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Vore/Neko Campus story universe
This story contains adult content.

An Evening with Clarence

Author: Throat Wolf

Info icon.pngAn Evening with Clarence
Author:Throat Wolf
Series:Lucy & Tina (#2)
Previous:Lioness Loves Lucy
Next:Family Matters
Setting/Universe:Vore/Neko Campus
Author's Comments

Another KlinKitty collaboration! This time, Klin wrote most (but not all) of the dialogue of Tina and Clarence, and I wrote all of Lucy (and the rest of Tina and Clarence).


This is a vorarephilia (vore) story, in which people get eaten for erotic purposes. Unlike many vorarephila stories, my flavor of vore is entirely non-lethal; I'm not interested in snuff. However, if vore is not your thing, you probably will not enjoy this regardless. It also features some elements of bondage.

ucy sat at the breakfast table eating her Chex cereal (for some reason, nekos tended to prefer any cereal made by Ralston Purina) with lots of milk, peering thoughtfully into the bowl. She'd eaten almost all the cereal, and was now nudging one or two last floating squares around with the spoon. She always did that with the last morsel; she supposed it was the same instinct that led to batting around small objects on the floor.

Tina wandered in, humming happily to herself. The lioness was naked; she slept that way, and, like many nekos, only dressed when going out. Her belly was still slightly swollen, still working on the last bits of the previous night's dinner, and Lucy could almost swear that Tina's already-impressive bust had grown slightly. The lioness sat down next to Lucy, smiling sweetly. "Did you sleep well last night, my dear?"

"Uh-huh," Lucy said, lowering the spoon as she was unable to look away from the sight in front of her. A line from one of the Naked Gun movies ran through her head: "Is this some kind of a bust?" "Yes, ma'am, it certainly is."

Tina gave a soft purr, one hand stroking through Lucy's hair. "Mm, that's good…I slept well, too. It's wonderful having someone to cuddle, isn't it?" She leaned down and gave Lucy a gentle kiss on the forehead…which nearly placed Lucy's nose in Tina's cleavage.

"Or being someone," Lucy admitted. Tina laughed, and pulled Lucy into her lap, snuggling her between her immense breasts. And Lucy just had to ask. "Are those…bigger than they were yesterday?"

The buxom lioness nodded, smiling. "Mmhm…once we've eaten someone, vores can use the energy from their body to tweak our own body shape, and, well…" She gave her chest a playful jiggle. "I like being…big."

"Doesn't that make it hard to keep enough bras at the right size?" Lucy asked.

Tina gave a toothy grin. "I don't wear bras very often."

"And if you ate me, you'd get even bigger," Lucy said.

Tina's grin changed to a smile. "Maybe a tiny bit. You wouldn't be much more than a mouthful." She hugged Lucy close. "In any case, I don't need to eat again for some time…Clarence was a nice, big meal." She stroked Lucy gently. "Something of a sweetie, too. He has a genuine crush on you—not just because you're a neko, though that's certainly a contributing factor."

Lucy sighed. "Now I feel bad for getting him eaten."

"You couldn't have known," Tina reassured her. "He wasn't very good at expressing himself. I still wouldn't know if I hadn't gone through his memories."

"So…what's gonna happen to him now?"

"Well, the people I work for are gonna make it look like he was killed in an explosion, or eaten by sharks, or something else that doesn't leave an identifiable body. Or maybe they'll just erase all the records he was ever here at all. His family will get a big government check even if he didn't have life insurance. Any student loans he had will be cancelled out. It's all part of how they take care of us vores around here."

"But…what's going to happen to him?"

"I'm going to keep him," Tina said. "I might even have a use for him now and then." She chuckled. "He's really willing to cooperate, too. I think he just likes knowing he's near you, even if he has to be a part of me to be near you."

"That's…really sweet, in a disturbing kind of way…" Lucy said.

"Would you like to see him again?" Tina asked. "I could bring him out for you."

"You can do that?" Lucy asked.

"I'm a Stage 2 vore. I can split into two separate bodies at once—one for me, and one for someone I've eaten. I don't do it a lot, but I can do it now for you."

"Um." Lucy thought about it a moment. "I don't know if I'm ready for that yet."

