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Joining the Sisterhood

Author: Synariatales

The rocky outcropping in the center of the clearing was eerily beautiful in the paleness of the moonlight. The forest was dark with only a few streaks of light managing to penetrate the thick canopy above. The light that reflected off the strange white rocks of the outcropping gave the surrounding plant life in an ominous paleness, with the overgrown flowers and bushes appearing almost ghastly when they might otherwise have been beautiful.

Joan struggled to slow his breathing in an attempt to calm himself. The vines that were wrapped tightly around his wrist had started to chafe his skin, and despite his constant struggle, they showed no signs of breaking. This was the end of the line— and all for some magical trees.

A shift in the light caught Joan’s eye and his attention shifted to the outcropping. A dryad now stood atop the rock, gazing down at Joan and his companions kneeling on the ground. She clutched a spear in one of her human hands, the shaft running flush with her feminine midriff and torso. Her hooves clacked against the stone as she shifted her position.

“You are hereby charged with the desecration of our most sacred grove,” the dryad said. Her voice was chillingly calm.

“Your guilt has already been determined,” the dryad continued. “The ways of the forest demand that you give your life as punishment for your actions.”

Joan took another deep breath. He heard those around him shift uncomfortably. The old group of lumberjacks had known the risk of their work, and they had been lucky enough to evade the wrath of the forest for years. None of the men seemed to accept the sudden twist in fate.

“The Earth Mother is vengeful, but just,” the dryad proclaimed. She held out her spear in one hand.

“Tonight the Mother has seen it fit to give you a choice in how you choose to surrender your life,” she said. The dryad raised her spear, “You may be granted a clean death, or…”

The dryad plucked a mysterious white flower from her hair and held it before her. “Or,” she resumed. “You may give your life to the service of the forest.”

Joan watched as another dryad approached the leader from the side. She took the flower into her possession and bowed to her superior in an awkward motion that involved the bending of their human and deer parts. Together, the creatures descended the rocks until they stood before the humans.

“You,” the head dryad demanded as she pointed her spear at Barjon, the leader of humans. “What is your choice?”

The old man stared at the forest guardian with hate in his eyes. “I would sooner die a thousand deaths than be a slave to shrubbery,” he spat.

Without a word the dryad nodded. She lifted her spear and plunged it into Barjon’s chest, directly through his heart. Barjon gasped as he took his final breaths. Blood ran from his mouth as he collapsed to the ground.

The dryads progressed through the line of humans, all of which chose to make Barjon’s fate their own as well. Joan forced himself to watch his lifelong friends die one-by-one until he could stand it no longer. Joan made his eyes focus on the ground in front of him as his final companions were pierced by the dryad’s weapon.

“What say you?” the dryad asked. Joan saw the hooves of the creature standing before him. His time had come.

“What say you?” the dryad repeated. She pointed her spear at Joan as she readied herself to make the decision for him.

“I… I…” Joan stuttered. He glanced at the lifeless bodies beside him. They had spent decades dedicated to their work only for their final job to end prematurely. Were their lives truly so intertwined with their trade that they would sooner meet their end than lay down their axes for good? Perhaps.

“I will serve the forest,” Joan whispered. He was so quiet that he doubted the dryads had been able to hear him. He went to repeat himself but before he could speak the lesser dryad was standing before him, holding out the flower.

“You have chosen wisely,” the leader said. “Drink the nectar and give yourself to the forest.”

Joan nodded and the dryad pressed the flower to his lips. The creature tilted her hands so that the sweet fluids filled Joan’s mouth. He hesitated before swallowing. He had no idea what this nectar would do to him, but whatever his fate may be, it must be better than death. He allowed the flower’s liquid to drip down his throat.

The dryads smiled as the leader stepped forth and raised her spear. Joan cowered, eyes wide as he felt cheated. The creature plunged her weapon straight down before her. Joan closed his eyes as he prepared to meet his end, but instead the dull thud of wood hitting the earth met his ears.

The vines that had constricted Joan’s hands fell to the ground around the head of the spear that had sheared them. Joan blinked as he held his hands out in front of him. His wrists were red and chafed.

“Why?” Joan asked as he tenderly rubbed at his sensitive skin.

The head dryad smiled as she pulled her spear from the earth. “Welcome to the sisterhood,” she said.

“What?” Joan said, confused. “What do you mean? I… I don’t… I mean I…” Joan’s words escaped him as he felt the sweet nectar of the flower fill his stomach with warmth. It was a relaxing feeling, like basking in the sun on a nice spring evening.

The warmth of the nectar slowly crept through Joan’s body. He knew with every fiber of his being that he should be afraid, but whatever poison the dryads had given him forced his mind into a state of tranquil calmness.

“What’s happening to me?” Joan whispered. The world around him seemed to spin as his mind lost its grip on reality.

“I…” Joan began, not knowing exactly what he was going to say. His words were interrupted by a strange feeling in his lower body. Joan’s clothing tore as the bones in his legs broke themselves apart and reformed, but still, Joan felt nothing thanks to the effects of the nectar. Joan could only watch as the thick, black hair on his legs shed away just to be replaced by a beautiful coat of light brown fur. His legs thinned, and his muscles grew into new shapes. Joan glanced behind himself to see that his toes and feet had melded together to form thick hooves.

The light brown fur coat that now covered Joan’s legs spread until it was just above his waist, bringing more changes as it spread. Two new limbs appeared on Joan’s body just above his thighs. The sound of cracking bones grew more intense as the tiny lumps extended into fully developed, hoofed legs. The limbs hung before Joan awkwardly, but they soon fell into place as his spine curved and extended, elongating the lower half of his body into the shape of a deer.

A tingling sensation overwhelmed Joan as he felt his manhood shrink and retreat into his body. He turned to see the change with his eyes, but his private areas were now out of his sight far behind him beneath a small tail.

The changes to Joan’s body continued upward from his waist as his stomach shrank and his figure took on more of an hourglass shape. His chest grew heavy as the little fat he carried on him as a man relocated itself to form two large breasts.

The grinding of bone roared in Joan’s ears as he felt his face rearranging itself to fit his new body. He waited patiently in his nectar-induced stupor for the changes to finish, changes that he knew were complete when he felt the long hair atop his head brush against the small of his back.

The dryads smiled at Joan. The leader offered him her hand, which he hesitantly accepted. Joan’s legs wobbled as he attempted to balance himself on all fours. It was not an impossible task, but it was one he would need to grow accustomed to.

“How do you feel?” the dryad asked Joan.

Joan blinked as he considered the question. He felt as though his mind should be a mess given the current situation, but he was eerily calm. It was as if his former self was fading away and being replaced by someone new, someone better, and he liked it.

“I feel fantastic,” Joan whispered, his voice now soft and feminine like his dryad sisters. The sound made him smile.

“Then let us introduce you to your new sisters,” the dryad said. She squeezed his hand tightly as she urged him forward.

Joan stepped forward with one of his front legs. The feeling of his hoof on the grass was strange, yet pleasant. He took another step and another, his body guiding him on which leg to move when. His legs guided him over the fallen corpses of his former companions. He looked down at them and smiled for he knew he had made the right choice.