in an innocent young mind might blossom into.

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In the dark of night, a figure moved in the darkened upstairs hall—slipping from one room, moving down the stairs to the kitchen, carefully avoiding the two "really creaky" steps. A dim light escaped from the refrigerator door as the figure reached down and opened one of the lower drawers.

Then the figure dashed back upstairs, as quietly and nimbly as she'd come—but rather than her own door, the figure opened the door to the guest room, where two felines slept. Slowly, with definite purpose, she navigated around Lucy's bed, moving up toward the head of Tina's. She leaned forward, over her face, and reached down…dangling a piece of raw meat right over Tina's nose.

Tina grunted in her sleep, her nose twitching as she smelled the meat. Her stomach gave a low rumble, and her pink tongue slid over her lips. Her jaws opened wide. The figure leaned forward in triumph, lowering her hand into Tina's mouth and preparing to let the rest follow…

Tina suckled at the hand for a moment, her tongue tugging the meat free, and pushing it into her throat. Then her tongue touched the hand, and her eyes opened a bit. Then, they opened wide, and she pushed the figure's hand from her lips, sitting up.

"Nice try, Cindy…" Tina chuckled, flicking on the light on the bedstand. "…but no cigar. Go back to bed, kid."

"Aww…" Cindy pouted, and made her way back out of the room again. Lucy mumbled something about artichokes in her sleep. Tina got up and locked the door before going back to bed.

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The next morning was a school day, so the household arose bright and early to go about the business of feeding everybody and getting everybody ready for school. Of course, Lucy and Tina being guests (and, more importantly, cats) they were allowed to sleep late.

After the kids had been fed, Lucy's mother started cooking another breakfast for the guests and herself. "Cindy, would you be a dear and go up and wake Lucy and her friend?"

"Sure! I'd love to!" And Cindy was zipping up the stairs, two at a time and knocking on the door. "Kitties! Rise and shine!"

"Mrgl," Lucy said, yawning and pulling the covers over her head.

Tina arose with more alacrity, her yawn distending her already impressive bosom by a remarkable amount. "Time to get up, sleepy kitty! You have a lot of this town to show me!"

"Fine," Lucy grumbled, rolling out of bed and rummaging for her sweatpants.

When they came out of the door a moment later, Cindy was standing in front of them at the head of the stairs, her hands behind her back and a big grin on her face.

"And what're you so happy about?" Tina asked suspiciously.

"Come a little closer?" Cindy said. "It's a secret."

"All right…" Tina leaned closer.

Then Cindy's hand whipped out from behind her back, throwing an entire bag of catnip flakes in Tina's face.

Tina had, by sheer mischance, been inhaling just at the time the catnip hit—so she got a snoutful of the aromatic flakes. First she sneezed, twice, then her eyes slowly unfocused.

Lucy, who had been farther back and spared any catnip exposure, stared. "What the hell did you do that for! Oh crap." She quicly grabbed Tina's arm and dragged her back into their room, reasoning it would be the best, safest place to lock her for the moment, and minimize any damage she might do in her catnip-induced state. She was already coming up with the excuse she'd give her Mom. Tina's not feeling well this morning, I'll check on her a little later, that was it.

As she leaned against the door, Lucy suddenly realized that Cindy was nowhere in sight. She glanced down the stairs, over the railing…no Cindy.

With a sinking feeling, Lucy slowly turned back toward the guest room door.

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Tina stretched out on the bed, rolling on her back and letting out constant 'Mrrrrowr' sounds. Cindy giggled to herself, having zipped inside the room before Lucy could close the door, and walked over towards Tina. She paused by the bed, then pulled the mostly-empty bag of catnip out of her pocket, and shook the remaining contents onto her face and neck. Then, she leaned forward, whispering "Don't I smell tasty, kitty?"

Tina mrrrowred, sniffing at Cindy's face a bit. Her broad, pink tongue slowly extended, pressing against the giggling girl's smooth skin in long, slow laps, a purr of approval rumbling up from her throat. Then, to Cindy's delight, her jaws parted, and she leaned forward, engulfing Cindy's head.

Cindy stifled a squeal of joy, wiggling about happily as that huge maw worked over her shoulders. It was hot and wet inside the lioness' mouth, and smelled kinda funny, but it was oddly cozy…and it was definitely worth it, if she could turn into a kittycat! Slow, almost lazy swallows pushed Tina's jaws over Cindy's shoulders and chest, dragging her shirt up to expose her smooth belly. Again, that tongue darted out, stroking over Cindy's tummy, tasting the child's skin, and again drawing forth a happy growl. Tina rolled back onto her back, swallowing hungrily over Cindy's backside and thighs, her neck and chest nicely bulged. Cindy no longer held back her giggles and squeals; after all, nobody could hear her from inside the lioness, and she was so close to her goal!

