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A Visitor's Guide to the Multiverse

Author: UFAW Directorate of Information

Congradulations! If you are reading this it means that you world has been selected for official contact by United Federation of Alternate Worlds (UFAW). The UFAW is a cross-reality civilization that currently encompasses tens of thousands of affiliated Universes, containing billions of different planets and trillions of sentient individuals like yourself! Don't think of the UFAW as an "alien" invader because chances are it already incorporates both species and planets similar to your own. This informational pamphlet has been designed to bring you up to speed on some of the major life forms and civilizations within the Federation as well as get you excited about all the Federation has to offer.

What is an "Alternate Reality"?

It is natural for primitive cultures to assume that what they can observe is all that exists, but nothing could be further from the truth! If the history of your own world could be written down in a book, an alternate reality where someone makes a copy of the book and then makes a change. Sometimes the changes are small, like the outcome of a coin toss coming out heads instead of tails. Other times the change is large, like your species being replaced by another species or your planet never forming at all. Where do all these realities come from? Some say they were all created at the dawn of time. Other evidence points to realities being created every time there is a "choice" or as a side effect of time travel. No matter what created them because the number of alternate realities is infinite every possible possibility exists out there somewhere. It is the goal of the Federation to identify promising new realities and bring them together in the quest for progress.

Will I need a Passport to travel to other versions of my Nation/State/City/Planet?

Being a close copy of your home governmental authority does not mean that it IS your home governmental authority. Subject to certain guidelines Sub-Federation Sovereign Governmental Authorities are able to set their own policies concerning citizenship and border control. While there are many open access worlds out there, please check with your local UFAW Consulate for an up to date list of travel regulations and restrictions. Your Government might find it advantageous to ally or merge with other similar governments in alternate realities. Lobby your elected officials to consider such alliances to expand your travel and economic opportunities.

My people already found a portal to other worlds.

The UFAW makes no claim to have a monopoly on interdimensional travel and if you are aware of your own world having previously dabbled in such technologies it is highly recommended that you inform a UFAW representative immediately. The Multiverse is an unfriendly place and when your world makes contact with an alternate reality your travelers may bring back any number of unwanted guests if great care is not taken. Remember, when you contact an alternate reality you are also contacting all the realities it has contacted. Seemingly abandoned interdimensional technology is especially dangerous as any civilization that would abandon such devices has probably fallen victim to an unspeakable horror. Know before you go and register all precursor interdimensional technology!

Will my Technology/Magic work in other realities?

If you are reading this it means that UFAW Scientists have determined that the laws of physics in your reality are largely compatible with the laws common throughout the rest of the Federation. That being said there are any number of realities where technological or spiritual devices may fail to work properly if at all. Before traveling please consult the UFAW approved Technical Compatibility Charts to ensure that your device will work properly both at your destination and when eventually returned to your own reality.

What is that thing and will it eat me?

I certainly hope not! While there are thousands sentient species in the Federation that come in all different shapes and sizes all have agreed to live under a common set of rules that respect the life and property of all sentients. Just because a fellow citizen may look dangerous or scary please be aware that one should never judge a book by its cover. If you ever feel worried just step right up and start a conversation. You just may be surprised by the result. Here is a partial list of common races that you may soon encounter.

  • Human: {pic-caption: Hello!}

Humans are easily identified by their soft pink furless skin, moderate height and moderate build. Constituting the majority of the Federation's population you will surely run into humans almost everywhere you go. Humans are a kind empathetic species with lower levels of aggression and predatory behavior, however when threatened or angered Humans can become highly dangerous especially in large numbers.

  • Gryphon: {pic-caption: Kreeeeeee!}

Gryphons are a hybrid species that combine aspects of feathered avians in the forward part of their body with furred felinoids in the rear. Naturally infused with spiritual energies Gryphons are capable of unassisted powered flight under standard gravitational conditions as well as being able to change from a quadrupedal to a bipedal or "anthro" stance. Gryphons are a proud warrior race and despite their fierce looks they have been sent by the Federation to project you and your property in this time of transition. Feel free to get to know your local Gryph security professionals perhaps with a gift of fish or other raw meat.

  • Dragon: {pic-caption: Are you food?}

Dragons are large scaled winged saurians with a plethora of spikes, horns and claws and while they may look like the end of the world that dragon is probably just as curious about you as you are of him. Highly magical and maneuverable on both the ground and in the air Dragon’s have a list of natural abilities that exceed the space available in this pamphlet including a wide range of “breath” weapons and the ability to shapeshift. It is a good idea to keep that last ability in mind when dealing with strangers because in the UFAW looks may be deceiving! Their power is matched only by their rarity so if a dragon shows up in your community instead of running away, try asking for its life story as few other creatures can match them in terms of wisdom or experience. Remember as long as you respect a dragon, the dragon will respect you.

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  • Uplifted Animals: {pic-caption: Don't shoot!}

Through a variety of technical or magical means it is possible in the Federation to boost the cognitive power of non or semi sentient animals to the level of full sapience. Please afford these beings the same courtesy you would afford any member of your own race notwithstanding any previous condition of non-sentience. Uplifted animals can be identified by their ability to speak or communicate, the use of clothing or other tools, simple appearance (where designated) or the presence of official government Identification accessories. It is always a crime to treat uplifts in the manner of a non-sentient and incumbent upon you to properly identify what you are hunting.