"I understand." Tina chuckled. "He'll be available whenever you do want to see him." Tina ruffled Lucy's hair. "Anyway, I've got to do a bit of shopping. Would you like to come with me?"

"I won't have to wear the lead again, will I?" Lucy asked. "Everyone looked at us funny in the Wal-Mart the last time."

"Not if you're a good kitty! But I'll keep it in my purse just in case!"

Lucy considered. "Well…it's a Saturday, I don't have class…so I guess I might as well."

Tina giggled. "Wonderful! Now, just let me get dressed. I don't like to show off too much, y'know?"

Lucy made a face. "I can't wear clothes anymore. They rub my fur the wrong way."

"Well, maybe you just haven't tried the right clothes. We'll see what we can find for you in town. I'll just be a few moments!"

Separator j.png

Lucy looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing some of the clothes they'd bought that day: an oversized, loose-fitting school sweatshirt and some sweatpants. She supposed they weren't too bad; they only crushed her fur in a few places. She had to admit they did make her look a little less like somebody's pet—or would have if it hadn't been for the collar still locked around her neck. Tina refused to take it off her, even for a moment, and Lucy was secretly glad.

She could have found boltcutters or even a pair of pliers and gotten it off herself, of course, but she had to admit that she liked feeling "owned" in a way she never could have imagined just a short time before. Sometimes she wondered what the old, 5'7" fully-human Lucy would have thought if she could see herself now. It seemed more and more like that person was a total stranger these days.

Lucy considered her reflection again. She thought the clothes might also make her less attractive to animé fanboys. That made them even more worth having.

Animé fanboys. That reminded her of Clarence again. Lucy sighed. Clarence. She sort of had to see him, didn't she? She owed it to him, after getting him eaten, and putting it off was not going to make it any easier. She went in search of her mistress.

Tina was in the kitchen, putting the last of the groceries away. She was closing the cupboard as Lucy appeared, and she glanced at the smaller catgirl. "Mm…don't you agree that you look cute, dear? Do your clothes rub you the wrong way at all?"

"I'll agree I look cute…but then I always look cute. It's the curse of being four feet tall in orange tabby fur." Lucy rolled her eyes. "They feel okay. They only bug me in a few spots, I can live with them."

Tina nodded. "That's good! Of course, I won't make you wear them around the house."

"Good. But I think maybe I oughtta keep wearing them for now." She took a deep breath, and sighed. "I need to see Clarence."

Tina nodded. "All right, just a minute." She stepped away from the kitchen counter and closed her eyes. For a moment she looked like a double-exposure—one figure superimposed over another. Then the figures blurred apart and Clarence was standing there in front of her.

He was dressed in jeans and T-shirt, just as he had been before Tina ate him. Lucy wondered where the clothes came from, since Tina hadn't eaten them. But some things just weren't worth asking about. "Uh…hi," Lucy said.

Clarence gulped nervously, blushing a bit. "Er…h-hi."

"I'll just leave you two lovebirds alone, shall I?" asked Tina with a giggle, slipping away into her bedroom. Lucy facepalmed. Clarence blushed harder.

"Uh…hi," Lucy said again. You said that already, idiot!

Clarence fidgeted a bit. "Uh…I'm r…really sorry…I didn't mean to seem…well, creepy, I just never really could work up the courage to talk to you…"

"Well, you're talking to me now," Lucy pointed out.

He nodded. "Y-yeah, I guess I am…" He went quiet for a moment, trying to figure out what to say.

"What did you want from me?" Lucy asked.

Clarence gulped again. "I…well..I like you…" His face, somehow, turned even redder. "…A lot. And n…not just because you're a neko…You're very pretty…and you seemed sweet in class…"

Lucy sighed. "And so you followed me home, and my mistress ate you."

"Yeah, I guess…" He sighed, and sat down on the sofa. "Though it is my fault…if I hadn't been acting like a stalker…"

"Yeah." Lucy sat on the sofa too—though at the far opposite end of it. "Um…what was it like? Getting eaten?"

He blinked. "Er…well, n…not as bad as I expected…Kind of warm and snug…Pretty wet, though." He leaned back on the sofa. "Her stomach…Well, it was kind of cramped, but still pretty comfy…and being…well, digested didn't hurt a bit…It just tingled…"

"Yeah, you looked like you were having a good time on the way down," Lucy said. "At least the part right before she got to your legs."