Tina tilted her head upwards as she passed Cindy's knees, swallowing a bit faster now. And finally, she yawned wide, stretched forward a bit, and sealed her lips over Cindy's feet, tugging them into her hungry throat. Once Cindy was nicely tucked away in Tina's belly, the lioness resumed rolling about on the bed, mrrrowring in pleasure as her paws roamed over her bulging, Cindy-shaped belly.

Cindy curled up, giggling and wriggling about. It was slimy and hot inside Tina's stomach, but in a good way. Her clothes stuck to her skin, and she could feel the saliva and other assorted goo soaking through. Just a little while, and she'd be absorbed by the pretty lioness, and then she was on her way to becoming a kittycat! She stretched a bit (not much, of course; Tina's belly wasn't that roomy), then curled up in a tight little ball, awaiting digestion.

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When Lucy opened the door, she thought she was prepared for the worst…but she was not prepared to see Tina lying on the bed in a happy doze, one paw on a distended belly that could only be containing a certain ten-year-old whom Lucy swore she was going to save from digestion only so she could have the sole pleasure of killing. "Oh, crap."

But she knew what to do in this situation. Tina had told her. So she went straight to Tina's purse and rummaged, tossing aside the lead, assorted piercing studs, handcuffs (metal and disposable plastic-tie), leg irons, collars, a can of whipped cream (she actually paused and looked at that one for a moment) and other junk until she found what she was looking for.

Lucy knelt next to Tina and uncorked the little vial of ammonia smelling salts. Tina took a whiff and gasped. "Eugh! Getthawayfrmme."

"Tina. Are you awake?"

"Nnngwha? Yeah. Ow, gonna have a headache. Too much catnip."

"That's not all that's gonna ache in a minute here. Tina?"


"I regret to inform you that you have swallowed my little sister. Would you kindly cough her up RIGHT THIS MOMENT?!"

Tina's eyes snapped open. "I've what?" She looked down at her belly. "Oh hell. Right. Help me into the bathroom…" She nodded toward the small bathroomette that adjoined the guest room. Lucy managed to get an arm over her shoulder and left, and half-dragged Tina and her low-hanging belly into the bathroom.

Tina opened the shower door, and glanced over at Lucy. "Do I have to cough her up? She was begging to be eaten…and she was just soooo tasty…"

"Who was it who told me something about not being supposed to eat anyone away from the campus?" Lucy said. "And leaving that aside, do you know how much trouble I'll get into over it? Cough. Her. Up."

A muffled voice came from within Tina's stomach. "No! No! I don' wanna be coughed up!"

"Tough shit," Lucy growled. "You don't get to make that decision. You're underage."

"Hope you enjoyed your brief stay in Chez Tina," Tina said with a sigh. "Because I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave." She poked her finger down her throat, and with a rather impressive contraction, hawked up and spat a disshevelled, slimy pre-teen girl onto the shower floor.

"Awww," Cindy whined at Lucy. "She was gonna make me a kitty! You mess up everything!"

"Yeah, I do. That's what big sisters are for. Messing everything up." Lucy sighed in relief. "Now you take a shower, and I'll get you some new clothes from your room. You're gonna miss the school bus today, I'm afraid. And you, out here, right now." She dragged Tina out of the bathroom and closed the door before turning on her mistress with murder in her eyes. "Now what exactly was that about?"

Tina sighed. "Well, I told her about vore, obviously…that if I ate her I could turn her into a neko. But I didn't expect her to take matters into her own hands…or that she'd get the catnip from our luggage. She's a resourceful little kid…"

Lucy rolled her eyes. "Oh, great. Now that she knows, sooner or later she's going to get someone to eat her. God knows how many campus vores hang out on the Internet. I don't want my sister ending in the belly of some…some child predator!"

Tina grinned. "Well, I could at least make sure it's someone you know…"

Lucy found it very hard to resist the urge to smack her mistress across the snout. "A ten-year-old kid? I thought better of you than that. Is there nothing to you but appetite? At all?"

Tina chuckled a bit. "Well, yeah…usually. But I haven't had breakfast yet! Well, breakfast I could keep, anyhow."

Lucy sighed. "Let's go downstairs and tell Mom that Cindy had an 'accident.' I guess we'll have to drive her to school in our rental car 'cuz Mom doesn't have one. We can do it on the way to do touristy stuff, I suppose."