Why are fictional creatures coming to life?

An infinite number of alternate realities means that everything you can think of exists somewhere. In fact some studies show that simply creating fictional works can actually spawn the creation of new realities. Conversely realities in close proximity to your own can influence the subconscious minds of intelligent beings such as yourself. Therefore it is best not to think of fictional works as fictional, but simply windows into other alternate worlds. It is also a good idea not to apply negative stereotypes to a particular individual just because you might know their race from a work of "fiction". After all, you might be just as "fictional" in their eyes! It is important to note that an infinite number of possibilities means that it is statistically impossible for one to actually locate the exact reality that matches any particular work of fiction. Sorry fans, just because something does exist in the multiverse does not mean you will be able to go there.

I found a damaged robot. Can I reprogram it?

Would you like to wake up at the hospital as a different person or as a slave? If not then please do not attempt to fiddle with the minds or personalities of any synthetic life form you may happen to encounter. Even if the synthetic in question is not technically a person, AIs are highly complex and modification by non-expert individuals can result in erratic behavior. Please report the discovery of any damaged synthetic in the same manner as you would a fully biologic being and do not be alarmed by the presence of synthetic life forms in your community or business. In fact many synthetics were biologic persons just like you! Just remember that evolution doesn't just apply to bio-chemical processes. Here are a few of the synthetic species that currently call the UFAW home.

  • Neo-Mythicals: {pic-caption: Ooo Shiny!}

Recognizable by their smooth metallic skin, Neos are a techno-biologic upgrade of the creatures found in the myths and legends of yore. This means that while they are entirely synthetic, Neos carry out all the same biologic processes that you do! Typically preferring their bipedal or "anthro" formNeos often seek out authentic experiences in rustic communities such as yours so if you see any be sure to show them a good time.

  • Sisters: {pic-caption: You're going to recycle that, right?}

Officially "NextGen Humans", this all female race of synthetic persons is the Federation's newest ally in the fight against hostile synthetic species and environmental degradation. Created as a kinder and gentler evolution of biologic humans Sisters are identifiable by their form-fitting body armour and athletic down to Earth good looks. Passionate about helping and preserving biologic life Sisters will nevertheless be quick to correct anyone selfishly abusing the natural environment.

  • The Interlink: {pic-caption: Life's a game!}

Synthetic life comes in many shapes and sizes and that is especially true when is not bound by physical constraints. The Interlink is a galactic-scale Virtual civilization with trillions of sentient minds in the form of living data that reside in vast planetary scale computing nodes. Many thousands of years old the vast majority of "Linkers", as they are typically called, never leave the safety of their artificial realm racking up countless biologic lives' worth of simulated experiences. When encountered outside their natural environment Linkers are laid back and friendly, but may have some issues handling the complexities of the physical world.

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Didn’t you destroy my village last week?

While it is impossible to be 100% certain that whomever showed up last week was not associated with the UFAW or one of its affiliates the more likely scenario is that you were the victim of one of several hostile nations/races/species that the Federation is working diligently to protect all of its Citizens against. Please familiarize yourself with the list of commonly encountered threats below.

  • The Unity: {pic-caption: Breathing air is theft!}

Also known as "Virts" or "Virtualizers", The Unity is a virtual civilization of similar scale and scope to the Interlink with the notable difference that they see all beings rooted in the physical world as an oppressive threat. Any physical being such as yourself that is apprehended by The Unity will be forcibly uploaded into the Unity's virtual environment for "reeducation". Unity operatives are known to hijack and cybernetically augment the bodies of those they upload so do not hesitate to report any friend or relative that shows a sudden change in personality or gain in superhuman abilities. If encountered in the physical realm individual unity operatives are highly dangerous and your best option is to run, hide and notify UFAW emergency services immediately.

  • Femme Doms/Guardians: {pic-caption: All males step forward}

That gynoid with the shiny black skin might look like she's there offer you a good time, but watch out because what looks like a cheap sexbot could actually be a highly powerful synthetic there to enslave/eliminate all the males on your planet or simply bend your people to her insane whims. This general class of threat results from combination of misogynistic attitudes with powerful synthetic bodies and/or powerful synthetic beings that are left in charge well past their expiration date. If your society has myths or legends of powerful immortal females that meet the above description please inform the UFAW archaeological attache at your nearest consulate.

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I just got back from vacation and I might be the wrong species.

Traveling to an Alternate Reality that is unable to support current your form of life most frequently results in instant death. However sometimes the destination universe will take its best stab at fixing the problem in a process known as "adjustment" and while most adjustments involve small changes to biomolecular pathways, a minority can result in significant physical alterations. If after having traveled to an alternate reality you find yourself with new or different thoughts, fur where there was no fur before or unexplained powers or abilities you may have been subjected to an adjustment. Adjustments are not always reversed upon the return and in rare cases the adjusted individual may be completely unaware of the changes that just took place. If you find friends or loved ones confused by your current appearance or species seek help at your nearest medical facility or magic guild.