He looked down, embarrassed. "Er…w…well, your mistress has a very talented tongue…"

A giggle, quickly stifled, was heard in the direction of Tina's bedroom. Lucy glanced in that direction.

"Um…that's the other thing," Clarence said, his face on fire now. "I'm a part of her now, so…"

"So no privacy. Right." Lucy frowned.

"Sorry! I'll stop listening!" Tina yelled from the bedroom.

Clarence sighed. "She'll just read my memories later. But I guess…I guess it's just what I deserve." He looked down. "Sorry again."

Almost unconsciously, Lucy moved a little closer to him on the sofa. "You don't have to keep apologizing. You've been punished enough. I forgive you."

He smiled a bit. "Thanks…I was right, I guess…you are really sweet…"

Lucy returned the smile. "That's me…a regular pussycat."

Clarence gave a weak chuckle, and went quiet for a moment, fidgeting with his hands a bit. "…Er, so…Um, what now?"

Lucy looked thoughtfully at Clarence for a moment. "Well…would you like to pet me?"

"Huh? P…pet you?" The poor boy almost looked like he would faint. "…Y…yes, I'd love to! If that's okay with you, I mean…"

Lucy tugged off her sweatshirt, untangling it from the collar, then shook out her hair. She smiled. "I am a pet kitty, you know. I need affection. Just on the back please." She slid a little closer, then presented her back to him.

He reached forward shakily, and slowly ran his hand down Lucy's back. "Wow…so soft…" He continued to stroke, gently running his fingers through Lucy's fur.

"Mmm…yes, that's the way. A little harder, please? A little more to the left?" Lucy began to purr. "Oh…you have such gentle hands."

Clarence obeyed, petting Lucy gently. He almost seemed to be in a trance. Lucy leaned into the petting…and scooted a little closer…and leaned…and scooted…and then she was sitting in his lap. She didn't seem to find anything odd about this at the moment.

Clarence did, but he didn't complain. He continued to stroke Lucy, his hands moving down her back slowly, before moving back up to her shoulders to repeat the process. His cheeks were bright red (one might think the blush was burned in by now).

Lucy could not help but notice a certain…firmness underneath her rump…but she found it a little endearing, really—and it was not as if the poor boy could help it! She turned her head and reached up to place a kiss full on his mouth. "You can pet me on the front now, too," she whispered.

Clarence went stiff for a moment, and Lucy honestly thought he'd pass out, or have a heart attack, or something. Hesitantly, his hands moved up, and slowly rubbed at her chest, gently kneading. He kept an eye on Lucy's face, for any sign of discomfort from his actions, but Lucy only purred all the louder.

"That feels purrrrrfect," Lucy murmured. "Oh, you're good at this."

"Y…you know Tina's going to know, right?" Clarence asked.

"Let her." Lucy kissed him again, her hands fumbling for the hem of his T-shirt. She tried to figure out how to get it off with him having to stop what he was doing, then shrugged, extended a claw, and slit it from hem to collar and sleeve to sleeve, yanking it off Clarence's back and tossing it aside.

Clarence looked at the ruined shirt for just a moment. "Please don't do that to my pants?" Lucy just purred and nibbled on his shoulder, then reached down to her sweatpants and started to push the waistband downward. She writhed out of the sweatpants, still in Clarance's lap, and leaned back against him while his hands continued to work on her front.

"Oh yes…why don't you just keep that up a while?" she purred, her hands reaching down behind her to start unfastening Clarence's belt and pants by feel.

Clarence said something like, "Glurk!" and obliged her as she slid his pants and briefs down underneath her. She lifted her feet up so that Clarence could kick the pants off onto the floor. "There we go," Lucy said happily, rubbing her bare body full-length against his.

Clarence whimpered at the catgirl's movements. She turned and looked over her shoulder, questioningly. Then her eyes widened. "Why, I bet you've never…of course you've never." She smiled. "Don't worry, I'll show you how." She turned around so she was kneeling on his lap, facing him, and reached up to kiss him again. Then she wrapped her legs around his waist. "It goes just like this, see?"