Tina nodded, and moved over to sit on the bed. "For what it's worth…I'm really sorry," she said, her mood changing. "I know how you felt about what happened to Clarence. I shouldn't have been so flippant about…doing the same thing to your sister. I guess it was just the catnip talking."

"Well, yeah. But that's the catnip talking, too. You know you get mood swings coming off of it. Come on, some breakfast will make you feel better." She grabbed Tina by the arm and dragged her to the door.

"Such a nice little pet kitty, taking good care of her mistress," Tina murmured.

"Oh, shush."

"I do wonder one thing about you, though," Tina admitted as they descended the stairs.

"What's that?" Lucy asked.

"Why can't you be more like your sister?"

This time, Lucy did smack Tina. But in her defense, she felt it was fully justified.

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Cindy sulked all the way to school, not talking to Tina or Lucy. As far as Lucy was concerned, that was all right with her. They let her out in the schoolyard, then pulled back out into traffic. "Okay, first stop: the Gateway Arch!"

They spent the day going from attraction to attraction—exploring the pioneer museum under the Arch, braving the herky-jerky jiggly elevators that made their slow way to the top (Lucy ended up in Tina's lap, confessing that these elevators always scared the bejesus out of her), taking in the amazing view in both directions.

Then they hit the zoo, for long enough to examine the big cat exibit and see the rare Amur tigers they had on display. Lucy was a little afraid that they might have to buy two tickets each, however—one to get in, and one to get out again, but they didn't have any problems (apart from a lot of kids thinking they were part of the attraction and wanting to pose for pictures).

For lunch, they stopped at Fitz's American Grill, a restaurant crossed with a soda-bottling factory in University City. The back of the main room had a huge glass window so the bottling machinery could be watched in action. Tina and Cindy sat there for over an hour, sipping their "bottomless" mugs of root beer and watching the bottling process with the rapt, single-minded attention that cats' instincts accord to anything that moves.

They spent the rest of the afternoon shopping at the record, comic, and other stores in the nearby shopping district. They returned home just after Cindy's afternoon school bus, and returned to the guest room. Tina paused halfway up the stairs, spotting Cindy. "Hey, Cindy, c'mon up here."

Cindy happily obliged, bounding up the stairs and entering the room in front of Tina, sitting on the bed. "Are you gonna eat me up, miss Tina?"

Lucy shot another glare towards Tina, but Tina gave a reassuring smile. "Not now, Cindy…But I just wanted to talk to you about it."

Cindy looked a bit disappointed, and Tina pulled the child into her lap. "Listen…you're a smart kid, and I bet you could find someone else to eat you up, over the Internet or something…" Tina's expression became stern. "I want you to promise me you won't, okay? Other people who can do that…aren't as nice, and they might not rebirth you at all."

"Oh." Cindy looked down at the floor.

"But, if you can wait a few years and think about it…" Tina smiled, running a paw through Cindy's hair. "It's possible in that time we might have found you some other way to become a kitty. Heck, for all I know they might be selling kitty-yourself kits next to the hair dyes in Wal-Mart by then. But if not, come look me up. If you still want it, I promise I'll eat you, and make you the cutest little kittycat ever, okay?"

Cindy sighed, sensing that this was the best she was gonna get. "…I promise, miss Tina."

Tina grinned toothily, and leaned down, kissing Cindy's cheek. "Good girl…And remember, this is our little secret, okay?"

Cindy nodded. "Yes, miss Tina…" She stood up, and started to leave the room. Then, she turned back towards Tina. "…Are you gonna come by and visit again sometime?"

Tina grinned. "Of course!"

"Then…when you do…could you eat me and spit me up again? It was nice in there…"

Tina hmmmed, and glanced towards Lucy. Lucy sighed, and nodded, and the lioness turned back towards Cindy. "Sure thing, kid."

Cindy giggled, and bounced back downstairs, a happy grin on her face. Tina stretched out on the bed, purring.

Lucy closed the hallway door and flopped down on the same bed with her. Tina hugged her from behind, nestling her between those two huge breasts, and purred. "I like her," she confided. "I wonder if there is some way to get her made a kitty…"

"If you can find one that doesn't involve eating her, go for it," Lucy murmured. "At least that way she wouldn't have to be part of you."

"Mmm. But you know, if I did do something like that," Tina murmured back.


"Don't you think your Mom would have kittens?"

"Don't make me have to hurt you, Tina."

"Aw, you wouldn't hurt your mistress, would you?" Tina purred.

Lucy snorted. "Even pet kitties scratch from time to time."

Cuddled together, the two nekos fell into a doze, and didn't wake until dinnertime.

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