"Glurk!" Clarence said again.

Lucy laughed, and pulled Clarence closer to her, lowering herself onto him. "You know the nice thing about being really short?" She reached down to stroke Clarence in his most sensitive spot. "Everything else is that much bigger to you. Now in you go!"

Separator j.png

"Mmmm," Lucy said, lying drowsily against Clarence afterward. "I can't believe I took every inch of you."

Clarence breathed heavily, gasping as he held Lucy against his body. He'd pulled his pants back on, but there wasn't much he could do about his shirt. "W…wow…Lucy, that was amazing…" He stroked her back slowly. "T…thank you…"

"Was it better than being eaten?" Lucy teased.

"It was…worth being eaten for," Clarence said.

Lucy looked up at him. "You really mean that? Having sex with me was worth losing your body and getting bound to a dominatrix lioness for the rest of your life?"

Clarence nodded slowly. "Y…yes." He hugged her close again. "I…wish it could've happened before…but I couldn't ever even talk to you then. I had to…to get eaten to get my head on right."

"Then it's not so bad, is it?" Lucy purred. "Not having a body, being at the whim of a queen lioness?"

"At least…at least I know she's always gonna take care of me." Clarence said. "And I guess she is pretty, too…though not as much as you are."

"I guess I'm at her whim already, whether she's eaten me or not," Lucy sighed. "Sometimes it's tough being a cute little kitty-cat."

Clarence smiled, stroking Lucy's hair slowly. "Well, it's not so bad being at her whim. You know she cares about you…a lot. And if you ever really wanted to leave…I don't think she'd stop you, though she'd probably be heartbroken…"

"Oh yeah? And you know this how?" Lucy sniffed.

"Sometimes the 'being a part' thing cuts both ways," Clarence said.

"Oh," Lucy said. She was quiet for a long moment, leaning into Clarence's stroking. "Do you think I'd like it?"

"Hmm?" Clarence asked absently.

"Being a part of her. Like you are."

Clarence thought for a moment. "Maybe. That's really up to you. But it's not the kind of thing you can take back later."

"Would you if you could?"

He closed his eyes. "…To be honest, I probably would…I have family and friends, who I probably will never see again. I'm dead to them…Well, I'm dead, period." He gave a bit of a chuckle.

Lucy looked down. "And I did that to you. I am so sorry. No amount of being a creep deserved that."

"Well, you didn't know she'd eat me."

Lucy's eyes filled with tears. "But maybe if I'd asked her to she'd have spit you back up instead of digesting you…I just didn't think."

Clarence hugged Lucy again. "Don't worry about it. Besides, from what I've learned in Tina's head, it really was only a matter of time before I got eaten around here. I'm lucky it was by someone as nice as Tina…"

"I hate this campus," Lucy said. "It got you eaten, and me shrunk into this. I can't really go back to my family either, come to think of it. How can I tell my mom she raised me to be a pet housecat?" She shook her head. "But on the bright side, at least I got a free-ride scholarship out of it."

"Scholarships are important," Tina said, stepping out of her bedroom. "Without them, how would my pet kitty learn anything?" Lucy and Clarence looked up from their entanglement on the sofa. "Sorry, was I interrupting anything?" Tina asked innocently. "Don't stop on my account."

"Thanks a bunch," Lucy said dryly.

"Don't mention it! Milk, anyone? Ginger snaps?"

Lucy sighed. "Tina? Who were you before…before you got fur? Can you even remember that person? Were you like this then, too, or is that just the lioness in you?"

Tina sat down on the sofa, next to Lucy and Clarence. Her expression became more serious. "Well…honestly, I was a bit of a bully. Y'know, one of the real popular girls who abused their status. I originally volunteered to become a lioness because I liked the idea of having that kind of power…" She smiled. "But when the transformation was finished, well…I felt different. More protective, responsible…and I liked it."

"Makes sense," Lucy said. "I'd have been one of the kids you shook down for their lunch money. And I didn't get to volunteer—they grabbed me off the street. They were gonna sell me off to some millionaire, but apparently I was too common for anybody to want so they dumped me back on the street with a scholarship as a consolation prize. All the millionaires wanted tigers and leopards, not some moggie."

Tina slowly grinned. "I knew it! I knew you were an abandoned stray!"

Lucy snorted. "Not that I'm complaining. Who wants to be pampered by some rich old man who will see to your every…every…hmm, you know, I wonder if they'd take me back?"

"I was here on a math scholarship," Clarence volunteered.

"Does your family know…what you've turned into?" Lucy asked Tina. "Even just the cat part?"

Tina nodded. "Yes. I showed them a few weeks after my transformation. They were…surprised, but they took it fairly well. My mother just kept saying, 'At least she didn't have a sex-change.'"

"How'm I ever gonna show mine?" Lucy sighed.

"Just do what I did," Tina said. "Go home and act like nothing's different. If they happen to notice that you're a little shorter and a little fuzzier than usual, just tell them it's a lifestyle choice."

"A lifestyle choice. Yeah."

Tina got up. "But enough of this gloom! Like I said before, who's for milk and ginger snaps?"

Separator j.png

Lucy wiped off her milk mustache and sat back in her chair. Tina's ginger snaps were very good, since she baked them herself, and she always bought premium milk.

Tina moved up behind Clarence, across the table from Lucy. "Well, it's about time for you to come back inside," she said. "Go ahead and say your goodbyes—you naughty boy." She patted him on the back almost hard enough to send him into the table.

"Oof," said Clarence. But at least this time he didn't spill the milk. "Well, I guess this is goodbye, Lucy…" He smiled at her. "I hope Tina lets me see you again sometime…"

"I'm sure she will." Lucy smiled back at him. "It was nice to meet you, to get to know you—"

"So to speak," Tina interjected. Lucy determinedly ignored her.

"—and to talk to you. I'm sure I'll be seeing you again."

Tina smiled. "Of course you will." She put her hand on Clarence's shoulder, and he seemed to fade away.

Lucy sighed. Tina didn't let her silence last long, however, coming around the table to sit down next to her. "So? How was he?"

Lucy glared crossly at her. "You've got his memories. You already know how he was."

"I know how he thinks he was. I don't know how you do."

Lucy sighed. "I wish I'd met him before you ate him."

Tina hugged Lucy to her body. "Mm. Well, that can't be helped now. We all make mistakes…" She gave the smaller feline a kiss on the cheek.

"I cost him his whole life. Just because I thought he was a little creepy. That's one hell of a mistake to make."

The lioness gave Lucy a squeeze. "You didn't cost him anything. I was the one who ate him. It's not like you expected me to eat him…you didn't even know I was a vore! So don't go beating yourself up over it."

Lucy looked up with tears in her eyes. "I expected you to do something bad to him, because he scared me. Maybe even scare the piss out of him. You're a seven foot lioness, you've got teeth and claws!"

She took a deep breath. "I didn't try to confront him, tell him to go away. I didn't try to run and lose him. I brought him here wanting something bad to happen to him." Lucy stared at her empty plate. "Maybe I should let you eat me. Maybe it's what I deserve."

Tina growled, and grabbed ahold of Lucy's shoulder. Lucy looked up, startled. Tina almost never growled at her. "Don't you dare feed yourself to me out of guilt. Don't you dare." She breathed hard for a moment, until she could control herself. "I want to eat you. I want you to be a part of me where I can always love you, forever and ever. But it has to be because you truly want it. Not because you want to use my stomach to punish yourself—that cheapens the whole thing.

"Yes, Clarence's old life is gone. But he's got a new one now, inside of me. I can protect him, care for him, even teach him. And someday, I may be able to set him free. That's not a bad thing." She smiled. "And not something to assign blame for."

"Oh," Lucy said. It was a lot for her to think about.

Tina gathered Lucy into her arms. "It's been a long day for all of us. Let's just go to bed, okay kitty? Things will be brighter in the morning."

Lucy let herself be gathered. "All right." She curled up into Tina's arms, and let the lioness carry her off to the bedroom. A short while later they were both fast asleep.

Author's Comments

Have to admit this one didn't work out quite the way I expected. I'd thought it would end with Lucy deciding to let Tina eat her, but instead, if anything, she got even farther away from that! Still, a lot of nice character moments came out of it. Sometimes your characters develop in ways you never expected.

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